Operations Management AZ Business Processes and Systems

Operations Management: Supply Chain & Business Processes in Industry for Manufacturing and Services Organizations
Operations Management AZ Business Processes and Systems
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Laurence Gartside


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Operations Management AZ Business Processes and Systems

What you’ll learn

Become the operations management guru in your company! Combine core understanding with powerful tools and techniques
Gain a total overview of operations management for manufacturing and service businesses
Increase your profitability, improve delivery and use your resources more efficiently
Master the fundamentals of operations strategy, systems design and business management
An MBA style course on business process management (BPM)
Take practical actions on how to run and improve an operations business such as a factory, restaurant, or hospital department.
Organize and run your business more effectively and efficiently
Ideal for industrial / production / manufacturing organizations but also service and traditional business operations

Operations Management AZ Business Processes and Systems


Only a desire to improve your business operations!


Master the tools and principles of operations management to have and “impact” on your business’s operations – manufacturing, services, industrial operations and production.Equip yourself to take a leading role in your workplace – improving your processes, systems and business.Understand the fundamental challenges of all business operations and the core tools and essential approaches to design and improve them. Become the authority in your team on improving the operations systems in your businessThis MBA style course on Operations Management will prepare and empower you to make a real difference in your organization. “This” course focuses on your business’s “internal” operations. Check out my other course on Supply Chain Management.This course is for the new or aspiring manager, the ambitious engineer, high flying consultant, the hands-on planners and the practical business analysts. Business operations come in all shapes and sizes with a host of unique challenges; but the fundamentals of running successful and efficient operations all contain the same fundamentals. Without a grasp of these, no manager can apply the core principles or techniques of business operations management, strategy, design and improvement.Take control of your career and equip yourself to understand the real nature of business operations and how you can be the key to unlock their potential!Course Contents:Introduction to Operations Management Operations Strategy & StructureInventory ManagementForecasting DemandDemand and Capacity ManagementSales and Operations Planning (S&OP)Scheduling and PlanningMetrics / KPIs & Performance ManagementOperations ImprovementConclusionTurbo charge your career and your business! Join us today!


Section 1: 1. Introduction to Operations Management

Lecture 1 Cake Charity Chaos 1

Lecture 2 Cake Charity Chaos 2

Lecture 3 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 4 Much Obliged!

Lecture 5 What is Operations Management

Lecture 6 Inputs, Processes and Outputs

Lecture 7 A Simplified Operations / Manufacturing System

Lecture 8 Introduction to Operations Management – Summary

Section 2: Operations Strategy & Structure

Lecture 9 Operations Strategy – Introduction

Lecture 10 What is Operations Strategy?

Lecture 11 Relationship between Business and the Functions’ Strategy

Lecture 12 Operations Strategy – Big Picture

Lecture 13 Objectives of Operations: External and Internal

Lecture 14 Roses Are Red

Lecture 15 Big Strategic Decisions

Lecture 16 How to Compete, The sliding scale of choices, Kano

Lecture 17 The Kano Model: Relative Importance of Competitive Factors

Lecture 18 The 4Vs: The Dimensions of Operations

Lecture 19 Manufacturing / Operations Process Types: The Product Process Matrix

Lecture 20 Volume vs Variety – Process Characteristics

Lecture 21 Service Process Matrix

Lecture 22 Push-Pull : Operations Strategy Options

Lecture 23 Trade-Off Decisions

Lecture 24 Summary – Operations Strategy

Section 3: Inventory Management

Lecture 25 Inventory – Introduction

Lecture 26 What is Inventory?

Lecture 27 Types of Inventory

Lecture 28 Why do we Need Inventory?

Lecture 29 Costs of Inventory

Lecture 30 Basic Inventory Dynamics 1

Lecture 31 Basic Inventory Dynamics 2

Lecture 32 Summary – Inventory

Section 4: Forecasting Demand

Lecture 33 Forecasting – Introduction

Lecture 34 What is a Forecast?

