old Building AWS Basic Architecture for super beginners

This course is a legacy course. The UI of the AWS console in this course is an old version.
old Building AWS Basic Architecture for super beginners
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old Building AWS Basic Architecture for super beginners

What you’ll learn

Gain fundamental understanding of AWS.
Gain fundamental understanding of IT infrastructure.
Learn to build a common architectural configuration using AWS.
Learn to set up WORDPRESS site through AWS.

old Building AWS Basic Architecture for super beginners


Even total IT or AWS beginners can learn without needing prerequisite training or knowledge.


This course is a legacy course. The UI of the AWS console in this course is an old version.Through this Udemy course, complete beginners of both AWS and IT in general will learn how to implement practical IT infrastructure through AWS architecture configurations step by step. We will complete a working system building each piece together through lectures and demonstrations.This course was created with the aim of helping users build their own basic IT architecture using AWS, even for those with no knowledge of AWS and or of IT. In this course, even a super beginner will learn about AWS and be able to put it into practice, building a full-scale architecture configuration yourself[Learning steps of this course]1. You will gain a solid understanding of IT and infrastructure.2. Then you will learn the characteristics of AWS and the necessary services.3. Using AWS service, you will build your own full architecture online.[Outline of course contents]Cloud and AWS overviewLearn fundamental concepts of the cloud and AWS, the big picture of services and how they work.AWS setupLearn about the important tools required to use AWS, and prepare your own AWS account for building our architecture.Network and VPCYou will learn about VPCs and subnets within, which are services that we use to create a network area where our AWS services will be placed.Servers and EC2Starting with understanding the role of a server, you will learn how to set up your own server instance using AWS’ EC2. It is here we will launch our own web serverDomain settings and Route53Learn about domains, URLs and the role of the DNS server. Use AWS’ Route53 to actually register your own domain.RDS set upLearn the fundamentals of databases and SQL commands. The set up our own RDS as a WORDPRESS website database.Utilization of S3Configure S3 to act as storage for our WORDPRESS site content..Redundant configuration using ELB and Auto ScalingUse ELB and Auto Scaling to improve our WORDPRESS website’s configuration, creating a reliable redundant architectural configuration.Content distribution with CloudFront and ACMSet global content distribution using CloudFront, and learn about implementing secure HTTPS.communication with SSL / TLS certificates with ACM.Implementation of operation managementCheck the services used to manage the operation of your AWS services, and set up CloudWatch and billing management tools.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 AWS account registration

Lecture 3 Let’s build the first server on AWS!

Lecture 4 Delete EC2 instance

Lecture 5 Download text

Section 2: Overview of the Cloud and AWS

Lecture 6 What is AWS?

Lecture 7 What is the infrastructure?

