NEW Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022

Full Practice Exam included + explanations | Learn Cloud Computing | Pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam!
NEW Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022
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Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer


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NEW Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022

What you’ll learn

FULLY UPDATED FOR CLF-C01: Pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification
Full Practice Exam with Explanations included!
Learn the AWS Fundamentals (EC2, ELB, ASG, RDS, ElastiCache, S3)
All 300+ slides available as downloadable PDF

NEW Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022


No AWS Cloud experience is necessary, we’ll use the AWS Free Tier
No IT prerequisites required


Welcome! I’m here to help you prepare and PASS the newest AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.COURSE LAUNCHED IN JUNE 2020[April 2022 Update]: Over 30 videos have been refreshed/added to keep up with the AWS UI changes and exam changes[Oct 2021 Update]: Over 30 videos have been refreshed/added to keep up with the AWS UI changes and exam changes[April 2021 Update]: Over 20 videos have been refreshed/added to keep up with the AWS UI changes[Feb 2021 Update]: Over 4 hours of content has been updated/created in order to keep up with exam and AWS UI changes[Dec 2020 Update]: The S3 section has been entirely re-recorded to accommodate for the AWS UI changes———————————–Beginners welcome: no need to know anything about AWS!The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a great entry-level certification for AWS. It’s great at assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and its ecosystem.I want to help YOU pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with flying colors. This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is different from the other ones you’ll find on Udemy. Dare I say, better (but you’ll judge!)It covers in-depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 examIt’s packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and outWe are going to learn by doingIt teaches you how to prepare for the AWS examIt’s a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random servicesIt’s fast-paced and to the point It has professional subtitlesAll 300+ slides available as downloadable PDFThis AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge: There are many hands-on lectures in every sectionThere are quizzes at the end of every sectionThere’s an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam at the end of the course We’ll be using the AWS Free Tier most of the timeI’ll be showing you how to go beyond the AWS Free Tier (you know… the real world!)———————————–InstructorMy name is Stéphane Maarek, I am passionate about Cloud Computing, and I will be your instructor in this course. I teach about AWS certifications, focusing on helping my students improve their professional proficiencies in AWS.I have already taught 1,500,000+ students and gotten 500,000+ reviews throughout my career in designing and delivering these certifications and courses!With AWS becoming the centerpiece of today’s modern IT architectures, I’ve decided it’s time for students to learn how to be an AWS Cloud Practioner. So, let’s kick start the course! You are in good hands!———————————This course also comes with:Lifetime access to all future updatesA responsive instructor in the Q&A SectionUdemy Certificate of Completion Ready for DownloadA 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!Join me in this course if you want to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam and master the AWS platform!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Creating an AWS Account

Lecture 3 AWS Account Activation Troubleshooting

Lecture 4 Important Message

Lecture 5 About your instructor

Section 2: Code & Slides Download

Lecture 6 Code & Slides Download

Section 3: What is Cloud Computing?

Lecture 7 Traditional IT Overview

Lecture 8 What is Cloud Computing?

