Night Photography Stunning Night Photography the Easy Way

Learn Night Photography, Astrophotography, Night Sky Photography! Follow Our Real World Journey to Capture Night Photos
Night Photography Stunning Night Photography the Easy Way
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Night Photography Stunning Night Photography the Easy Way

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to take beautiful night photographs – like the pros!
You will be happier with the photos you shoot than ever before!
You will learn how to shoot light trail photos with your camera
You will know how to use Bulb mode and a shutter release remote to shoot long exposures
You will know what equipment you need to shoot great night photos
You will understand how to set your camera’s ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (f-stop) while shooting night photographs
You will learn how to edit night photos to make them look even better

Night Photography Stunning Night Photography the Easy Way


While this course was created for beginner photographers, it would be beneficial for you to understand basic photography concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We have included a refresher lesson that will get you up to speed if you need it.
This is a great follow up to our Photography Masterclass, which will get you up to speed to dive right into this course.
You can use any camera to take great night photos. We’ll be using Canon, Nikon, Leica, and Fujifilm DSLR and Mirrorless cameras + smartphones like the iPhone


That’s why you’re here right?

We’re excited to show you how to take your own amazing night & low-light photos.
With this complete night photography course, you’ll learn the ins and outs from the gear we recommend, the settings we use, the composition tips we have, and the photo editing process we use to end up with award-winning night photos.
Follow us as we head out to Joshua Tree National Park to teach this night photography course!
In this course we combine entertainment + education in this complete behind-the-scenes course. We’re not just sitting behind our computer desk, showing you slides. We’re out in the field, showing you exactly what we do to shoot our own night photos.
Key things you will learn in this night photography course:
What gear you need for night photographyHow to prepare for your photography tripBasic camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISOHow to compose beautiful night photosUsing a shutter release remote to shoot long exposuresHow to shoot light trail photosComposing creative night photos of the starsHow to shoot photographs of the moonHow to edit night photos to make them look even better
Course bonuses
Downloadable cheat sheetsBehind the scenes lessonsFull editing case studiesPractical assignmentsQuizzes to test your knowledge
Why learn from us?
We are three instructors who love photography, and love teaching. We’re the teachers of the best-selling Photography Masterclass. We always take our student’s feedback, and use it to improve our courses. That’s why we created this course in the first place – because fellow students wanted us to create a night photography course.
What students are saying about our courses:

Absolutely loved loved loved this course. – Ashonti
I really like this course. Its the best course I have ever taken on photography. I have come to really like Phil and Sam, and I think if you take the course you will to 😀 – TJ
I loved this course! The basics of photography were fully covered, plenty of practical examples, the tutors were very clear in their explanations and very quick in answering to any question. – Ornella
Perfect course for beginners and intermediate photographers. Duration of the lessons is great you can move at your own pace without needing to sit for hours for just one class. – Omar
If you want to take great night photos, this is the course for you.
Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start shooting better photos today!
Phil, Will, and Sam


Section 1: Welcome to the Night Photography Course

Lecture 1 Welcome to Night Photography | Night Photography Course

Lecture 2 Join the Official Student Photography Group | Night Photography Course

Lecture 3 Our 10 Night Photography Commandments | Night Photography Course

Lecture 4 Equipment for Night Photography | Night Photography Course

Lecture 5 DOWNLOAD: “Don’t Forget Me” Night Photography Checklist

Lecture 6 OPTIONAL Refresher: Setting Refresher | Night Photography Course

Lecture 7 DOWNLOAD: Beginner’s Guide to Photography | Night Photography Course

Lecture 8 Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience | Night Photography Course

Section 2: Night Photography Demonstration

Lecture 9 Basics of Night Photography with Will | Night Photography Course

Lecture 10 Night Photography with Creative Camera Movements | Night Photography Course

Lecture 11 How to Shoot Light Trails | Night Photography Course

Lecture 12 Longer Exposures with a Trigger & Night Photos with Foreground Elements

Lecture 13 Photographing the Moon | Night Photography Course

Lecture 14 COURSE BREAK: Check Out Our Ultimate Resource for New Photographers

Section 3: Editing Night Photos

Lecture 15 Basic Night Photo Editing | Night Photography Course

Lecture 16 OPTIONAL: Adobe Lightroom Crash Course | Night Photography Course

Lecture 17 Night Editing Tip 1: Make Stars Pop | Night Photography Course

Lecture 18 Night Editing Tip 2: Improve Skies with Graduated Filters

Lecture 19 Night Editing Tip 3: Remove Unwanted Airplane Streaks | Night Photography Course

Lecture 20 Night Editing Tip 4: Use HSL Panel to Improve Skies and Landscapes

Lecture 21 Night Editing Tip 5: Remove Digital Noise and Grain | Night Photography Course

Lecture 22 Phil Edits His Favorite Night Photo | Night Photography Course

Lecture 23 Sam Edits His Favorite Night Photo | Night Photography Course

Lecture 24 Will Edits His Favorite Night Photo | Night Photography Course

Lecture 25 Will Edits a Light Trail Photo | Night Photography Course

Lecture 26 Exporting Photos: For Posting Online & For Printing | Night Photography Course

Lecture 27 CHEAT SHEET: Export Settings | Night Photography Course

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 28 Thank You & What’s Next? | Night Photography Course

Lecture 29 How to Edit Together a Star Trail Photo | Night Photography Course

Section 5: Free Lightroom Presets

Lecture 30 Welcome to the Lightroom Presets Section | Night Photography Course

Lecture 31 How to Install Presets in Any Version of Lightroom | Night Photography Course

Lecture 32 Preset Pack 1: Flat Matte Style | Night Photography Course

Lecture 33 Preset Pack 2: Street Grunge Style | Night Photography Course

Lecture 34 Preset Pack 3: Bold Contrast & Colors | Night Photography Course

Lecture 35 Preset Pack 4: Light & Airy | Night Photography Course

Lecture 36 Preset Pack 5: Vintage Vibes | Night Photography Course

Lecture 37 Preset Pack 6: Desaturated Colors | Night Photography Course

Lecture 38 Preset Pack 7: Black & White | Night Photography Course

Lecture 39 Preset Pack 8: HDR Nature Pop | Night Photography Course

Lecture 40 Preset Pack 9: Tropical Teals & Oranges

Lecture 41 Preset Pack 10: Cool Blues

Lecture 42 Preset Pack 11: Golden Hour Bohemian

Lecture 43 Preset Pack 12: Soft Pastels & Newborn Photography

Section 6: Photo Contests

Lecture 44 2023 Photo Contest Winners & Photo Analysis

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 45 Bonus Lecture: Take Your Photography Further with Phil & Video School

Beginner photographers – you want to take your skills to the next level,Intermediate photographer – you want to develop skills in a particular craft,Anyone who wants to take better photos on at night or in lower light situations

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Udemy | English | 3h 51m | 5.24 GB
Created by: Phil Ebiner

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