NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS

Learn how to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS with the help of .NET MAUI, C# and XAML, creating PROJECTS
NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS
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Héctor Uriel Pérez


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NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS

What you’ll learn

Installation of .NET MAUI
.NET MAUI Controls
.NET MAUI Layouts
Use of controls for application creation
Controls customization
Many other topics

NET MAUI course with Visual Studio 2022 creating PROJECTS


Have basic knowledge of C#


* NEW CONTENT EVERY WEEK!!!.NET MAUI is Microsoft’s powerful framework for creating cross-platform applications, that is, applications for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, creating the code only once, and being able to deploy it on multiple platforms. Moreover, it is the evolution of Xamarin, which means that the team behind .NET MAUI has taken all the experiences over several years, to develop from scratch this new framework.I have created this .NET MAUI course to teach you how to use the framework to create your own cross-platform applications, teaching you throughout the course how to use the different components of the framework to create these applications.Throughout this course, we will create a series of applications that will allow you to put into practice everything you have learned, so that you will know how to implement the different features in real cases, while you will have several applications that you can put in your portfolio.As more controls and nuget packages are updated, the course will be updated so that you always have the best information available.Among the main topics that we will address in the course are:.NET MAUI componentsFramework featuresUse of controls to create graphical interfacesCustomization of controlsUse of local databasesUsing REST servicesAmong many other topicsEvolve your learning and learn today about this fabulous and new framework. See you in the course.


Section 1: Introducción

Lecture 1 NET MAUI RC

Lecture 2 VS Preview Installation

Lecture 3 Login to Visual Studio

Lecture 4 .NET MAUI Initial Project Overview

Lecture 5 Creation of the emulator

Lecture 6 Hello .NET MAUI

Section 2: Introduction to XAML language

Lecture 7 Definition of XAML files

Lecture 8 Basic structure of XAML elements

Section 3: .NET MAUI Pages

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Setting up the net maui home page

