Oracle Database Architecture

Concepts of Oracle Database Architecture
Oracle Database Architecture
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Oracle Database Architecture

What you’ll learn

Understand the concepts of Oracle Database Architecture and Administration

Oracle Database Architecture


Good understand in working with SQL


In this course you will learn about the architectural components of Oracle Database. You will learn about the various Processes , Memory areas, Files that are involved in the Architecture of Oracle Database. This course will help you to get a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Oracle Database Architecture and will lay the foundation for skills on the job as a DBA and also help you in taking up the DBA certification.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Computing Architecture

Lecture 2 Oracle Database Architecture Overview

Lecture 3 Oracle Database and Instance Components

Lecture 4 Oracle Instance Components

Lecture 5 Oracle Database Files

Lecture 6 What is the Listener?

Lecture 7 SELECT STatement processing

Lecture 8 DML Statement Processing

Lecture 9 DDL Statement Processing

Lecture 10 Instance Recovery

Lecture 11 Redo Logs

Lecture 12 Concurrent Transactions

Lecture 13 Oracle Instance Startup

Lecture 14 Oracle Instance Shutdown

Lecture 15 Introduction to Real Application Clusters

Lecture 16 Crash Recovery in Oracle RAC

Lecture 17 How do applications Connect to the Database

Lecture 18 Shared Server Configuration

Lecture 19 Connection Pool

Lecture 20 Connection Pool Optimization

Lecture 21 Global Temporary Tables

Lecture 22 Physical and Logical Structures

Lecture 23 Different Types of Tablespaces

Lecture 24 Read Consistency – Introduction

Lecture 25 Read Consistency – Statement Level

Lecture 26 System Change Number (SCN)

Lecture 27 Read Consistency – Transaction Level

Lecture 28 What are Data Blocks?

Lecture 29 Structure of Data Blocks

Lecture 30 Structure of a Row

Lecture 31 Space Management

Lecture 32 ROWID

Lecture 33 User and Schema

Lecture 34 User Profiles

Anyone who would like to learn about Oracle Database Architecture

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