NodeRed Basic Nodes Uses

Become comfortable and confident using the default Node-Red palette. Learn through examples and downloadable resources!
NodeRed Basic Nodes Uses
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NodeRed Basic Nodes Uses

What you’ll learn

How to use Node-Red’s basic nodes
How to setup basic flows in Node-Red
Common use-case scenarios in Node-Red, such as writing to an SQL Database or Monitoring Events

NodeRed Basic Nodes Uses


A very basic understanding of what Node-Red is


This course is aimed at new starters with Node-Red and users that want to broaden their understanding of the basic nodes that come with Node-Red. This course is a simple walkthrough style course, with no flashy editing and graphics, a simple recording of the screen with a voice-over giving factual information as the course progresses.In this course we look at each Node and its configuration and then use them in scenarios to help us understand how they work.As the course progresses, we’ll see more and more of the Nodes that we’ve covered in other use-case scenarios.Each lecture has a download available which contains the JSON file used to import the lesson’s Node-Red flow into your Node-Red environment. This allows you to then use the same material we’ve covered in the course to better aid your learning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Setting Up Node-Red

Section 2: Basic Nodes

Lecture 3 Inject Nodes

Lecture 4 Debug Nodes

Lecture 5 Event Handling

Lecture 6 Joining / Splitting Data

Lecture 7 Executing “Outside” Functions – Exec Node

Lecture 8 Time Handing / Formatting

Lecture 9 Parsing Nodes

Lecture 10 Storage / File Handling

Lecture 11 SQL Read / Write

Lecture 12 Using Flow / Global Data

Lecture 13 Extras

Section 3: End Of Course Conclusion

Lecture 14 Course Conclusion

Beginner Node-Red Students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 6m | 1.96 GB
Created by: Liam Bee

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