Lecture 11 The ContentPage type

Lecture 12 The NavigationPage type

Lecture 13 The FlyoutPage type

Lecture 14 The TabbedPage type

Lecture 15 Github repo

Section 4: .NET MAUI Layouts

Lecture 16 Introduction

Lecture 17 StackLayout

Lecture 18 Github repo

Lecture 19 HorizontalStackLayout y VerticalStackLayout

Lecture 20 Github repo

Lecture 21 Grid

Lecture 22 Github repo

Lecture 23 AbsoluteLayout

Lecture 24 Github repo

Lecture 25 FlexLayout

Lecture 26 Github repo

Section 5: .NET MAUI Controls

Lecture 27 Controls to present data

Lecture 28 Controls to initiate commands

Lecture 29 Controls to set values

Lecture 30 Controls to edit text

Lecture 31 Controls to indicate activity

Lecture 32 Controls to display collections

Lecture 33 Github repo

Section 6: Project # 1: Creating your first .NET MAUI App – Color Maker

Lecture 34 Application Overview

Lecture 35 Specifying colors for use in a ContentPage

Lecture 36 Determining the Layout type for application

Lecture 37 Creating the section of the controls

Lecture 38 Changing the background color

Lecture 39 Generating random colors

Lecture 40 Copying the color to clipboard

Lecture 41 Color Maker

Section 7: Project # 2: Perfect Pay

Lecture 42 Application Overview

Lecture 43 Creating the tip information section

Lecture 44 Defining data entry section

Lecture 45 Performing the calculations

Lecture 46 Perfect Pay

Section 8: Working with external resources

Lecture 47 Working with images

Lecture 48 Working with fonts

Lecture 49 Working with font icons

Lecture 50 Working with other file types

Lecture 51 Github repo

Section 9: Project # 3: Code Quotes

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Defining the main interface

Lecture 54 Working with gradients

Lecture 55 Changing the background of the app dynamically

Lecture 56 Generating a random quote

Lecture 57 Code Quotes

Section 10: Data binding fundamentals

Lecture 58 Introduction

Lecture 59 Creating your first Binding

Lecture 60 Creating a binding from XAML code

Lecture 61 Binding Context

Lecture 62 Bindings between controls

Lecture 63 Binding modes

Lecture 64 The INotifyPropertyChanged interface

Lecture 65 Github repo

Section 11: Project # 4: Hangman game

Lecture 66 Introduction

Lecture 67 Defining the upper part of the application

Lecture 68 Defining the FlexLayout for the buttons

Lecture 69 Selecting the word to guess

Lecture 70 Creating the spotlight

Lecture 71 Binding the button list through BindableLayout

Lecture 72 Creating the event handler for the buttons

Lecture 73 Check if the player lost

Lecture 74 Final adjustments

Lecture 75 Hangman

Section 12: MVVM Pattern

Lecture 76 Introduction

Lecture 77 Creating your first ViewModel

Lecture 78 Creating bindings to different controls from a ViewModel

Lecture 79 Binding properties to collections

Lecture 80 Value Converter – Convert

Lecture 81 Value Converter – ConvertBack

Lecture 82 The use of Commands in .NET MAUI

Lecture 83 Passing parameters to a Command

Lecture 84 Implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged interface automatically

