Ninja Writing The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Turn Your Business Writing, Blogs, Books & Essays Into Masterpieces
Ninja Writing The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery
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Ninja Writing The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

What you’ll learn

You will receive a Ninja Writing Certificate of Completion after finishing the course.
You will learn the little-known writing secrets of editors on top newspapers and websites.
You will learn how to tap into the enormous power of the narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words.
You will discover how to transform yourself into a masterful writer in just days or weeks.
You will learn how to make your prose stand out massively from that of your peers and competitors.
You will know how to make your blogs, books and business writing sparkle.
You will discover how to create spellbinding writing with ease.
You will learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced ex-Wall Street Journal editor.

Ninja Writing The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery


A computer, or pen and notepad


FROM THE CREATOR OF THE BESTSELLING WRITING WITH FLAIR: HOW TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL WRITER COMES THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN OF SHANI RAJA’S WRITING COURSES…NINJA WRITING: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery is designed to take you to the summit of flawless writing.The course is taught by Shani Raja, a former editor for The Wall Street Journal whose premium writing courses have been featured in Time magazine and Business Insider and have attracted more than 200,000 students on this platform. “This fantastic course should be in every writer’s toolbox…”  — SAMUEL PHILLIP RANGER”Opens your eyes to all that writing could be…” — SANDY, UDEMY STUDENT”Boosted my writing by one thousand percent…” — PAULO ARMI, UDEMY STUDENT”This level of teaching is what I would expect to pay big $$ for…” — SARAH BLACK, UDEMY STUDENT”Solid gold…” — DON, UDEMY STUDENT”A perfect breakup of the writing process…” — JOEY CRAY, UDEMY STUDENT”One of the best writing courses I have ever taken…” — STEPHEN, UDEMY STUDENT “Brilliant…” — JOAN SALANITRI, UDEMY STUDENT”Any aspiring writer would gain magnificent polish following the suggestions in this course…” — ROSILYN KINNERSLEY, UDEMY STUDENT”Gets you excited you purchased something of true value…” — MELANIE JARRELL”Sound advice peppered with subtle insight….” — LORI, UDEMY STUDENT”I feel like an inspired artist with… potential to create a masterpiece…” — ANZHELA SHURINA, UDEMY STUDENT”Writing techniques down to the atomic levels of a narrative…” —  ALDRICH DEMATA, UDEMY STUDENT”When I had read the all time bestselling writer’s guide by Strunk and White, I thought, ‘There is nothing more to be known.’ Shani proved that I was terribly wrong…” — GOPINATH CHANDRA, UDEMY STUDENT “Shani’s courses have literally changed my life. I started applying for freelance blogging jobs. Now I’m making a living without having to work in a 9-5 environment…” — IVAN JURAS, UDEMY STUDENT”Will improve your writing exponentially… I wish I had known about these subtle writing nuances when I was in college…” — KEVIN CHUNG, UDEMY STUDENT”Cannot believe how helpful this is…” — AMY, UDEMY STUDENT”The way he teaches is absolutely amazing…” — FRANCESCO CATAPANO, UDEMY STUDENT”Only four lessons in and I can see how to truly improve my writing…” — ANITA BYRD-PETTS, UDEMY STUDENT”Am much happier with my writing since taking this course… so is my editor…” — JACK STEPHENS, UDEMY STUDENT
“Will buy any future course… without any hesitation…” — AZAT MUKHAMETOV, UDEMY STUDENT”As an eager blogger, I found this course extremely helpful…” — VASILEIOS PANAGOPOULOS, UDEMY STUDENT”Given me a deeper understanding of how to write a narrative…” — IAN MCLEAN, UDEMY STUDENT”An excellent way to polish and enhance your writing…” — ISRAEL, UDEMY STUDENT”Brilliant, clear and precise instruction on how to write well…” — JANE MANTHORPE, UDEMY STUDENT”Teaches how to recognize effective writing by explaining why it is effective… without getting bogged down explaining the finer points of grammar…” — DOUG UNRAU, UDEMY STUDENTWho doesn’t want to enhance their prospects by writing much more stylishly than their peers and competitors?Or to make a mark on the world by writing an outstanding book or creating a magnificent blog read by thousands—or even millions—of people?After taking this course, that could be you.It teaches you how to become not just an exceptional writer, but a masterful one. You’ll know exactly how to get your writing noticed.In Ninja Writing, you will discover how to embed quality at EVERY LAYER of your writing—whether it’s a blog, article, college essay, cover letter, corporate report or content marketing.By the end, you’ll appreciate exactly how one piece of writing can be strikingly beautiful while another—on the same subject—bores