OPERA PMS Mastering Hotel Reservations

Mastering Hotel Reservations from Basic to Advanced
OPERA PMS Mastering Hotel Reservations
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OPERA PMS Mastering Hotel Reservations

What you’ll learn

New Reservations
Rate Query / Availability
Rate Functions
Rate Information
Additional Reservation Fields
Attach Additional Profiles
Save and Confirm Reservation
Search for Reservations
Wait List Reservation
Update a Reservation
Reservation Add On
Cancel a Reservation
Reinstate a Cancelled Reservation
Do Not Move Feature
Reservation Alerts
Reservation Traces
Reservation Messages
Change Name on Reservation
Group Block Reservations
Fixed Rates
Multiple Rates
Item Inventory
Add Item Inventory
Types of Routing
Routing for Direct Bill
Create a Share using a Profile
Create a Share for existing Reservation
Share Rate Options
Reservation Deposit
Cancellation Rules
Reservation Party Feature
Party Reservation

OPERA PMS Mastering Hotel Reservations


No prerequisites ( we will teach you everything you need to know)


Mastering Hotel Reservations (Basic-Advanced) is a course designed for learning how to create new reservations, check rates and availability, and understand rate function buttons. This course contains lessons on attaching multiple profiles to a reservation and generating confirmation letters. You will also learn how to search for, save and confirm reservations in addition to managing waitlist reservations. The following lessons are contained in this course:New ReservationsRate Query / AvailabilityRate FunctionsRate InformationAdditional Reservation FieldsAttach Additional ProfilesSave and Confirm ReservationSearch for ReservationsWait List ReservationThis course also designed for learning how to search, edit and copy existing reservations. This course contains lessons on creating and managing reservation messages, alerts and traces. You will also learn how to cancel reservations, reinstate reservations, prevent a room number from being unassigned from a reservation, and change the profile associated with a reservation.The following lessons are contained in this course:Update a ReservationReservation Add OnCancel a ReservationReinstate a Cancelled ReservationDo Not Move FeatureReservation AlertsReservation TracesReservation MessagesChange Name on ReservationThis course include an advanced reservation for learning how to create group block reservations, indicate a fixed rate for a reservation, and manage multiple rates on reservations. This course contains lessons on managing item inventory, setting up routing for direct bill reservations, and manage party reservations. You will also learn how to attach and manage deposit and cancellation rules.The following lessons are contained in this course:Group Block ReservationsFixed RatesMultiple RatesItem InventoryAdd Item InventoryTypes of RoutingRouting for Direct BillCreate a Share using a ProfileCreate a Share for existing ReservationShare Rate OptionsReservation DepositCancellation RulesReservation Party FeatureParty ReservationTo make it comprehensive and simple deep learning Course Mastering Hotel Reservations (Basic-Advanced) will only have 3 sections to make you learning more easily and not wasting your time because you can absorb the material quickly and efficient without making you confused. You will got very detail explanation with all example.Below are the course structure:Section 1 : Hotel Reservations 1Objectives Hotel Reservations 1Hotel Reservations 1Section 2 : Hotel Reservations 2Objectives Hotel Reservations 2Hotel Reservations 2Recap Hotel Reservations 2Section 3 : Knowledge CheckFinal Quiz


Section 1: Hotel Reservations 1

Lecture 1 Objectives Hotel Reservations 1

Lecture 2 Hotel Reservations 1

Section 2: Hotel Reservations 2

Lecture 3 Objectives Hotel Reservations 2

Lecture 4 Hotel Reservations 2

Lecture 5 Recap Hotel Reservations 2

Section 3: Knowledge Check

All individual who curious about Hotel Property Management System Software,Hotel management employee,All individuals aspiring to get into or already in the hotel/hospitality industry

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Created by: Eve Management

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