Object Oriented PHP MVC

Build a custom object oriented PHP MVC framework and then build an application with it
Object Oriented PHP MVC
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Brad Traversy


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Object Oriented PHP MVC

What you’ll learn

Build a custom MVC Framework from absolute scratch
Build an application using your custom framework
Create a custom PDO class to handle database interactions
Complete user authentication using OOP & PDO
Deploy your custom PHP application

Object Oriented PHP MVC


You should know basic PHP & programming concepts


In this course we will go step by step to build a complete custom MVC (Model View Controller) framework Called TraversyMVC using object oriented PHP. We will build something similar to Codeigniter but much much lighter. This framework is completely open source and you are free to change the name, add stuff, etc and use it as your own. This framework will include…A core library class to load controllers & methods from the URL (Also using .htaccess)A base controller class to load models and viewsA custom database library using PDO for all models to interact with the database using prepared statementsNot only will we create the framework but we will build an application on top of it called SharePosts which will be somewhat of a social network to share posts. This application will include..Full user authenticationAccess control for postsServer side form validationBootstrap 4 UIPosts CRUDHelper functions (flash messaging & redirects)We will also be deploying the application to the InternetThis is not a beginner PHP course. You should already understand things like variables, arrays, loops, functions and all of the basics of the PHP language. It is ok if you do not understand OOP fully. Before we start the framework project, we will have a crash course on object-oriented programming with PHP, where you will learn about classes, methods, properties and more.To learn the basics, please check out the PHP Front To Back series on YouTube by Traversy Media


Section 1: Course Intro & Setup

Lecture 1 Welcome To The Course

Lecture 2 Project Files & Questions

Lecture 3 XAMPP Environment Setup

Section 2: Intro To OOP PHP

Lecture 4 About This Section

Lecture 5 What Is OOP?

Lecture 6 Classes, Properties & Methods

Lecture 7 The Constructor & Destructor

Lecture 8 Access Modifiers, Getters & Setters

Lecture 9 Class Inheritance

Lecture 10 Static Methods & Properties

Section 3: The Framework [Part 1] – The Core

Lecture 11 What Is MVC?

Lecture 12 Workflow Explanation

Lecture 13 Creating The Folder Structure

Lecture 14 Direct Everything Through index.php

Lecture 15 Bootstrap FIle & Core Class

Lecture 16 Loading The Controller From The URL

Lecture 17 Mapping Methods & Parameters

Section 4: The Framework [Part 2] – MVC Workflow

Lecture 18 Base Controller Class

Lecture 19 Loading Views

Lecture 20 Config File & Uploader

Lecture 21 Header & Footer Includes

Lecture 22 Aside – PDO Crash Course

Lecture 23 The Database Class – Part 1

Lecture 24 The Database Class – Part 2

Lecture 25 Clean Up

Section 5: The App [1] – Setup & User Authentication

Lecture 26 Initial App & Database Setup

Lecture 27 Pages, Bootstrap & Navbar

Lecture 28 Creating The Users Controller

Lecture 29 Register & Login Form Views

Lecture 30 Form Validation

Lecture 31 User Model & Email Check

Lecture 32 User Registration

Lecture 33 Custom Flash Messaging

Lecture 34 User Login

Lecture 35 User Session Data & Logout

Section 6: The App [2] – Posts Functionality

Lecture 36 Posts Controller

Lecture 37 Posts Access Control

Lecture 38 Post Model & Display

Lecture 39 Add Post Form

Lecture 40 Inserting Posts

Lecture 41 Post Show Details Page

Lecture 42 Editing Posts

Lecture 43 Deleting Posts

Section 7: App Deployment

Lecture 44 Deploying Our App

People wanting to learn advanced OOP PHP and MVC (Model View Controller)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 40m | 2.02 GB
Created by: Brad Traversy

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