Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs

Learn entrepreneurship basics to start your own business.
Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs
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Julie Medeiros


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Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs

What you’ll learn

Value-based marketing and how to build a value offer customers want to pay for.
Core marketing concepts and how they work in business, such as needs and wants, buyer behaviour, pricing approaches, product positioning, and more.
How to discover business opportunities and use our step-by-step guide to analyse competition and monetise your business ideas.
The art of selling through key marketing communications, and how they work in supporting selling messages.

Online Marketing Course For Young Entrepreneurs


No pre-requisites, except of learning interest to know how business works.


If your child is curious how business works, this marketing course is what they need to get solid business foundations.I’m Julie and for the past 17 years I’ve been working as a professional marketer, qualified by a Master’s degree, across global companies in Australia. When my first child was born, I started my own business and gathered plenty of experience through setting up the startup and scaling it to a successful online business.This course is ideal for children from 8 to 16 years old, and adults who want a simple, yet practical introduction to the marketing world. Students will learn key marketing concepts demonstrated through many everyday examples. Moreover, every lecture is followed by a real life example that shows how these concepts are applied in life by a real student who is starting her own business in Australia, following exactly the same process you’ll learn in the course.Practice tasks give many opportunities to apply the knowledge to practice, so students can work on their own business idea as they progress through the course.Nurture your child’s entrepreneurial interest and help them get a well-structured understanding of marketing, so they can confidently realise their business ideas.Thank you and enjoy the course!Note: The course is intended for purchase by adults who handle the enrolment and supervision of kids learning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About The Course

Lecture 2 Welcome!

Lecture 3 Disclaimer

Section 2: What is Marketing?

Lecture 4 Lecture

Lecture 5 Example

Lecture 6 Your Turn

Section 3: Understanding Customers

Lecture 7 Lecture

Lecture 8 Example

Lecture 9 Your Turn

Section 4: Competitors

Lecture 10 Lecture

Lecture 11 Example

Lecture 12 Your Turn

Section 5: Pricing Approaches

Lecture 13 Lecture

Lecture 14 Example

Lecture 15 Your Turn

Section 6: Seller Analysis

Lecture 16 Lecture

Lecture 17 Example

Lecture 18 Your Turn

Section 7: Building Value Offer

Lecture 19 Lecture

Lecture 20 Example

Lecture 21 Your Turn

Section 8: Marketing Communications

Lecture 22 Lecture

Lecture 23 Example

Lecture 24 Your Turn

The courses are designed for children 8+ with legal guardian or parental guidance.

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Udemy | English | 2h 46m | 900.11 MB
Created by: Julie Medeiros

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