NEW 2023 Spring Boot 3 Tutorial For Beginners

Master the most required framework in the market with get started with Git and GitHub
NEW 2023 Spring Boot 3 Tutorial For Beginners
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NEW 2023 Spring Boot 3 Tutorial For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Spring Boot architecture and components
Building RESTful web services with Spring Boot
Using Spring Data JPA for data persistence
Introduction to Git version control system
Creating and managing Git repositories
Versioning and branching with Git

NEW 2023 Spring Boot 3 Tutorial For Beginners


Java Basic knowledge
Spring Boot you will learn it in details


About this course? The Spring framework is an open-source application framework for Java that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java applications. It includes features such as Inversion of Control (IoC), Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), and more.?‍? As a student, learning the Spring framework can be beneficial because it is widely used in enterprise-level Java applications, making it a valuable skill to have in the job market. It can also make developing Java applications easier and more efficient by providing a well-organized and flexible structure for building software. Additionally, Spring integrates well with other Java frameworks, such as Hibernate and Struts, allowing for seamless development of complex applications.? Are you looking to expand your knowledge and proficiency with the Spring Framework, one of the most widely used frameworks in modern software development? Then you won’t want to miss this informative and engaging video!? In this video, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the Spring Framework, including its core principles, features, and benefits. You’ll learn about the powerful dependency injection mechanism, which allows for loose coupling between components and improved testability of your code.? Furthermore, this video explores how Spring dispatches requests and how to switch between implementations and services using Spring Boot. You’ll discover how to create and manage a Github repository to store your code and collaborate with others.? Whether you’re a beginner just starting out with Spring or an experienced developer looking to improve your skills, this video is sure to provide valuable insights and practical tips that you can apply to your own coding projects.So why wait? Watch this video now and take the first step towards mastering the Spring Framework! ??


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to spring boot

Lecture 2 What is Spring & Spring boot

Lecture 3 Why you should learn Spring?

Section 3: Spring architecutre

Lecture 4 Data Access Module

Lecture 5 Web Module

Lecture 6 AOP – Aspect – Instrumentation – Messaging

Lecture 7 Test Module

Section 4: Git & GitHub

Lecture 8 What is Git

Lecture 9 Why you should have a GitHub account

Section 5: Project Overview

Lecture 10 Project overview

Section 6: Bootstrap the application

Lecture 11 Create a new Spring boot project (Spring Initializer)

Lecture 12 Understand project structure

Lecture 13 Start the Server

Lecture 14 Add an index.html file and display Hello World

Lecture 15 Create a new GitHub repository

Lecture 16 Git Commit – Push (Command line)

Section 7: Building a sample REST API

Lecture 17 What is a REST API

Lecture 18 Create Student Controller

Lecture 19 Test with the browser

Lecture 20 Git Commit – Push (Using Intellij)

Section 8: Service Layer

Lecture 21 Create the Student class

Lecture 22 Expose Students list and tes the changes

Lecture 23 Create Student Service

Lecture 24 Create findAllStudents in the Service

Lecture 25 Display the students list

Lecture 26 Dependency Injection

Lecture 27 Git Commit – Push

Section 9: Data Access Object (DAO) Layer

Lecture 28 Create student service interface and refactor the code

Lecture 29 Extend the Student Repository

Lecture 30 Implement the InMemoryStudentDao

Lecture 31 Use the DAO in the Service

Lecture 32 Add the new Endpoints to the controller

Lecture 33 Test the API

Lecture 34 How Spring dispatches the requests

Lecture 35 Git Commit – Push

Section 10: Connect and Interact with a DataBase

Lecture 36 Add Spring Data JPA dependency

Lecture 37 Add the database properties and test the connection

Lecture 38 Transform the Student class to an Entity

Lecture 39 Explaining the JPA repository

Lecture 40 Implement the DBStudentService

Lecture 41 Understanding the Dependency Injection (DI) and switch to the implementation

Lecture 42 Test the new API

Section 11: What Comes next?

Lecture 43 Outro

Spring Framework,Spring boot,Git & GitHub,REST API

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 955.06 MB
Created by: BOUALI Ali

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