Oracle EBS Essentials Course Hands on in R1228

New Hands On Course for EBS Essentials in R12.2.8
Oracle EBS Essentials Course Hands on in R1228
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Caue Pinheiro


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Oracle EBS Essentials Course Hands on in R1228

What you’ll learn

Oracle EBS 12.2.8 Essential Functionalities
Navigating in Oracle EBS R12
Basic System Administration Functions
Creating Responsibilities and Menus
Running and Scheduling Concurrent Jobs
Fundamentals of Flexfields
Introduction to Role Base Access Control (RBAC)
Introduction to Multi Org Access Control (MOAC)
Introduction to Trading Community Architecture (TCA)
Introduction to Sub-ledger Accounting (SLA)
Introduction to Folder Functionality

Oracle EBS Essentials Course Hands on in R1228


Initial contact with Oracle ERP’s would be a nice to have


This course was created as a primary focus to introduce Oracle EBS 12.2.8 functionalities to new or experienced users and also provide a extensive overview for learners that are curious about Oracle EBS Essentials.Our chapters are divided as below:Navigating in Oracle R12;System Administration;Responsibilities and Menus;Running and Scheduling Concurrent Programs;Fundamentals of Flexfields;Introduction to Role Base Access Control (RBAC);Introduction to Multi-Org Access Control Structure;Introduction to Trading Community Architecture;Introduction to Subledger Accounting;Introduction to Folder Functionality;


Section 1: Introduction Section

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why should you take this course

Lecture 3 Oracle EBS to Cloud Comparison

Section 2: Navigating in Oracle R12

Lecture 4 Navigating in Oracle R12

Lecture 5 Oracle Functions – HTML and Forms Based

Lecture 6 Forms Navigation Introduction

Lecture 7 Top Ten List

Lecture 8 Menu Bar Navigation

Lecture 9 Menu Bar Navigation Continue

Lecture 10 Tool Bar Navigation

Lecture 11 Wild Card Queries

Lecture 12 Keyboard Shortcuts

Section 3: System Administration

Lecture 13 Create a new user

Lecture 14 Adding responsibilities to New User

Lecture 15 Creating your own employee in EBS

Lecture 16 Profile Options Introduction

Lecture 17 Profile Options Functionality

Lecture 18 Application Profile Options

Lecture 19 System Administrator Additional Functions

Section 4: Responsibilities and Menus

Lecture 20 Introduction to Responsibilities

Lecture 21 Menu Creation

Lecture 22 Responsibility Creation

Lecture 23 Menu and Function Exclusion

Lecture 24 Creating a View Only Responsibility

Section 5: Running and Scheduling Concurrent Programs

Lecture 25 How to access concurrent programs

Lecture 26 View Request Screen Explanation

Lecture 27 Scheduling Concurrent Programs

Lecture 28 Concurrent Programs that create data

Lecture 29 Request Set Functionality

Section 6: Fundamentals of Flexfields

Lecture 30 Different types of flexfields

Lecture 31 Segments in a Flexfield

Lecture 32 Adding values to your flexfield segment

Lecture 33 Descriptive Flexfield Introduction

Lecture 34 Context Values in Flexfields

Lecture 35 Dependent Value Set Creation

Section 7: Introduction to Role Base Access Control (RBAC)

Lecture 36 How to access Role Base Access Control Responsibility (User Management)

Lecture 37 How to create an Oracle Role

Lecture 38 Role Inheritance Functionality

Lecture 39 How to revoke a role from an user

Lecture 40 Proxy User Functionality

Section 8: Introduction to Multi-Org Access Control Structure (MOAC)

Lecture 41 Multi Org Access Control Concept

Lecture 42 How Org Structure Information can be found in EBS

Lecture 43 Creating your own security profile

Lecture 44 Associate Security Profile to Responsibility

Lecture 45 Oracle Reports behavior in a MOAC Responsibility

Section 9: Introduction to Trading Community Architecture (TCA)

Lecture 46 Introduction to Trading Community Architecture (TCA)

Lecture 47 Create a customer based on an existing Supplier

Lecture 48 Geography Hierarchy Functionality

Lecture 49 Address Style Flexfield and Geography Hierarchy

Lecture 50 Customer Site Address with Geography Hierarchy Validation

Lecture 51 Customer Merge Functionality

Section 10: Introduction to Subledger Accounting (SLA)

Lecture 52 Understand differences from 11i accounting and R12 accounting

Lecture 53 How to search for SLA functionality in subledgers

Lecture 54 Associate a Subledger Accounting Method to a Ledger

Lecture 55 Create your own subledger accounting method

Lecture 56 Event Classes in SLA

Lecture 57 Creating a new journal line description

Lecture 58 Associate new accounting method with Ledger

Lecture 59 Create an Account Derivation Rule (ADR)

Section 11: Introduction to Folder Functionality

Lecture 60 How to identify forms that allow folder functionality

Lecture 61 Create your own folder

Lecture 62 Folder creation continue

Lecture 63 Control folders using System Administrator

Begineer Oracle EBS Implementers,New or Experienced Oracle EBS Users

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Udemy | English | 10h 3m | 5.24 GB
Created by: Caue Pinheiro

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