NonProfit Management Tools For SuccessWorkbooks Included

Lead, Evaluate and Plan For Greater Impact! (Free Workbooks Included)
NonProfit Management Tools For SuccessWorkbooks Included
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Warren Chalklen, PhD


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NonProfit Management Tools For SuccessWorkbooks Included

What you’ll learn

Use the Theory of Change to Align Organizational Strategies with Intended Results
Use a Needs Analysis to Design and Execute Effective Training Programs
Analyze Policy Using Six Easy Steps
Use Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills to Tackle Everyday Challenges
Deliver Meaningful Performance Reviews
Lead Across Lines of Difference

NonProfit Management Tools For SuccessWorkbooks Included


Interest in building management, leadership and organizational capacity
Time to use the free workbooks provided
Basic PC skills


** ACCORDING TO THE GUIDESTAR.ORG: “There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations across America all competing for the nation’s charitable contributions. Because of this, non-profit managers require leadership, financial and evaluation skills.”
Master Over Twenty Strategic Thinking And Decision Making ToolsTheory Of Change: Align Your Strategy With Your ResultsHow to Conduct A Needs Analysis **
Are you ready for a practical course designed to equip you with the skills to:
Lead excellent and diverse teamsThink and act strategicallyConduct program evaluations reviews that lead to improved organizational performanceAnalyze and use financial statementsOperationalize a policy analysis
This course includes important topics such as financial statement analysis, Diversity and Inclusion, Idea Generation, Performance Reviews and much much more!
I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery!
The contents of this course are all based on my work experience as an education innovator and entrepreneur with global experience in  for profit, start up and corporate settings. I used these networks to survey non-profit professionals asking them one simple question: What do you need to know to be successful?
I collected all their answers and designed this course, working closely with them each step of the way. The result is a course that ties together both  theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a dynamic, practical and applicable way.
Ready to take your skills to the next level? Click “Take this course now” to get started!


Section 1: Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Section 2: A Tool Box For Early Success

Lecture 2 Course Toolbox: Get Your Free Workbooks Here

Lecture 3 Policy Analysis

Lecture 4 SWOT Analysis

Lecture 5 About the review

Lecture 6 Power Analysis

Lecture 7 Cost Benefit Analysis

Section 3: Management And Decision Making Strategies

Lecture 8 Eisenhower Matrix

Lecture 9 Pareto Effect

Lecture 10 Long Tail Effect

Section 4: Conflict Resolution

Lecture 11 Conflict Resolution Model

Lecture 12 Integration Model

Lecture 13 Feedback Model

Section 5: How to conduct performance reviews

Lecture 14 How to deliver a performance review

Lecture 15 Useful performance review phrases

Lecture 16 How to prepare for your review

Lecture 17 How to ask for a salary increase and promotion

Section 6: Theory of Change

Lecture 18 What is the Theory of Change?

Lecture 19 Phase 1: Test your assumptions

Lecture 20 Phase 2: Define your target customers

Lecture 21 Phase 3: Describe your strategies

Lecture 22 Phase 4: Determine your envisaged outcomes

Lecture 23 Phase 5: Reflect on the process

Section 7: Finances: An Overview

Lecture 24 Framing this section

Lecture 25 How to Analyze Financial Statements and Save Money

Lecture 26 What is an Income Statement?

Lecture 27 What is a Balance Sheet?

Lecture 28 Stakeholders Equity: An Overview

Lecture 29 Revenues: An Overview

Lecture 30 Liabilities: An Overview

Lecture 31 Assets: An Overview

Section 8: How To Conduct a Needs Analysis

Lecture 32 Introduction to the Needs Analysis

Lecture 33 Step 1: Surveillance

Lecture 34 Step 2: Investigation

Lecture 35 Step 3: Analysis

Lecture 36 Design training

Lecture 37 Step 4: Report

Section 9: Policy Analysis: Six Easy Steps

Lecture 38 Introducing the policy problem

Lecture 39 The difference between policy and the law

Lecture 40 Step 1: Define and understand the problem

Lecture 41 Step 2: Policy alternatives

Lecture 42 Step 3: Define the variables

Lecture 43 Step 4: Conduct the analysis

Lecture 44 Step 5: Confront the tradeoffs

Lecture 45 Step 6: Write the report

Section 10: Leading Diverse Teams

Lecture 46 Leading Across Lines Of Difference

Lecture 47 Race and Ethnicity

Lecture 48 Socio-Economic Status

Lecture 49 Reigion

Lecture 50 Gender

Lecture 51 Sexual Orientation

Section 11: Bonus Section

Lecture 52 Connect with your instructor Warren!

Lecture 53 Sshhh! Surprise Inside

Non-profit management professionals,Program evaluators,Managers leading in diverse settings

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 58m | 2.36 GB
Created by: Warren Chalklen, PhD

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