you to tears.”Up to this point, you’ve probably been bored with so many writing teachers who emphasize ‘structure’ through grammar tips and organization with a shot of word selection. But Shani covers that missing component: the artistry of writing. Writing can be just as fulfilling as painting, drawing or designing…” — SANDY, UDEMY STUDENT “Even my degree did not teach me to write at these levels…” — YAP WAN XIANG, UDEMY STUDENTSo, what exactly is a ninja writer?It’s someone who can take disjointed thoughts and ideas and create beautiful narratives out of them.That is the hallmark of a distinguished writer: one who understands how to build points elegantly, wrap them into neatly arranged sections, and then thread the ideas through exquisitely organized paragraphs.A ninja writer has mastery over the sentence layer of writing as well.He or she instinctively understands how to tighten loose sentences, sharpen blurred ones, and bring rhythm to those that don’t flow well.Finally, ninja writers wield invincible power over words. They’re able to bring color, variety and freshness into their writing through their word choices, while slicing away any that have lost their edge or carry dead weight.While a bad writer can make a mess even of the most sublime thinking, a ninja writer’s prose—blogs, essays, or any kind of business writing—always ends up looking spectacularly polished.The fact is that great writing isn’t just a nice skill to have. It’s vital to conveying intelligence and professionalism to your bosses, clients, business partners, and blog or book readers.Frankly, if you don’t have this part of your life handled, you’ll probably get fewer career chances, less shots at a promotion, and not as many eyeballs online.And instinctively you know it.If you’re a blogger, the world may miss out on your brilliant ideas, simply because your writing is too dull or unwieldy to take seriously.  Remember that we live in the internet age, where a growing army of writers are competing to get noticed in an expanding sea of content.This course will give you an edge. It’ll quickly take your writing to a level of refinement that will mystify anybody who doesn’t know these elite techniques.Here’s a chance to take your writing to a level that, honestly, blows your competition out of the water.”All I can say is WOW! After only a few lessons I went from struggling to write fewer than five hundred coherent words in two hours to easily churning out well written, well thought out content in less than 20 minutes.” — LISA THOMPSON, UDEMY STUDENT
Just the understanding that writing has four layers can make a huge difference to how effectively you communicate.If you don’t know anything about those layers yet, don’t fret.Only a handful of writers do, and many are editors who work, as I have done, for top news organizations.They spend all day bringing order and beauty to whatever article is presented to them.They know how to focus on areas that bring structure to untidy prose, and a razor-sharp focus to disorderly ideas.I know how rare this skill is because until recently I was an editor at The Wall Street Journal, where I taught many of the newspaper’s journalists how to add style, flair and potency to their articles. I’ve also written for The Economist, Financial Times, Bloomberg News and other highly regarded news institutions.In Ninja Writing, I share what I’ve learned at those places under the mentorship of some of the best editors in the world.Once you’ve learned their secrets, you too will be able to weave magic with your words.You’ll know how to create spellbinding narratives, breathe life into tired sentences, and dazzle readers with the words you choose.You’ll also write with more confidence.”My writing has dramatically improved…” — LYNN, UDEMY STUDENT”Can’t wait to use all the tricks and techniques…” — ADAPERIO, UDEMY STUDENT”The Strunk and White guide for today’s world… sure to be a classic…” — DERRICK HOWELL, UDEMY STUDENTOne of the biggest problems novice writers have is not knowing if their writing is any good.That won’t be a problem for you anymore.You’ll know that it is.Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery takes the mystery out of the writing process.The tricks and tactics taught here will create a seismic shift in the quality of your writing, almost immediately.You’ll express yourself as brilliantly as some of the slickest editors on the planet.You’ll understand how to turn any kind of mediocre business writing into masterful prose.The content here goes beyond what is taught in Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer, one of Udemy’s best-selling courses.In Writing With Flair, I gave you a powerful framework for creating outstanding writing based on the three principles of simplicity, clarity and elegance.The sweep of Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery is much broader.It covers the whole territory of nonfiction writing, giving you a ground-up-and-top-down view of what’s needed to inject quality into EVERY