Lecture 35 Why do we Need a Forecast?

Lecture 36 What Can Be Forecast?

Lecture 37 Forecasting Methods

Lecture 38 Forecasting – Summary

Section 5: Summary Test 1

Section 6: Demand & Capacity Management

Lecture 39 Demand & Capacity Management – Introduction

Lecture 40 Soggy Supply, Drenched in Demand (Waterfall / Cups Video)

Lecture 41 What is Demand Management?

Lecture 42 What is Capacity Management?

Lecture 43 Actual vs Theoretical Capacity

Lecture 44 Dangers of Balancing Capacity with Demand

Lecture 45 Causes of Variation in Demand and Capacity

Lecture 46 External Demand Management

Lecture 47 Internal Demand Management

Lecture 48 Milking It

Lecture 49 Changing Capacity: If & How

Lecture 50 Summary – Demand & Capacity Management

Section 7: Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Lecture 51 S&OP – Introduction

Lecture 52 What is Sales and Operations Planning? (S&OP)

Lecture 53 Wedding Planner Example

Lecture 54 Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Structure & MRP

Lecture 55 Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Overview

Lecture 56 Master Production Schedule – MPS

Lecture 57 Living on a Prayer – Blooper

Lecture 58 S&OP / MRP and Software Systems

Lecture 59 Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

Lecture 60 Summary – S&OP

Section 8: Scheduling & Planning

Lecture 61 Scheduling and Planning – Introduction

Lecture 62 What is Scheduling?

Lecture 63 What Do Schedulers Do?

Lecture 64 A Scheduling Scenario – Printer

Lecture 65 Scheduling Sequencing Options

Lecture 66 Scheduling Optimisation for Different Objectives

Lecture 67 Production Planning

Lecture 68 Planning / Volume Matrix

Lecture 69 Summary – Scheduling and Planning

Section 9: Metrics / KPIs

Lecture 70 Metrics / KPIs & Performance Management – Introduction

Lecture 71 What are Metrics / KPIs?

Lecture 72 Why do we need KPIs?

Lecture 73 Business Perspective of Organisational Performance

Lecture 74 Operations Perspective of Organisational Performance

Lecture 75 Essential Operations Metrics – Key Areas

Lecture 76 Good Metrics

Lecture 77 Summary – Metrics / KPIs & Performance Management

Section 10: Business Operations Improvement

Lecture 78 Performance Improvement – Introduction

Lecture 79 What is Operations Improvement?

Lecture 80 Types of Improvement: Continuous vs Breakthrough

Lecture 81 Improving Productivity & Efficiency

Lecture 82 Most improvement ideas should NOT be done

Lecture 83 Throughput, Inventory & Operating Expense

Lecture 84 What to Improve? : Sales Constrained or Operations Constrained

Lecture 85 What to Improve? – Sales Constrained & the Importance / performance Matrix

Lecture 86 What to Improve? – Operations Constrained

Lecture 87 Prioritization Matrix – Deciding Which Actions to Do

Lecture 88 Improvement Methodologies – Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management etc.

Lecture 89 Sushi Speed

Lecture 90 Summary – Business Operations Performance Improvement

Section 11: Summary Test 2

Section 12: CONCLUSION to Business Operations Management: Processes and Systems

Lecture 91 Wrap Up

Lecture 92 Conclusion


Lecture 93 What’s Next? – Further Reading

Lecture 94 Your Certificate – How to Download, Modify & Share it

Lecture 95 Bonus Lecture – My Other Courses & Connection

Absolute Beginners and New Managers,People who want to make a greater impact at work, improve things and get noticed,Managers, Consultants, Supervisors, Engineers, Planners & Analysts,,People working in Production, Manufacturing, Industrial Operations, Business Operations,Lean / Improvement Practitioners,Those who wish to become an authority in their workplace on business operations management

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Created by: Laurence Gartside

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