Newly Updated Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn with me, a professional LinkedIn trainer and Digital Marketing practitioner
Newly Updated Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn
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Newly Updated Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn

What you’ll learn

At the end of the course you will be able to create a LinkedIn profile that gives you the edge over others. You will know how to build your network quickly and effectively. You will be able to use quick tips and tricks that I’ve picked up in the last ten years of using this platform for generating opportunities and business for yourself.

Newly Updated Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn


You will need to have signed up a basic LinkedIn profile. Nothing more.


This course has been recently updated for 2020/21. LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate social network for anyone in business or looking to forward their careers. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, position yourself as a thought leader or simply improve your online CV, this course will help you immensely. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn to their advantage. In this course I’ll take it back to basics for you and show you exactly how to get the most from this amazing platform. A quick bit of history: I started using LinkedIn about ten years ago. It was one of the first social media sites I found a real affinity with. In the last 20 years I have built a business from just two people to twenty and head up the sales element of said business. I generate more leads and opportunities through LinkedIn than any other social network. I have spent the last five years training my clients face to face in how to use this incredibly powerful platform. I’ve taken that content and created this online course so you can be sure that the material has been tried and tested over a number of years. In this course I’ll take you through my methods for ensuring your profile has the edge over your competitors. I’ll teach you how to build your networks quickly and effectively. I’ll teach you how to use the platform to generate opportunities for you or your business. This incredibly powerful social media platform is one of the most important B2B channels out there. I will help you get to know how best to use it in a fun, friendly and professional manner. I hope to see you on the course. All feedback is always welcome.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 2020 Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Social Selling

Lecture 4 An Introduction to LinkedIn

Lecture 5 My journey with LinkedIn

Lecture 6 LinkedIn Strategy

Lecture 7 Sorting out your settings

Section 2: Your Profile

Lecture 8 Giving yourself a heading which gives you the edge

Lecture 9 Your education – important for people finding you

Lecture 10 Your picture – an important first impression

Lecture 11 Your summary – think like the buyer

Lecture 12 Featured Section – Rich Media

Lecture 13 Your experience

Lecture 14 Open for Business

Lecture 15 Building a Resume

Lecture 16 Other Options

Section 3: Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Lecture 17 Making updates to your network

Lecture 18 Publishing articles

Section 4: Your Network

Lecture 19 Your current connections

Lecture 20 Finding and adding new connections

Lecture 21 Building Connections Quickly

Section 5: Groups

Lecture 22 What is a group?

Section 6: Other Areas

Lecture 23 Other Important Areas of LinkedIn

Lecture 24 Engaging with Others

Lecture 25 Asking for introductions

Lecture 26 Strategy for dealing with invites

Lecture 27 Using the search facility

Lecture 28 Who’s viewed your profile?

Lecture 29 Acting on profile changes

Lecture 30 Using your Alumni

Lecture 31 Creating a weekly routine

Lecture 32 Sales Tip – Mapping Prospects

Lecture 33 Sales Tip – Research your prospect

Lecture 34 Are you a Salesperson? Some Advice

Lecture 35 Thank you for taking this course

Anyone who wants to know how to use LinkedIn to build their personal network, generate opportunities and improve their personal brand

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Udemy | English | 1h 17m | 939.45 MB
Created by: Alastair Banks

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