PORE of your writing.If Writing With Flair turned you into an exceptional writer, Ninja Writing will mould you further into an elite one.Like my other courses, Ninja Writing steers clear of needlessly complicated jargon. You’ll simply get strategies to help you write with impeccable style and poise.The course has been designed to help you reach the top of the learning curve in as little as a few days.You’ll discover ways of looking at your writing that will elevate it to a plane most others don’t even know exists.In Ninja Writing, I reveal the four levels of writing mastery you must work to perfect.THE NARRATIVE LEVELHow to connect with your audience, organize your writing magnificently, start your piece with a bang, end with a flourish, and embed it with powerful imagery. Getting the structure right is one of the hardest skills to master, but I’ll make it super easy for you in this section.THE PARAGRAPH LEVELHow to weave points through paragraphs, so your writing looks exceptionally ordered and polished. THE SENTENCE LEVELHow to turn limp and bloated sentences into sharp, graceful and rhythmic expressions of your ideas.THE WORD LEVELHow to choose precise and evocative words, and strip your writing of any that carry dead weight.With heaps of examples and exercises to embed these tactics deep into your subconscious, by the end of Ninja Writing you’ll begin to see precisely the mistakes others are making.And your own writing will shine like a polished diamond next to the lackluster efforts of your peers and business competitors.Invest today in discovering techniques that will superpower one of the most important skills you’ll ever need in life — communicating with style.Learn to:Transform a weary marketing email into a persuasive sales pitch…Translate a lackluster cover letter into a hard-hitting document…Convert a dreary college essay into an compelling argument…Turn a lifeless blog into a poignant masterpiece…DISCOVER AT THE NARRATIVE LEVEL…How to overcome writer’s blockHow to decide what to sayHow to connect with your audienceHow to create tone and paceHow to organize your ideas neatlyHow to start with a bang and end on a high noteHow to texture your writingHow to add more without resorting to fluff…AT THE PARAGRAPH LEVEL…Different paragraph styles so you can choose what suits your work bestHow to weave points expertly through paragraphsHow to know when to switch to a new paragraphAT THE SENTENCE LEVEL…How to tighten sentencesHow to sharpen sentencesHow to give sentences rhythmHow to create poetic sentencesHow to maximise the dramatic impact of a sentence…AT THE WORD LEVEL…How to choose precise wordsHow to avoid abstract wordsHow to find colorful wordsHow to avoid pointless distinctionsHow to make useful onesHow to order words elegantlyHow to exploit word soundsHow to slice syllablesHow to boost your vocabularyStart learning these elite writing tactics today.In case you have any hesitation, know you’re covered by Udemy’s month-long money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk dipping your feet in and trying this course out.And take a peek at these reviews of WRITING WITH FLAIR: HOW TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL WRITER… (NOTE: The second edition of this bestselling course is now out!)”If you are looking for a writing course that is outstanding look no further…” — MATT SPRENGER, UDEMY STUDENT”Better than any course I took in college…” — ANNA TIERNEY, UDEMY STUDENT”I considered myself a decent writer before taking this course…” — MIA TURPEL, UDEMY STUDENT”As a published author, I have taken no less than 10 courses in improving my own writing skills. This is, by far, the best…” — ALICIA ADAMS, UDEMY STUDENT”Simply amazing class…” — SONIE SANDHU, UDEMY STUDENT”Be ready for some enlightening stuff…” — MARTIN TONEVSKI, UDEMY STUDENT”Helps fine tune your writing and take it to another level…” — NISHANT BHIDE, UDEMY STUDENT”The best writing course I’ve ever taken. Worth ten times the price, easily…” — HARBANS, UDEMY STUDENT”Shani knocks it out of the park…” — JOHN MICHAEL BARNETT, UDEMY STUDENT”Stunning course… delivered masterfully…” — PEDRO CARROGGIO ZOIO, UDEMY STUDENT”Among the most useful I’ve ever had the privilege of taking…” — FRANS DU PLESSIS, UDEMY STUDENT”Improved my writing in ways that cannot be expressed…” — REMCO BOERMA, UDEMY STUDENT”Writing stopped being a chore…” — VENKAT DINAVAHI, UDEMY STUDENT”A breath of fresh air for my writing…” — DARRYL, UDEMY STUDENT”Delivery and explanations were perfect…” — CHRISTOPHER, UDEMY STUDENT”Presented with great passion and understanding…” — BRYAN SUHARLY, UDEMY STUDENT”Will improve your skills even if you only write post-it notes…” — HECTOR RUBIO, UDEMY STUDENTIsn’t it time to quit wondering whether your writing makes the cut or not?This course gives you the tools to become supremely confident at writing by putting you on a par with some of the best journalists in the world.So come and join me, as I show you how take your writing to the next level of mastery.