Lecture 9 The Different Types of Cloud Computing

Lecture 10 AWS Cloud Overview

Lecture 11 Tour of the Console & Services in AWS

Lecture 12 About the UI changes in the course

Lecture 13 Shared Responsibility Model & AWS Acceptable Policy

Section 4: IAM – Identity and Access Management

Lecture 14 IAM Introduction: Users, Groups, Policies

Lecture 15 IAM Users & Groups Hands On

Lecture 16 IAM Policies

Lecture 17 IAM Policies Hands On

Lecture 18 IAM MFA Overview

Lecture 19 IAM MFA Hands On

Lecture 20 AWS Access Keys, CLI and SDK

Lecture 21 AWS CLI Setup on Windows

Lecture 22 AWS CLI Setup on Mac

Lecture 23 AWS CLI Setup on Linux

Lecture 24 AWS CLI Hands On

Lecture 25 AWS CloudShell: Region Availability

Lecture 26 AWS CloudShell

Lecture 27 IAM Roles for AWS Services

Lecture 28 IAM Roles Hands On

Lecture 29 IAM Security Tools

Lecture 30 IAM Security Tools Hands On

Lecture 31 IAM Best Practices

Lecture 32 Shared Responsibility Model for IAM

Lecture 33 IAM Summary

Section 5: EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud

Lecture 34 AWS Budget Setup

Lecture 35 EC2 Basics

Lecture 36 Create an EC2 Instance with EC2 User Data to have a Website Hands On

Lecture 37 EC2 Instance Types Basics

Lecture 38 Security Groups & Classic Ports Overview

Lecture 39 Security Groups Hands On

Lecture 40 SSH Overview

Lecture 41 How to SSH using Linux or Mac

Lecture 42 How to SSH using Windows

Lecture 43 How to SSH using Windows 10

Lecture 44 SSH Troubleshooting

Lecture 45 EC2 Instance Connect

Lecture 46 EC2 Instance Roles Demo

Lecture 47 EC2 Instance Purchasing Options

Lecture 48 Shared Responsibility Model for EC2

Lecture 49 EC2 Summary

Section 6: EC2 Instance Storage

Lecture 50 EBS Overview

Lecture 51 About EBS Multi-Attach

Lecture 52 EBS Hands On

Lecture 53 EBS Snapshots Overview

Lecture 54 EBS Snapshots Hands On

Lecture 55 AMI Overview

Lecture 56 AMI Hands On

Lecture 57 EC2 Image Builder Overview

Lecture 58 EC2 Image Builder Hands On

Lecture 59 EC2 Instance Store

Lecture 60 EFS Overview

Lecture 61 Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 Storage

Lecture 62 Amazon FSx Overview

Lecture 63 EC2 Instance Storage Summary

Lecture 64 Section Cleanup

Section 7: ELB & ASG – Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Groups

Lecture 65 High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity

Lecture 66 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Overview

Lecture 67 About the Gateway Load Balancer

Lecture 68 Application Load Balancer (ALB) Hands On

Lecture 69 Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Overview

Lecture 70 Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Hands On

Lecture 71 Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Strategies

Lecture 72 Section Cleanup

Lecture 73 ELB & ASG Summary

Section 8: Amazon S3

Lecture 74 S3 Overview

Lecture 75 S3 Hands On

Lecture 76 S3 Security: Bucket Policy

Lecture 77 S3 Security: Bucket Policy Hands On

Lecture 78 S3 Website Overview

Lecture 79 S3 Website Hands On

Lecture 80 S3 Versioning Overview

Lecture 81 S3 Versioning Hands On

Lecture 82 S3 Replication Overview

Lecture 83 S3 Replication Hands On

Lecture 84 S3 Storage Classes Overview

Lecture 85 S3 Storage Classes Hands On

Lecture 86 S3 Encryption

Lecture 87 Shared Responsibility Model for S3

Lecture 88 AWS Snow Family Overview

Lecture 89 AWS Snow Family Hands On

Lecture 90 Storage Gateway Overview

Lecture 91 S3 Summary

Section 9: Databases & Analytics

Lecture 92 Databases Introduction

Lecture 93 RDS & Aurora Overview

Lecture 94 RDS Hands On

Lecture 95 RDS Deployments Options

Lecture 96 ElastiCache Overview

Lecture 97 DynamoDB Overview

Lecture 98 DynamoDB Hands On

Lecture 99 DynamoDB Global Tables

Lecture 100 Redshift Overview

Lecture 101 EMR Overview

Lecture 102 Athena Overview

Lecture 103 QuickSight Overview

Lecture 104 DocumentDB Overview

Lecture 105 Neptune Overview

Lecture 106 QLDB Overview

Lecture 107 Managed Blockchain Overview

Lecture 108 Glue Overview

Lecture 109 DMS Overview

Lecture 110 Databases & Analytics Summary

Section 10: Other Compute Services: ECS, Lambda, Batch, Lightsail

Lecture 111 What is Docker?

