OpenGL 46 Course Create photorealistic Volumetric Clouds

Learn Advanced Modern OpenGL 4.6 & C++ Ray Marching Volumetric Clouds
OpenGL 46 Course Create photorealistic Volumetric Clouds
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Stephanie Michaels


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OpenGL 46 Course Create photorealistic Volumetric Clouds

What you’ll learn

Real Time Volumetric Clouds – Ray Marching
Camera Controls
Editing Parameters
Obtaining Full Source Code of Volumetric Clouds

OpenGL 46 Course Create photorealistic Volumetric Clouds


OpenGL 4.6 Graphics Card


Real Time Volumetric Clouds made in Visual Studio 2019 using OpenGL 4.6Done with Ray Marching!Source Code provided by THE STEPHANIE MICHAELS SOFTWARE COMPANY.Clients who purchase this code may use it for your personal or commercial projects.PERFECT FOR:Flight Simulation Engines, Real Time Render Engines or any 3D game or Animation Software!FOR DEVELOPERS:Need some nice-looking realistic clouds for your custom flight simulation game? Get our source code, study it, and add it to your flight sim game! Why struggle doing it from scratch when you can get a premade sample and just modify it to your needs!!The demo shown in this video is exactly what is provided in the Visual Studio 2019 Solution.Just click the .sln file to launch the project and Run the demo.NAVIGATION W key to move forward. S key to move backward. Q key to move up. E key to move down. Click and drag the mouse to look around.*****FOR UDEMY STUDENTS*****We do not provide our Source Code anywhere but on our personal website. Our software is sold exclusively on the Stephanie Michaels Software Company website. What you do get on Udemy is a demonstration of what you will get when you purchase our Volumetric Clouds source code.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction To Volumetric Clouds In OpenGL 4.6

Section 2: Looking Through The Main.cpp of Volumetric Clouds

Lecture 2 Cloud.h and Main.cpp

Lecture 3 Texture.cpp and Buffers.cpp

Lecture 4 Horizon Zero Dawn implementation


Intermediate to Expert Graphics Programmers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 0h 34m | 505.08 MB
Created by: Stephanie Michaels

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