Lecture 1 The Rocket Science Of Writing

Lecture 2 The Four Ninja Levels

Lecture 3 A Quick Proof


Lecture 4 How To Find Your Voice

Lecture 5 How To Kickstart A Narrative

Lecture 6 How To Organize Your Narrative

Lecture 7 Killer Intros

Lecture 8 Cool Kickers

Lecture 9 Other Types Of Narrative

Lecture 10 How To Embed Imagery

Lecture 11 Ninja Writing Exercises: THE NARRATIVE

Lecture 12 Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: SYMMETRY

Lecture 13 Bonus Ninja Tactics #2: HOW TO EXTEND A NARRATIVE

Lecture 14 Bonus Ninja Tactics #3: HOW TO GET A FRESH PERSPECTIVE


Lecture 15 Why Have Paragraphs?

Lecture 16 Different Paragraph Styles

Lecture 17 Ninja Writing Exercises: PARAGRAPHS

Lecture 18 Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: SUPERTHICK PARAGRAPHS

Section 4: SENTENCES

Lecture 19 How To Recognize A Non-Sentence

Lecture 20 How To Tighten Sentences

Lecture 21 How To Sharpen Sentences

Lecture 22 How To Give Sentences Rhythm

Lecture 23 How To Produce Poetic Sentences

Lecture 24 How To Create Emphasis

Lecture 25 How To Whip Up Drama

Lecture 26 Don’t Give Readers Whiplash

Lecture 27 Stick To What’s Necessary

Lecture 28 Avoid Back Referencing

Lecture 29 Avoid Run-On Ambiguity

Lecture 30 Ninja Writing Exercises: SENTENCES

Lecture 31 Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: WRITE FOR YOUR GRANDMA

Lecture 32 Bonus Ninja Tactics #2: THE ONE-BREATH READBACK

Section 5: WORDS

Lecture 33 Choose Precise Words

Lecture 34 Avoid Technical, Abstract Words

Lecture 35 Choose Colorful Words

Lecture 36 Notice Implied Words

Lecture 37 Avoid Pointless Distinctions

Lecture 38 Degrees Of Orderliness

Lecture 39 Create More Special Effects

Lecture 40 The Power Of Reminder Words

Lecture 41 Words That Sound Good Together

Lecture 42 Numbers Into Words, Titles Into Descriptions

Lecture 43 Don’t Overemphasize

Lecture 44 How To Slice Syllables

Lecture 45 Ninja Writing Exercises: WORDS

Lecture 46 Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: HOW TO BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY

Lecture 47 Bonus Ninja Tactics #2: OBSOLETE HYPHENS


Lecture 48 Quick Wrap-Up

Lecture 49 Where Next?

Lecture 50 Ninja Writer’s Checklist

Lecture 51 Bonus Lecture: Time Magazine Article

Lecture 52 BONUS LECTURE: The Importance of Clarifying Your Intent

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Created by: Shani Raja

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