Lecture 112 ECS, Fargate & ECR Overview

Lecture 113 Serverless Introduction

Lecture 114 Lambda Overview

Lecture 115 Lambda Hands On

Lecture 116 API Gateway Overview

Lecture 117 Batch Overview

Lecture 118 Lightsail Overview

Lecture 119 Lightsail Hands On

Lecture 120 Other Compute – Summary

Section 11: Deployments & Managing Infrastructure at Scale

Lecture 121 CloudFormation Overview

Lecture 122 CloudFormation Hands On

Lecture 123 CDK Overview

Lecture 124 Beanstalk Overview

Lecture 125 Beanstalk Hands On

Lecture 126 CodeDeploy Overview

Lecture 127 CodeCommit Overview

Lecture 128 CodeBuild Overview

Lecture 129 CodePipeline Overview

Lecture 130 CodeArtifact Overview

Lecture 131 CodeStar Overview

Lecture 132 Cloud9 Overview

Lecture 133 CodeStar & Cloud9 Hands On

Lecture 134 Systems Manager (SSM) Overview

Lecture 135 SSM Session Manager

Lecture 136 OpsWorks Overview

Lecture 137 Deployment Summary

Section 12: Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure

Lecture 138 Why Global Applications?

Lecture 139 Route 53 Overview

Lecture 140 Route 53 Hands On

Lecture 141 CloudFront Overview

Lecture 142 CloudFront Hands On

Lecture 143 S3 Transfer Acceleration

Lecture 144 AWS Global Accelerator

Lecture 145 AWS Outposts

Lecture 146 AWS WaveLength

Lecture 147 AWS Local Zones

Lecture 148 Global Applications Architecture

Lecture 149 Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure Summary

Section 13: Cloud Integrations

Lecture 150 Cloud Integrations Overview

Lecture 151 SQS Overview

Lecture 152 SQS Hands On

Lecture 153 Kinesis Overview

Lecture 154 SNS Overview

Lecture 155 SNS Hands On

Lecture 156 Amazon MQ Overview

Lecture 157 Cloud Integrations Summary

Section 14: Cloud Monitoring

Lecture 158 CloudWatch Metrics & CloudWatch Alarms Overview

Lecture 159 CloudWatch Metrics & CloudWatch Alarms Hands On

Lecture 160 CloudWatch Logs Overview

Lecture 161 CloudWatch Logs Hands On

Lecture 162 EventBridge Overview (formerly CloudWatch Events)

Lecture 163 EventBridge Hands On

Lecture 164 CloudTrail Overview

Lecture 165 CloudTrail Hands On

Lecture 166 X-Ray Overview

Lecture 167 CodeGuru Overview

Lecture 168 Service Health Dashboard

Lecture 169 Personal Health Dashboard

Lecture 170 Cloud Monitoring Summary

Section 15: VPC & Networking

Lecture 171 VPC Overview

Lecture 172 VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway & NAT Gateways

Lecture 173 Security Groups & Network Access Control List (NACL)

Lecture 174 VPC Flow Logs & VPC Peering

Lecture 175 VPC Endpoints – Interface & Gateway (S3 & DynamoDB)

