NetSuite Functional Ultimate Guide and Complete Course

Learn NetSuite with this Complete Ultimate Guide to learning NetSuite as a Functional User/Consultant.
NetSuite Functional Ultimate Guide and Complete Course
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Iyad Alghamdi


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NetSuite Functional Ultimate Guide and Complete Course

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use NetSuite correctly
Learn the Procure to Pay Process within NetSuite
Learn the Order to Cash Process within NetSuite
Deposit Customer Payment funds into bank account
Learn the difference between Item Types

NetSuite Functional Ultimate Guide and Complete Course


No prior requirements. We teach you and show you everything from scratch! From Zero to Mastery
Access to NetSuite instance
Open Minded and ready to learn


In this course, you will learn all the basics of Oracle NetSuite ERP system. This will cover all functional topics like Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Customers and Vendors. This course is geared towards beginners and Intermediate NetSuite users. However, if you know more than others, there could be a few nuggets of information here that can improve your skills. This course is always getting updated to be a complete guide into NetSuite and how to use it. Check back regularly to see new modules and updated lectures to include more topics!We will cover the following:Procure to Pay cycleOrder to Cash cycleItem types Navigation and usabilitydepositing customer fundsIt does not matter if you have little to no experience or if you already know NetSuite, this course is for you.This course is for you if:You are a user of NetSuite and want to learn moreYou are a Functional Consultant of NetSuite or its partners and want to learn how to navigate and use NetSuite betterYou are a Technical Consultant of NetSuite or its partners and want to learn what the functional consultants doYou are an accountant for a company that uses NetSuite and want to get the bigger pictureTaught By:Iyad Alghamdi is the instructor of this NetSuite course. He studied and graduated from Canada and has worked with NetSuite extensively. He worked as both a technical and functional consultant for NetSuite and has since taught hundreds of people how to use NetSuite and how to harness the power provided by this software. His ability to break down complex ideas and operations its bite-sized lessons are one of the reasons a lot of his clients keep coming back for more training, implementations, and customizations.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Outline

Lecture 2 What is an ERP?

Section 2: User Interface – UI

Lecture 3 Logging In to NetSuite

Lecture 4 UI Overview and Navigation Center

Lecture 5 Search Bar

Lecture 6 Help Section (Documentation)

Section 3: Items – Products and Services

Lecture 7 Inventory, Description and Discount Items

Lecture 8 Non-Inventory Items

Lecture 9 Item Groups vs. Kits/Packages

Lecture 10 Other Charge Items

Lecture 11 Matrix Items

Section 4: Procure to Pay

Lecture 12 Procure to Pay – Overview

Lecture 13 Vendors

Lecture 14 Purchase Order

Lecture 15 Item Receipt

Lecture 16 Bill

Lecture 17 Vendor Payment

Section 5: Order to Cash

Lecture 18 Order to Cash – Overview

Lecture 19 Customers

Lecture 20 Sales Order

Lecture 21 Item Fulfillment

Lecture 22 Invoice

Lecture 23 Customer Payment

Lecture 24 Customer Payment Deposit Undeposited Funds

NetSuite user or consultant,no prior knowledge required,Interested in accounting is a plus

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 41m | 1.20 GB
Created by: Iyad Alghamdi

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