NEW Character Creator 3 Beginner to Pro 2022 Edition

Learn How To Create 3D Characters Quickly Using Character Creator 3 or 4
NEW Character Creator 3 Beginner to Pro 2022 Edition
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Stephanie Michaels


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NEW Character Creator 3 Beginner to Pro 2022 Edition

What you’ll learn

Master The CC3 User Interface 2022 Edition (NEW)
Designing Characters Using Base Models, CC3+ (2022 Edition)
Designing Characters Using HEADSHOT Plugin for CC3 (2022 Edition)
Creating Custom Tattoos Using Inkscape and Importing to CC3
Saving Custom Body and Face Morphs in CC3
Creating Custom Skin and Saving to Custom Library in CC3
Using the SKIN EDITOR and All Its Settings (2022 Edition)
CUSTOM CLOTHING importing clothing from DAZ3D to CC3
Importing Custom Props to CC3
Exporting Characters as FBX, OBJ, Iavatar
Exporting Characters with/without Animations
Exporting Characters with/without hair and clothing

NEW Character Creator 3 Beginner to Pro 2022 Edition


No experience needed! You will learn from beginner to pro.


CHARACTER CREATOR 3 COURSE 2022 EditionHi, Welcome to the Character Creator 3 Complete Course for beginners! I am very excited to be your instructor today!My name is Stephanie Michaels and I will show you everything you need to know to get started on making your own characters for games, films or various 3D art. Q. What is the first thing we do when we open CC3 or CC4?A: Examine the User Interface (only most used tools)THE NEXT THING WE DO IS START DESIGNING A CHARACTERThere are two main ways to make characters in CC3 or CC4?HEADSHOT PLUG IN OR USE BASE MODEL AND MORPH TO SHAPE1. THOROUGHLY EXPLAIN BASE MODELS AND HOW TO USE THEM2. THOROUGHLY EXPLAIN HEADSHOT AND ITS BENEFITS Explain saving custom skinsExplain creating tattoosExplain saving custom bodies and morphs and posesExplain importance of SSS and how it adds realismExplain the SKIN EDITOR and all its settingsTHE NEXT THING WE DO IS CLOTH THE CHARACTERS1. Explain how to import clothing from Daz 3D 2. Explain how to add your own weight maps3. Explain Polygon reduction4. Explain saving custom clothing5. Explain the OUTFITS EDITOR and all its settingsLETS ADD SOME PROPS1. Explain attaching props to characters2. Bringing in custom propsTHE FINAL THING WE DO IS EXPORT THE CHARACTER 1. Explain Pipeline vs Regular version of CC32. Explain FBX and pose vs adding animation to FBX export3. Explain FBX clothed vs non clothed and hair 4. Send to Iclone5. Taking pictures of characters


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome To Character Creator 3 Beginner To Pro

Lecture 2 The CC3 User Interface

Lecture 3 About The Instructor (The Stephanie Michaels Software Company)

Section 2: Creating Our First Character from a CC3+ BASE MODEL

Lecture 4 Loading a Male CC3+ Base and Editing The Face

Lecture 5 Using Morph Sliders To Edit the Head

Lecture 6 Avatar Last Air Bender

Lecture 7 Creating Custom Face Skins & Editing Teeth

Lecture 8 Editing The Body Using Morph Sliders

Lecture 9 Sub Surface Scattering, Saving Custom Morphs, Eyes and Poses

Lecture 10 Ask Me To Stay

Section 3: HEADSHOT – Creating Characters Using Photos

Lecture 11 Intro to HEADSHOT PLUGIN

Lecture 12 Creating a Complete Character Using HEADSHOT

Section 4: CLOTHING – Outfit Editor & Daz 3D

Lecture 13 Almost Over, Lets Get Started!!

Lecture 14 Importing Clothing from Daz3D to CC3

Lecture 15 Using The OUTFIT EDITOR for Clothing


Lecture 16 Exporting Animated Characters from CC3 as FBX

Everyone interested in 3D graphics and Animation

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 50m | 2.50 GB
Created by: Stephanie Michaels

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