Oracle 11g Dataguard Administration

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Oracle 11g Dataguard Administration
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Oracle 11g Dataguard Administration

What you’ll learn

Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases

Oracle 11g Dataguard Administration


Basic knowledge of Database Administration
Standard laptop / desktop for practicing course assignments
Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 8 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD Storage
Virtualization software VirtualBox – Create two machines
OEL 5.9 / 6.5 ISO image file to install Linux on Virtual Box


High availability is becoming very important to every business in the world. Customer demands are increasing day by day and 24/7 availability is what needed. As an Oracle DBA, implementation of high availability features is in high demand.
Master Oracle High Availability Setup using Oracle Data Guard Technology.
High availabilityTypes of standby databasesPhysical standby configurationTroubleshoot data guardActive data guard configuration
Oracle Data Guard is the most powerful skill a DBA can have!
Oracle Data Guard is a technology which helps you protect against planned and unplanned downtime. Master Oracle 11g Data Guard video course teaches you how to implement Oracle Data Guard in real time environment. The course briefly discuss about the need of Oracle Data Guard, Oracle High Availability and how to setup Oracle Data Guard. The course also explores Data Guard architecture, function, different types and more.
Course Content Overview
In over 18 lectures, the course covers implementation of Oracle Data Guard in your existing environment and troubleshoot Data Guard sync related issues.
Starting with the introduction to Oracle High Availability, this course will provide you foundation for types of Data Guard. With a very good foundation of Data Guard types, you will be able to establish a strong understanding of Oracle Site Failure Technology.
Further, the course will make you master in Physical standby configuration. You will understand production database changes, parameters for production database, cloning production database for standby, enabling data guard services and verifying your data guard setup.
Upon completion of the course, you will be able to even implement Active data guard from physical standby. With working files and scripts, you will be able to setup Data Guard configuration in your PCs.


Section 1: Introduction to Oracle High Availability

Lecture 1 Before you start

Lecture 2 Welcome to the course

Lecture 3 What is High Availability?

Lecture 4 Components of Oracle Data Guard

Lecture 5 Types of standby databases

Lecture 6 Data Guard important terms

Lecture 7 Data Guard recommendations

Section 2: Physical Standby Configuration

Lecture 8 Introduction to Physical Standby

Lecture 9 Why Physical Standby

Lecture 10 Physical Standby configuration overview

Lecture 11 Production server changes for Data Guard

Lecture 12 Parameter changes for production and standby server

Lecture 13 Clone production and create physical standby

Lecture 14 Starting Log Apply Service on Standby

Section 3: How to Troubleshoot Data Guard

Lecture 15 Troubleshoot Data Guard Configuration

Lecture 16 How to verify your Data Guard setup

Lecture 17 Shutdown and startup servers in Data Guard configuration

Lecture 18 Active Data Guard from Physical Standby

Lecture 19 Convert Physical Standby to Active Data Guard

Section 4: Summary

Lecture 20 Bonus Lecture: Oracle 11g to 12c DB upgrade with Data Guard and ASM

Anyone who would like to learn Oracle Data Guard Technology,On job people, who are looking to become expert in Oracle Data Guard,For students who completed – Oracle 11g Basic DBA course

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Created by: Arun Kumar

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