Nutrition Masterclass Build Your Perfect Diet Meal Plan

Learn The Truth About Nutrition, Dieting For Weight Loss, Building Muscle, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, Fat Loss
Nutrition Masterclass Build Your Perfect Diet Meal Plan
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Felix Harder


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Nutrition Masterclass Build Your Perfect Diet Meal Plan

What you’ll learn

Understand the fundamentals of healthy dieting (calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins & minerals)
Create a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle
Learn when, what and how much you should eat for optimal body composition
Build more muscle by optimizing your meal plan
Lose fat faster by optimizing your meal plan
Improve immunity and energy levels with the right vitamins and minerals

Nutrition Masterclass Build Your Perfect Diet Meal Plan


No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
A digital food scale will help but is not required


>>Course Regularly Updated With New Lectures & Bonus Content<


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome To The Course & What You Will Learn

Lecture 2 Get to know your instructor

Lecture 3 Join The Discussion

Lecture 4 Downloadable Resources & Diet Guides

Section 2: Meal Planning Basics

Lecture 5 Meal Planning Explained

Lecture 6 Calories Explained

Lecture 7 Macronutrients Explained

Lecture 8 Protein Explained

Lecture 9 How Much Protein Should You Consume Per Day?

Lecture 10 Fats Explained

Lecture 11 How Much Fat Should You Consume Per Day

Lecture 12 Carbohydrates Explained

Lecture 13 The Different Types Of Carbs

Lecture 14 How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day

Lecture 15 Meal Timing Introduction

Lecture 16 When Should You Eat Protein

Lecture 17 When Should You Eat Carbs

Lecture 18 When Should You Eat Fat

Lecture 19 Pre-Workout Meal

Lecture 20 Post-Workout Meal

Lecture 21 What About The Anabolic Window

Lecture 22 Foods Introduction

Lecture 23 Protein Quality

Lecture 24 Carbohydrate Quality

Lecture 25 Fat Quality

Section 3: Supplements

Lecture 26 Supplements Explained

Lecture 27 The Top 3 Beginner Supplements For Fitness

Lecture 28 How To Use Protein Powder

Lecture 29 How To Use Creatine

Lecture 30 Other Supplements To Consider

Lecture 31 Fish Oil

Lecture 32 Help Me Out

Section 4: Setting Up Your Diet

Lecture 33 How To Determine Your Optimal Calorie Intake

Lecture 34 TDEE Calculator

Lecture 35 How To Track Calories Correctly

Lecture 36 Finding Your Ideal Protein Intake

Lecture 37 Finding Your Ideal Carb Intake

Lecture 38 Finding Your Ideal Fat Intake

Lecture 39 What About The Remaining Calories

Lecture 40 Macronutrient Cheat Sheet

Lecture 41 Finding Your Ideal Meal Structure

Lecture 42 Quality Protein Sources

Lecture 43 The Best Carbohydrate Foods

Lecture 44 The Best Foods For Fat

Lecture 45 Downloadable Food List

Section 5: Adjusting Your Diet For Weigh Loss & Muscle Gains

Lecture 46 Adjusting Your Diet To Build Muscle

Lecture 47 Adjusting Your Diet To Lose Weight

Lecture 48 Cheat Days & Cheat Meals

Lecture 49 How To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Lecture 50 Post-Workout Shake

Lecture 51 Sample Diet Plan For Men

Lecture 52 Sample Diet Plan For Women

Section 6: Healthy Dieting

Lecture 53 Healthy Dieting Introduction

Lecture 54 Dieting Myth #1: Carbs Are Bad For You

Lecture 55 Dieting Myth #2: Fat Is Bad For You

Lecture 56 Dieting Myth #3: Protein Is Bad For You

Lecture 57 Dieting Myth #4: Eating Eggs Raises Cholesterol

Lecture 58 Dieting Myth # 5: Avoid Salt At All Cost

Lecture 59 Dieting Myth #6: Eat Several Small Meals To Boost Metabolism

Lecture 60 Dieting Myth #7: Diet Foods Lead To Fat Loss

Lecture 61 Dieting Myth #8: Red Meat Causes Cancer

Section 7: Common Dieting Trends Explained

Lecture 62 Common Diets Introduction

Lecture 63 Gluten Free Diet Explained

Lecture 64 Paleo Diet Explained

Lecture 65 Low Carb Explained

Lecture 66 Intermittent Fasting

Lecture 67 Vegan Diet Explained

Lecture 68 Ketogenic Diet Explained

Section 8: Micronutrients

Lecture 69 Micronutrients Introduction

Lecture 70 Vitamin A

Lecture 71 Vitamin B

Lecture 72 Vitamin C

Lecture 73 Vitamin D

Lecture 74 Vitamin E

Lecture 75 Vitamin K

Lecture 76 Calcium

Lecture 77 Magnesium

Lecture 78 Phosphorus

Lecture 79 Potassium

Lecture 80 Sodium

Lecture 81 Copper

Lecture 82 Iron

Lecture 83 Zinc

Lecture 84 Water

Section 9: More Dieting Tips & Strategies

Lecture 85 Even More Dieting Tips And Strategies

Lecture 86 Should Women & Men Diet Differently?

Lecture 87 What Is Nutrient Density?

Lecture 88 5 Best Supplements To Boost Immunity

Lecture 89 How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Lecture 90 How To Read A Nutrition Label

Lecture 91 How To Do Your Own Research

Section 10: Bonus Lessons On Muscle Growth

Lecture 92 Step-By-Step Muscle Building Formula

Lecture 93 Progressive Overload

Lecture 94 Step-By-Step Fat Loss Formula

Lecture 95 Bonus Lecture & Resources

Anyone wanting to learn the truth about dieting & meal planning,Anyone with an open mind towards dieting

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 4m | 1.35 GB
Created by: Felix Harder

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