Options Trading Strategies for 9 to 5

Make passive income while you work your regular job
Options Trading Strategies for 9 to 5
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Willie Gray


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Options Trading Strategies for 9 to 5

What you’ll learn

Learn technical and fundamental trading strategies
Understand options trading and their components
Risk management and trading mentality
Implement these rules and Ideas to create profitable trading

Options Trading Strategies for 9 to 5


Small understanding of the stock market


This options trading course is designed to help you analyze the market to construct money making trades. The people at Wall Street are intelligent and cunning, but with this course you will be playing chess and not checkers. This course is for both beginners and intermediate traders and offers more insight to the physiology of trading than most other courses. It is designed to keep your risk management low and keep your profits running wild. You will be able to make trades comfortably and let the money work you while you work on advancing in your career. You will gain technical skills that will give you an edge on the market and risk management skills that will help you bounce back from an unfortunate event. Options trading strategies are extremely risky, but with this strategy you will have peace of mind throughout your entire trading journey. This trading strategy will help you tap into the mind of a successfully trader that only thinks in probabilities and no emotions. The math and examples are laid out for you to review and master the concepts. With only a 40 percent win rate you can still be profitable and the real work examples are in this trading course. Making trades on conviction and not on fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Options eBook

Lecture 2 Drawing Support and Resistance

Lecture 3 Golden Cross and Death Cross

Lecture 4 Options Basics

Lecture 5 Option Greeks

Lecture 6 Trading Patterns

Lecture 7 Options Fishing Part 1

Lecture 8 Options Fishing Part 2

Lecture 9 The Math of the Strategy

Lecture 10 Trading Mindset

Beginner and intermediate traders

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 16m | 2.65 GB
Created by: Willie Gray

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