Lecture 85 Github repo

Section 13: Project # 5: BMI Calculator

Lecture 86 Introduction

Lecture 87 Creation of sections for weight and height selection

Lecture 88 Creating the result section

Lecture 89 Creating the ViewModel

Lecture 90 BMI

Section 14: Navigation in .NET MAUI

Lecture 91 Navigating between pages

Lecture 92 Examining the pages in the navigation stack

Lecture 93 Manipulating the navigation stack

Lecture 94 Modal Navigation

Lecture 95 Disabling the button to go to the previous page

Lecture 96 Passing information between pages without ViewModels

Lecture 97 Passing information between pages using ViewModels

Lecture 98 Customizing the NavigationBar

Lecture 99 Github repo

Section 15: Project # 6: MAUIVERTER – Unit Converter

Lecture 100 Introduction

Lecture 101 Creating the project and defining the menu header

Lecture 102 Creating menu items

Lecture 103 Creating the conversions page

Lecture 104 Filling the collections of Measurement Units

Lecture 105 Making the conversion between units

Lecture 106 Moving from the menu page to the conversions page

Lecture 107 MAUIVERTER

Section 16: Styles

Lecture 108 Introduction

Lecture 109 Implicit Styles

Lecture 110 Explicit Styles

Lecture 111 Applying styles to derived types

Lecture 112 Global Styles

Lecture 113 Inheritance of styles

Lecture 114 Resource Dictionaries

Lecture 115 Dynamic Styles

Lecture 116 Style classes

Lecture 117 Working with the dark and light themes

Lecture 118 Github repo

Section 17: Project # 7: MAUI Calculator

Lecture 119 Introduction

Lecture 120 Creation of the project and main grid

Lecture 121 Creating the Result and Operation section

Lecture 122 Creating the button section

Lecture 123 Defining button styles

Lecture 124 Creating button commands

Lecture 125 Creating the operators commands.mp4

Lecture 126 Creating additional commands

Lecture 127 Creating the command to perform the Calculation

Lecture 128 MAUI Calculator

Section 18: Mastering CollectionView

Lecture 129 ListView vs CollectionView

Lecture 130 Creating the project and creating the binding to the ViewModel

Lecture 131 Defining the appearance of the elements

Lecture 132 DataTemplates in Resource Dictionaries

Lecture 133 Choosing the row layout at runtime

Lecture 134 Designing the elements on offer

Lecture 135 Implementing the Pull to Refresh functionality

Lecture 136 Loading data incrementally

Lecture 137 Sliding menus

Lecture 138 Linear Listings

Lecture 139 Grid listings

Lecture 140 Header and Footer

Lecture 141 Selecting a single element

Lecture 142 Selecting multiple elements

Lecture 143 Assigning elements in the CollectionView from the ViewModel

Lecture 144 Deleting selections in the CollectionView from the ViewModel

Lecture 145 Showing simple messages in empty lists

Lecture 146 Showing customized views in empty lists

Lecture 147 Selecting a custom view at runtime for empty lists

Lecture 148 Grouping data

Lecture 149 Displaying grouped data

Lecture 150 Customizing the group footer

Lecture 151 Detecting Scrolling

Lecture 152 Scrolling to an element

Lecture 153 Other parameters of the ScrollTo method

Lecture 154 Controlling the scroll position when new elements are added

Lecture 155 Controlling the snap points

Lecture 156 Github repo

Section 19: Project # 8: Tasker

Lecture 157 Introduction

Lecture 158 Creating the Project and the initial structure

Lecture 159 Creating the sections and the title of the Main Page

Lecture 160 Creating the categories section 1

Lecture 161 Creating the categories section 2

Lecture 162 Creating the categories section 3

Lecture 163 Creating the tasks section

Lecture 164 Creating the new tasks page

Lecture 165 Adding a new task

Lecture 166 Adding a new category

Lecture 167 Tasker

Section 20: Consuming REST services

Lecture 168 Creating the REST service for testing

Lecture 169 Creating the HTTPClient object

Lecture 170 Getting all the records

Lecture 171 Getting a single record

Lecture 172 Inserting a new record

Lecture 173 Updating a record

Lecture 174 Deleting a record

Lecture 175 Github repo

Section 21: Project # 9: MAUI Weather

Lecture 176 Introduction

Lecture 177 Creation of the project and the search box

Lecture 178 Creating the elements title and date

Lecture 179 Creating the current weather animation

Lecture 180 Creating the section of the current weather data

Lecture 181 Creating the forecast section for the following days

Lecture 182 Obtaining the coordinates from a location

Lecture 183 Obtaining the weather of a place

Lecture 184 Replacing UI information with real data.mp4

Lecture 185 Creating the converters

Lecture 186 Creating the next days’ forecast

Lecture 187 Final Adjustments

Lecture 188 MAUIWeather

Section 22: .NET MAUI & SQLite

Lecture 189 What is SQLite?

Lecture 190 Creating the solution and installing packages nuget

Lecture 191 Configuration of the connection constants

Lecture 192 Configuration of the database file path

Lecture 193 Creating the Customer Model

Lecture 194 Mapping a class to a table through SQLite attributes

Lecture 195 Applying SQLite attributes to a C# class

Lecture 196 Valid data types in SQLite

Lecture 197 Always open connection or not

Lecture 198 Creating a database access class

Lecture 199 The CreateTable method

Lecture 200 Inserting a customer

Lecture 201 Selecting Customers

Lecture 202 Executing SQL queries

Lecture 203 Updating a customer

Lecture 204 Deleting a customer

Lecture 205 Controlling access to the database

Lecture 206 Defining the main layout

Lecture 207 Adding a new customer

Lecture 208 Updating a record

Lecture 209 Deleting a record

Lecture 210 Methods to make queries with Lambda expressions more flexible

Lecture 211 Creating repositories to work with multiple tables

Lecture 212 Installing SQLite Extensions.mp4 package

Lecture 213 One to One Relationships

Lecture 214 Cascade Insert

Lecture 215 Cascade Read.mp4

Lecture 216 Cascade Delete

Lecture 217 One to Many Relationship

Lecture 218 Many to Many Relationship

Lecture 219 Github repo

Section 23: Project # 10: Prosper Daily

Lecture 220 Project Overview

Lecture 221 Creating and configuring the project

Lecture 222 Creating the DashboardPage design

Lecture 223 Creating the page to add a new transaction

Lecture 224 Creating the statistics page

Lecture 225 Creating the model

Lecture 226 Adding functionality to insert transactions

Lecture 227 Adding functionality to the Dashboard

Lecture 228 Adding functionality to the Statistics page

Lecture 229 Joining all the windows using Tabs

Lecture 230 Adding formatting to transactions

Lecture 231 Final Adjustments

Lecture 232 Prosper Daily

Section 24: Community Toolkits

Lecture 233 Overview of Community Toolkits

Lecture 234 MVVM Toolkit – An overview of how Fody works

Lecture 235 MVVM Toolkit – Installation

Lecture 236 MVVM Toolkit – ObservableObject

Lecture 237 MVVM Toolkit – ObservableProperty

Lecture 238 MVVM Toolkit – RelayCommnd

Lecture 239 NET MAUI Community Toolkit overview

Lecture 240 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Alerts

Lecture 241 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Animations

Lecture 242 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Behaviors.wav

Lecture 243 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Converters

Lecture 244 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Essentials

Lecture 245 .NET MAUI Community Toolkit – Extensions

Section 25: Answers to student questions

Lecture 246 .NET MAUI – How to bind a static property to a xaml control?

Lecture 247 Could not find android.jar for API level 31 issue

Section 26: UI Challenges with Source Code

Lecture 248 Dallui App – Screen 1

.NET developers who want to create cross-platform apps,Developers in general who wish to enter the world of multiplatform app creation.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 17h 12m | 10.72 GB
Created by: Héctor Uriel Pérez

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