Lecture 8 Significance of AWS

Lecture 9 Overview of AWS services 1

Lecture 10 Overview of AWS services 2

Lecture 11 Overview of AWS services 3

Lecture 12 Overview of AWS services 4

Lecture 13 Understanding Virtualization

Lecture 14 Cloud Basics

Lecture 15 AWS Global Infrastructure configuration

Lecture 16 AWS Fee Structure

Section 3: AWS Preparation

Lecture 17 AWS Tools

Lecture 18 AWS Management Console Operations

Lecture 19 AWS CLI

Lecture 20 IAM Basics

Lecture 21 Increase Authentication security 1

Lecture 22 Increase Authentication security 2

Lecture 23 Increase Authentication security 3

Lecture 24 Create an IAM user 1

Lecture 25 Create an IAM user 2

Lecture 26 Create an IAM user 3

Lecture 27 Set up CloudTrail 1

Lecture 28 Set up CloudTrail 2

Lecture 29 Set up a billing alarm 1

Lecture 30 Set up a billing alarm 2

Lecture 31 Set up a billing alarm 3

Section 4: Network and VPC

Lecture 32 System configuration

Lecture 33 Network basics

Lecture 34 IP Address basics

Lecture 35 Subnet mask and subnet

Lecture 36 VPC Basics

Lecture 37 Building a VPC 1

Lecture 38 Building a VPC 2

Lecture 39 Creating a Public Subnet 1

Lecture 40 Creating a Public Subnet 2

Lecture 41 Creating a Private Subnet 1

Lecture 42 Creating a Private Subnet 2

Lecture 43 Communication Protocol and OSI models

Lecture 44 Security groups and network ACLs

Lecture 45 Configure network ACLs 1

Lecture 46 Configure network ACLs 2

Section 5: Server and EC2

Lecture 47 Server basics

Lecture 48 EC2 Basics

Lecture 49 Launching EC2 Instance 1

Lecture 50 Launching EC2 Instance 2

Lecture 51 Public key authentication

Lecture 52 SSH basics

Lecture 53 Connecting to EC2 Instance 1

Lecture 54 [For Windows PC] Connecting to EC2 Instance 1

Lecture 55 [For Windows PC] Connecting to EC2 Instance 2

Lecture 56 [For MAC PC] Connecting to EC2 Instance

Lecture 57 Apache server Set up 1

Lecture 58 Apache server Set up 2

Lecture 59 MySQL server Set up 1

Lecture 60 MySQL server Set up 2

Lecture 61 MySQL server Set up 3

Lecture 62 MySQL server Set up 4

Lecture 63 MySQL server Set up 5

Lecture 64 MySQL server Set up 6

Lecture 65 LAMP Set up 3

Lecture 66 LAMP Set up 1

Lecture 67 LAMP Set up 2

Lecture 68 MySQL DB Set up 1

Lecture 69 MySQL DB Set up 2

Lecture 70 WORDPRESS Set up 1

Lecture 71 WORDPRESS Set up 2

Lecture 72 MySQL for WORDPRESS Set up 1

Lecture 73 MySQL for WORDPRESS Set up 2

Section 6: Domain configuration and Route53

Lecture 74 URLs and Domains

Lecture 75 Register your domain 1

Lecture 76 Register your domain 2

Lecture 77 DNS Name Resolution

Lecture 78 Route53 Basics

Lecture 79 Register domain to Route53 1

Lecture 80 Register domain to Route53 2

Section 7: Configure RDS

Lecture 81 AWS Architecture Design Principles

Lecture 82 Database Basics

Lecture 83 Relational Database Overview

Lecture 84 RDS Basics

Lecture 85 Build RDS MySQL 1

Lecture 86 Build RDS MySQL 2

Lecture 87 Build RDS MySQL 3

Lecture 88 Security Group setting in RDS 1

Lecture 89 Security Group setting in RDS 2

Lecture 90 Setting RDS to WordPress 1

Lecture 91 Setting RDS to WordPress 2

Lecture 92 Setting RDS to WordPress 3

Lecture 93 Setting RDS to WordPress 4

Section 8: Using S3

Lecture 94 Images delivery through S3

Lecture 95 S3 Basics

Lecture 96 Creating an S3 bucket 1

Lecture 97 Creating an S3 bucket 2

Lecture 98 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 1

Lecture 99 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 2

Lecture 100 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 3

Lecture 101 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 4

Lecture 102 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 5

Lecture 103 Setting S3 to WORDPRESS 6

Section 9: Redundant configuration with ELB and Auto Scaling

Lecture 104 RDS Multi AZ Configuration 1

Lecture 105 RDS Multi AZ Configuration 2

Lecture 106 ELB Basics

Lecture 107 ELB Set up 1

Lecture 108 ELB Set up 2

Lecture 109 ELB Set up 3

Lecture 110 ELB Set up 4

Lecture 111 ELB Set up 5

Lecture 112 Auto Scaling Basics

Lecture 113 Auto Scaling Set up 1

Lecture 114 Auto Scaling Set up 2

Lecture 115 Auto Scaling Set up 3

Lecture 116 Auto Scaling Set up 4

Section 10: CloudFront and ACM

Lecture 117 Image distribution by CloudFront

Lecture 118 ACM Certificates setting 1

Lecture 119 ACM Certificates setting 2

Lecture 120 CloudFront Basics

Lecture 121 CloudFront set up 1

Lecture 122 CloudFront set up 2

Lecture 123 CloudFront set up 3

Lecture 124 CloudFront set up 4

Section 11: Operational management

Lecture 125 AWS shared responsibility model

Lecture 126 AWS operations management Services

Lecture 127 CloudWatch Basics

Lecture 128 CloudWatch Metrics settings 1

Lecture 129 CloudWatch Metrics settings 2

Lecture 130 AWS security related services

Lecture 131 AWS Cost Management Services 1

Lecture 132 AWS Cost Management Services 2

Lecture 133 AWS Cost Management Services 3

Lecture 134 AWS Cost Management Services 4

Lecture 135 AWS Support System 1

Lecture 136 AWS Support System 2

Lecture 137 Delete AWS Service

Lecture 138 How to migrate to AWS?

Lecture 139 AWS Design pattern

Lecture 140 Hybrid Cloud

Lecture 141 Promoting DX by AWS

Those who want to learn about IT,Those who have begun learning AWS,Those who want to learn about IT infrastructure,Those who are engaged in IT-related industries

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Udemy | English | 11h 45m | 3.72 GB
Created by: Ethan.Tyler

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