NLP In Sales Certification Sell More Persuade Influence

Get new sales with NLP skills for persuasion and influence – makes sales easy using Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLP In Sales Certification Sell More Persuade Influence
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NLP In Sales Certification Sell More Persuade Influence

What you’ll learn

Discover the most powerful NLP techniques and skills for persuasion influence and sales
Discover how to set goals and achieve them
Learn how to make sales easy so that it is enjoyable
Increase your sales and make more money !
Be more confident and assured by taking control of your state

NLP In Sales Certification Sell More Persuade Influence


All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn


Imagine if you could make selling and the entire sales process really really easy …Matt is one of the most popular NLP trainers and an acclaimed expert in NLP  sales and influence with over 120,000 course enrollments around the world. Presented by a Certified Trainer of NLP and an entrepreneur of over 25 years. This is course is guaranteed … you can take this course with zero risk and everything to gain How would it be if…….You could come across like a natural salesperson and sell your products and services effortlessly You could learn the skills of the best sales people on the planet and replicate their successIf you can understand the mind of your prospect so that you can present your product to them in the best way If you could increase your sales, make more money, have more influence and increase your persuasion skillsIf you could learn a way that made you popular with everyone you came into contact withIf you are a coach : imagine if you could teach your clients how to increase their sales as well You are going to learn -The most powerful NLP techniques and  skills for persuasion influence and sales How to build deep rapport with anyone you meetHow to deal with the common objections in sales The persuasion techniques of the top NLP sales professionalsHow to become comfortable selling You are going to become an awesome sales pro with the skills of NLP


Section 1: NLP in SALES

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why People dont like selling

Lecture 3 Why People dont like selling part 2

Lecture 4 Set your goals for this course

Lecture 5 What is selling

Lecture 6 What selling is not

Lecture 7 What is NLP

Lecture 8 What is NLP Really

Lecture 9 The NLP Communication Model

Lecture 10 Why selling is easy with NLP

Lecture 11 The difference between advertising and marketing

Lecture 12 Set your intention

Lecture 13 Who is a propspect

Lecture 14 Features and benefits

Section 2: Rapport in Sales

Lecture 15 Why Learn Rapport

Lecture 16 The Basis of all meaningful communication

Lecture 17 Rapport Matching and Mirroring

Lecture 18 What to Match and Mirror

Lecture 19 Crossover mirroring

Lecture 20 Pacing and Leading

Lecture 21 Indicators of Rapport

Lecture 22 Building Rapport on the Phone

Section 3: Presuppositions of NLP

Lecture 23 INtro to the Presuppositions of NLP

Lecture 24 Respect for the other persons model of the world

Lecture 25 Behaviour and change to be evaluated in context and with ecology

Lecture 26 Resistance in a client is a sign of a lack of rapport

Lecture 27 People are not their behaviours

Lecture 28 Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources available to them

Lecture 29 Calibrate on Behaviour

Lecture 30 The map is not the territory

Lecture 31 You are in charge of you mind and therefore your results

Lecture 32 People have all the resources they need to be a success

Lecture 33 All procedures should increae wholeness

Lecture 34 There is no Failure only feedback

Lecture 35 The meaning of communication is the response you get

Lecture 36 The law of requisite variety

Section 4: Keys to an achievable Outcome

Lecture 37 Introduction to teh Keys to an achievable outcome

Lecture 38 Stated in the POsitive

Lecture 39 Specify Present Situation

Lecture 40 Specify Outcome

Lecture 41 Specify Evidence Procedure

Lecture 42 Be sure it is congruent and desirable

Lecture 43 Is it self initiated or self maintained

Lecture 44 Is it Appropriately cntextualised

Lecture 45 What resources are needed

Lecture 46 Is it Ecological

Section 5: Principals for success

Lecture 47 Know your outcome

Lecture 48 Take Action

Lecture 49 Have sensory Acuity

Lecture 50 Have behavioural Flexibility

Lecture 51 Operate from a Physiology & Psychology of excellence

Section 6: Basic Sales Psychology

Lecture 52 Adapt your offer to meet the need

Lecture 53 Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Ideas

Lecture 54 Physiological, safety and social needs

Lecture 55 Self esteem and self actualisation needs

Lecture 56 Common traits of self actualised people

Lecture 57 More traits of self actualised people

Lecture 58 Even more traits of self actualised people

Lecture 59 Emotional Drivers in marketing

Lecture 60 One product many needs

Lecture 61 Recognition and problem awareness

Section 7: How we become motivated to buy

Lecture 62 Product Recon

Lecture 63 Evaluation of alternatives

Lecture 64 Purchase

Lecture 65 After purchase evaluation

Section 8: THE NLP Sales Process

Lecture 66 The NLP Sales Process

Lecture 67 Open Questioning

Lecture 68 Matching features to benefits

Lecture 69 The common objections in sales

Lecture 70 Build more value agitate motivation

Section 9: Influence in sales and marketing

Lecture 71 Reciprocity

Lecture 72 Consistency

Lecture 73 The endowment effect

Lecture 74 Door in the face

Lecture 75 Franklin effect

Lecture 76 Loss aversion

Lecture 77 Scarcity

Lecture 78 Mere Exposure

Lecture 79 The decoy effect

Lecture 80 The Framing effect

Section 10: Identifying your market

Lecture 81 Who would buy your products

Lecture 82 Where would you find those people

Lecture 83 Deciding on your approach

Lecture 84 Deciding on your approach Part 2

Lecture 85 Be flexible in your approach

Lecture 86 5 Keys to ethical sales

Lecture 87 5 Keys to ethical sales Part 2

Lecture 88 Conclusion and next steps

Lecture 89 How to build your SIX FIGURE COACHING BUSINESS….

Lecture 90 Bonus Lecture

Section 11: Bonus Section

Lecture 91 Certification

Anyone who wants to take control of their sales,Coaches who wan to help their clients get better at selling

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Created by: Matthew Barnett

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