NodeJS made easy for MEAN or MERN Stack

Master Node fundamentals for MEARN stack development
NodeJS made easy for MEAN or MERN Stack
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Bharath Thippireddy


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NodeJS made easy for MEAN or MERN Stack

What you’ll learn

Learn the Fundamentals of Node
Use the in-built node packages
Create REST APIs using Express
Perform REST CRUD using Mongo Client
Create REST Backend using Mongoose
Work on a Patient Clinical API project
Dockerize your node application
Create a Docker file
Use Docker Compose to launch different contianers
Create a Single Page Frontend using React
Secure your REST APIs using OAuth
Deploy Your Node Application to AWS
Connect and work with PostgreSQL database
All in simple steps

NodeJS made easy for MEAN or MERN Stack


Knowledge of JavaScript ES6
Or Should have completed my Advanced JS and ES6 Free course


—All source code is available for downloadResponsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hoursProfessional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)—-Look at any JavaScript ,Angular or React developer job posting out there, the knowledge and experience with Node.js is a must.In this course you will master all the NodeJS Fundamentals ,using Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Docker, React and more.Are you a  developer with JavaScript experience ? Are you a developer who is just getting started with your web development career? then this course is for you .You will quickly master the fundamentals of Node and use them to create JavaScript backends . Enroll now andLearn the Fundamentals of NodeUse the in-built node packagesCreate REST APIs using ExpressPerform REST CRUD using Mongo ClientCreate REST Backend using MongooseWork on a Patient Clinical API projectDockerize your node applicationCreate a Docker fileUse Docker Compose to launch different contianersCreate a Single Page Frontend using ReactSecure your REST APIs using OAuthDeploy Your Node Application to AWSConnect and work with PostgreSQL database


Section 1: Start here

Lecture 1 Course and Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 How to use this course

Lecture 3 GIT Hub URL

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 4 What is Node

Lecture 5 Why Node

Lecture 6 NodeJS package manager NPM

Lecture 7 Install Node and Visual Studio Code

Section 3: Node in action

Lecture 8 Create a simple node application

Lecture 9 Adding Dependencies

Lecture 10 OS Module

Lecture 11 Write a file sync and async

Lecture 12 Use Arrow Functions

Lecture 13 Append and Rename

Lecture 14 Read and Delete

Lecture 15 HTTP module in action

Lecture 16 Return JSON Response

Lecture 17 Use nodemon

Lecture 18 Scripts block

Section 4: Express

Lecture 19 Introduction

Lecture 20 What is REST

Lecture 21 Create a Express App

Lecture 22 Express In Action

Lecture 23 Handle other HTTP Methods

Lecture 24 Use Router

Lecture 25 Create Customer Endpoint

Section 5: MongoDB

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Install Mongo

Lecture 28 Mongo Commandline

Lecture 29 Steps

Lecture 30 Use Mongo Client

Lecture 31 Implement Find All

Lecture 32 GET single product

Lecture 33 What is body-parser

Lecture 34 Configure body-parser

Lecture 35 Create Product

Lecture 36 Update Product

Lecture 37 Delete Product

Section 6: Mongoose

Lecture 38 Introduction

Lecture 39 Steps

Lecture 40 Create Project

Lecture 41 Create Server JS

Lecture 42 Create and Configure Product Controller

Lecture 43 Create Mongoose Schema and Model

Lecture 44 Create

Lecture 45 Test and Flow

Lecture 46 Read

Lecture 47 Update

Lecture 48 Delete

Section 7: Axios REST Client

Lecture 49 Introduction

Lecture 50 Steps

Lecture 51 Create the Project

Lecture 52 Get All

Lecture 53 Create and Update

Lecture 54 Get and Delete

Section 8: Integration Testing using Mocha and Chai

Lecture 55 Mocha and Chai

Lecture 56 Steps

Lecture 57 Install Dependencies

Lecture 58 First Test

Lecture 59 Handle Failures

Lecture 60 Test Create and Get

Lecture 61 Before and After methods

Section 9: Refactor and Modularize the application

Lecture 62 Introduction

Lecture 63 Steps

Lecture 64 Create DB Connection

Lecture 65 Mongoose Static Methods

Lecture 66 Create the Model and DAO

Lecture 67 Create the Controller

Lecture 68 Map Routes

Lecture 69 Test

Lecture 70 Use src folder

Lecture 71 Use Babel and ES6 Syntax

Section 10: Patient Clinical Data Project

Lecture 72 Usecase

Lecture 73 Create the Project

Lecture 74 Setup Configuration

Lecture 75 Create Model

Lecture 76 Implement Patient DAO

Lecture 77 Create Patient Controller

Lecture 78 Create and Configure Routes

Lecture 79 Create Clinical DAO and Controller

Lecture 80 Run and Test

Lecture 81 Fix Bug and Test

Section 11: Dockerize

Lecture 82 Introduction

Lecture 83 Install Docker Desktop

Lecture 84 Steps

Lecture 85 Create Dockerfile

Lecture 86 Create docker-compose.yml

Lecture 87 docker compose up

Section 12: Deploy to AWS EC2

Lecture 88 Introduction

Lecture 89 AWS EC2 Introduction

Lecture 90 Launch a EC2 Instance

Lecture 91 Windows – Use MobaXterm and connect

Lecture 92 Install Mongo

Lecture 93 Install Node and Git

Lecture 94 Push Project to Github

Lecture 95 Run The APP on EC2 and Test

Section 13: Create React Frontend

Lecture 96 Introduction

Lecture 97 Install React CLI

Lecture 98 Create Project

Lecture 99 Create Components

Lecture 100 Configure Routing

Lecture 101 Home Component

Lecture 102 Use State and React Hook

Lecture 103 Render Rows

Lecture 104 Enable CORS on the Node Project

Lecture 105 Test Home Page

Lecture 106 Add Patient – Create Form

Lecture 107 Handle Submit

Lecture 108 Add Clinical’s – Create Form

Lecture 109 Add Clinical’s – Handle Submit

Section 14: PostgreSQL

Lecture 110 Introduction

Lecture 111 Steps

Lecture 112 Setup the database

Lecture 113 Setup Project

Lecture 114 Get All

Lecture 115 Get One

Lecture 116 Create

Lecture 117 Return after Insert

Lecture 118 Update

Section 15: Wrap Up

Lecture 119 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who wants to master the fundamentals of Node,Students who want to create backend using Node Express Mongo,Students who want to learn how to work with Node backend and React Frontend,Students who want to learn how to create a REST API using Node

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 0m | 2.81 GB
Created by: Bharath Thippireddy

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