Neuroscience and Psychology Electroencephalography EEG

A complete introduction to EEG
Neuroscience and Psychology Electroencephalography EEG
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Neuroscience and Psychology Electroencephalography EEG

What you’ll learn

Brief introduction to neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
How to record the brain electrical activity
What is EEG and what it is used for
How we collect EEG data
How we analyse EEG data
Frequency-based analysis
Event-related potentials

Neuroscience and Psychology Electroencephalography EEG


A keen interest in psychology, neuroscience, and/or electrophysiology is the only real prerequisite for this course
No previous knowledge required – I will take you step by step through the different concepts
No specific materials are needed for this course, but taking notes is recommended


5 Star Reviews:Fantastic explanation, I’m a Neurofeedback therapist and for the first time I listened an explanation that allowed me to understand how to read the EGG results. 5 star for the lectureInformative course on background and how EEG works. Perfect for beginners! Would definitely recommend it!A very interesting introduction course to the world of EEG analyses and its applications. Professor Jean-François provides an excellent, clear teaching, which leads to good understading even for those still initiating in the field of neurophysiology.Succint but complete course, it introduces EEG very well and engages you for further learning and investigation.A very complete compendium to get started in EEG, with many useful practical details.This class not only taught me what I need, but was well laid out and interesting! Thank you.Way of presentation is very good, in a short and clear way.Loved the content and paceVery thorough and is good for someone refreshing and potential beginners.Very informative, well presented and provided a good all-round introduction to EEGThis was a very useful overview of EEG data collection and analysis. The presentation was clear and I found it very helpful.Strongly recommended for people who want to have a basic understanding of human brain and some knowledge of EEG. Is well taught.The Course is a wonderful and impactful match for me as I am working with patients on the spectrum of neurodevelopmental Disabilities. It shall definitely help me offer more meaningful services to my clientsI got accepted an internship for a neuroscience laboratory and my duty is interpreting EEG data, to be honest, I did not know many things about it but thanks to this course, I learn fundamental knowledge about it. Now, I feel ready to learn more with this internship and improve my knowledge. Thank you!Fantastic explanation, I’m a Neurofeedback therapist and for the first time I listened an explanation that allowed me to understand how to read the EGG results. 5 star for the lecture———————————————–This course is a complete introduction to the use of electroencephalography (EEG) in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, but also in clinical settings. Through comprehensive videos, you will learn about the fascinating science of EEG. Thanks to recent progress in neuroimaging techniques, both academic and commercial researchers, but also clinicians, are able to dive into the depths of the human brain and see how it shapes our perceptions and interactions with the world. One of the most versatile brain imaging techniques is EEG. EEG records the electrical activity that the neurones of the brain produce, by using electrodes that are placed on the scalp. Measuring electrical activity from the brain is useful because it reflects how the many different neurons in the brain network communicate with each other via electrical impulses.This course was designed, top to bottom, by an experienced instructor who is an expert in the field of cognitive neuroscience and psychology. You will learn the basics of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology; the history of EEG; the goal behind the recording of the brain electrical activity; how EEG data are collected and analysed; how an EEG signal is transformed into an event-related potentials (ERP). The information is presented in an engaging, easy-to-understand format. It is primarily for people who want to venture into this field as well as those who are excited about cognitive neuroscience and psychology, and want to explore various applications related to the brain.UPDATE: All videos in this course now come with complete English subtitles.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Section 2: The human brain

Lecture 2 Neuroanatomy: the basics

Lecture 3 Neurophysiology: brain cells

Section 3: Recording the brain electrical activity

Lecture 4 EEG signals

Lecture 5 EEG compared to other techniques

Lecture 6 EEG rhythms and oscillations

Section 4: What is EEG used for?

Lecture 7 EEG in healthcare

Lecture 8 EEG in academic research

Lecture 9 Other applications of EEG

Section 5: Collecting EEG data

Lecture 10 Brief history of EEG

Lecture 11 EEG electrodes

Lecture 12 Electrode names and types

Lecture 13 Electrode placement: International 1-20 system

Lecture 14 Signal digitisation, amplification and forwarding

Lecture 15 Clean data and artefacts (part 1)

Lecture 16 Clean data and artefacts (part 2)

Section 6: Analysing EEG data

Lecture 17 Introduction to EEG analysis

Lecture 18 Frequency-based analysis of EEG data

Lecture 19 Frequency-based analysis example (part 1)

Lecture 20 Frequency-based analysis example (part 2)

Lecture 21 Event-related potentials (ERPs): from EEG to ERPs (part 1)

Lecture 22 Event-related potentials (ERPs): from EEG to ERPs (part 2)

Lecture 23 Event-related potentials (ERPs): analysis

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 24 Conclusion

Section 8: Test your knowledge with 12 MCQs

Everyone who wants to understand the human brain,Everyone interested in psychology, neuroscience, and/or electrophysiology,Students (or prospective students) in psychology, neuroscience, or medical schools,Psychologists,Neuroscientists,Clinicians,People working in neuromarketing or biomedical engineering

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