Office 365Powershell for the Email Administrator

Manage Office 365 mailboxes on the cloud with PowerShell
Office 365Powershell for the Email Administrator
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Office 365Powershell for the Email Administrator

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course you will be able to use Powershell with confidence
Manage recipients with powershell
You will learn to go beyond what the Office 365 portal allows you to do in order to manage user’s mailboxes.
Create a simple script to login to Powershell
Manage mailbox permissions
Create shared mailboxes and shared calendars
many other useful PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange OnLine

Office 365Powershell for the Email Administrator


A prerequisite of this course is to have an Office 365 Administrator account
Basic understanding of Office 365 Exchange OnLine
Basic understanding of email
Basic understanding of PowerShell is useful but not necessarry


Do you need to manage Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes in the cloud? Need to do more than the Office 365 portal allows you to do? You heard of PowerShell but don’t know where to start? This is the course for you.
I once was where you are right now. I learned PowerShell for Exchange On-line and my life has been a lot better because of it.
In this course I will give you a quick introduction to PowerShell but will not go too deep into it.
Will give you tips to manage user’s mailboxes.
We will use PowerShell to:
list mailboxessearch mailboxesfind an email in a user mailboxremove email messages from a user mailbox or all mailboxes – useful to remove phishing, worm or virus emails received.will show you how to set permissions on folderscreate Shared MailboxCreate Shared Calendar and many others.

Come join me and lets have fun using PowerShell for Exchange On-line in Office 365.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 GUI vs PowerShell

Section 2: Login in to PowerShell

Lecture 3 login in to Powershell

Lecture 4 Disconnect from Powershell

Lecture 5 Looking at the transcript file

Section 3: Real Life management examples

Lecture 6 Using Attributes in PowerShell

Lecture 7 Set an Out of Office email notification for a user that has left the company.

Lecture 8 Give Permissions to a Shared Mailbox folder

Lecture 9 Give Permissions to a Shared Calendar

Lecture 10 Give users full permissions to a Mailbox

Lecture 11 Create a list of the members of a Distribution Group

Lecture 12 Create a list of the members of a Dynamic Distribution Group

Lecture 13 Get user mailbox statistics

Lecture 14 Find if mailbox has a rule

Lecture 15 Get a list of licensed and unlicensed users

Lecture 16 View output in Grid View

My target audience are Office 365 Exchange OnLine Administrators,Anyone that doesn’t know where to start using Powershell,Administrators that need to use Powershell to manage mailboxes

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 33m | 639.83 MB
Created by: Robert Mira

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