Lecture 176 PrivateLink

Lecture 177 Direct Connect & Site-to-Site VPN

Lecture 178 Client VPN

Lecture 179 Transit Gateway Overview

Lecture 180 VPC & Networking Summary

Section 16: Security & Compliance

Lecture 181 Shared Responsibility Model: Reminders & Examples

Lecture 182 DDoS Protection: WAF & Shield

Lecture 183 Penetration Testing

Lecture 184 Encryption with KMS & CloudHSM

Lecture 185 Encryption with KMS & CloudHSM Hands On

Lecture 186 AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Overview

Lecture 187 Secrets Manager Overview

Lecture 188 Artifact Overview

Lecture 189 GuardDuty Overview

Lecture 190 Inspector Overview

Lecture 191 Config Overview

Lecture 192 Macie Overview

Lecture 193 Security Hub Overview

Lecture 194 Amazon Detective Overview

Lecture 195 AWS Abuse

Lecture 196 Root User Privileges

Lecture 197 Security & Compliance Summary

Section 17: Machine Learning

Lecture 198 Rekognition Overview

Lecture 199 Transcribe Overview

Lecture 200 Polly Overview

Lecture 201 Translate Overview

Lecture 202 Lex + Connect Overview

Lecture 203 Comprehend Overview

Lecture 204 SageMaker Overview

Lecture 205 Forecast Overview

Lecture 206 Kendra Overview

Lecture 207 Personalize Overview

Lecture 208 Textract Overview

Lecture 209 Machine Learning Summary

Section 18: Account Management, Billing & Support

Lecture 210 Organizations Overview

Lecture 211 Organizations Hands On

Lecture 212 Organizations Consolidated Billing

Lecture 213 AWS Control Tower Overview

Lecture 214 AWS Control Tower Hands On

Lecture 215 Pricing Models of the Cloud

Lecture 216 Savings Plan Overview

Lecture 217 Compute Optimizer Overview

Lecture 218 Billing & Costing Tools Overview

Lecture 219 Estimating Costs in the Cloud – Pricing Calculator

Lecture 220 Tracking Costs in the Cloud – Billing Dashboard, Cost Allocation Tags, Reports

Lecture 221 Monitoring Costs in the Cloud – Billing Alarms & AWS Budgets

Lecture 222 AWS Trusted Advisor

Lecture 223 Support Plans for AWS

Lecture 224 Account Best Practices Summary

Lecture 225 Billing Summary

Section 19: Advanced Identity

Lecture 226 Security Token Service (STS) Overview

Lecture 227 Cognito Overview

Lecture 228 Directory Services Overview

Lecture 229 AWS IAM Identity Center

Lecture 230 Advanced Identity – Summary

Section 20: Other Services

Lecture 231 Other Services – Section Intro

Lecture 232 WorkSpaces Overview

Lecture 233 AppStream 2.0 Overview

Lecture 234 Sumerian Overview

Lecture 235 IoT Core Overview

Lecture 236 Elastic Transcoder Overview

Lecture 237 AppSync

Lecture 238 Amplify

Lecture 239 Device Farm Overview

Lecture 240 AWS Backup Overview

Lecture 241 Disaster Recovery Strategies

Lecture 242 AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS)

Lecture 243 AWS DataSync

Lecture 244 Application Discovery Service & Application Migration Service

Lecture 245 AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS)

Lecture 246 Step Functions

Lecture 247 Ground Station

Lecture 248 AWS Pinpoint

Section 21: AWS Architecting & Ecosystem

Lecture 249 AWS WhitePapers Well-Architected Framework

Lecture 250 1st pillar: Operational Excellence

Lecture 251 2nd pillar: Security

Lecture 252 3rd pillar: Reliability

Lecture 253 4th pillar: Performance Efficiency

Lecture 254 5th pillar: Cost Optimization

Lecture 255 6th pillar: Sustainability

Lecture 256 AWS Well-Architected Tool

Lecture 257 Right Sizing

Lecture 258 AWS Ecosystem

Lecture 259 AWS Knowledge Center

Lecture 260 AWS IQ & re:Post

Section 22: Preparing for the Exam + Practice Exam – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Lecture 261 Words on Other Services

Lecture 262 State of Learning Checkpoint – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Lecture 263 Exam Sample Question Walkthrough

Lecture 264 Exam Tips – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Lecture 265 Exam Walkthrough and Signup

Lecture 266 Save 50% on your AWS Exam Cost

Lecture 267 Get an Extra 30 Minutes on your AWS Exam – Non Native English Speakers only

Section 23: Congratulations – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Lecture 268 Congratulations – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Lecture 269 THANK YOU!

Lecture 270 Bonus Lecture

Anyone wanting to acquire the knowledge to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

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Udemy | English | 14h 27m | 4.56 GB
Created by: Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer

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