Oracle Process Cloud PCS

Learn Oracle Process Cloud step by step with a lot of examples
Oracle Process Cloud PCS
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Oracle Process Cloud PCS

What you’ll learn

Desing your business workflows very quickly
Learn all the concepts of Process Cloud
Learn Process Cloud with lot of examples
Know how to connect external application in process
Define swimlanes and add user/groups in it

Oracle Process Cloud PCS


Having a little knowledge of workflows is good to have


This course is designed to teach you the Oracle Process Cloud end to end with a lot of examples. This course started with the introduction of the Process Cloud, its feature, and discussed various navigations of the Process Cloud.We developed various examples covering various Process patterns including Form Patterns, Message-Based Patterns, Form Approval Patterns, Decision Models, integrate REST/SOAP APIs.This course will help you to learn Oracle Process Cloud very quickly. After completing this course, you will be able to work with Oracle Process Cloud independently.The following topics are covered as part of this course:Overview of the Process CloudProvisioning Oracle Integration instanceUnderstanding and creating various ProcessesCreating WebformsCreate Decision Models and call them from ProcessConfigure Human TasksCustomize email notificationsDesign and Runtime administrationTrack your runtime instances and alter the flowAlso, this course will help you to clear your Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2021 Specialist (1Z0-1042 21) certification as there is a lot of questions that come from the Oracle Process Cloud.Following Process Cloud topics are covered in the certification:Explain how to develop business processesCreate Human Tasks and Web FormsManage Application DataCreate DecisionsCreate Business RulesIntegrate with Applications and ServicesEnjoy this course and keep posting your questions for any issues/concerns.


Section 1: Introduction of the Course

Lecture 1 Introducting the complete course agenda

Section 2: Introducing the Process Cloud along with it basic terminologies

Lecture 2 Introduction of the Oracle Process Cloud

Lecture 3 Composer vs Workspace in Oracle Process Cloud

Lecture 4 Understanding of Structured vs Dynamic process and Swimlanes

Lecture 5 Provision the Oracle Integration instance and various navigations of Process

Section 3: Start creating the various business processes and Webforms

Lecture 6 Creating your first Process application and space

Lecture 7 Creating a very first business process along with the Webform

Lecture 8 Create a Form approval process, desing a Webform and test it

Lecture 9 How to add new Swimlane to existing process and add Human task in it

Lecture 10 Creating a message based process, activate it on the process server and test

Lecture 11 Adding multipresentation layer on the Webform and use events on the Webforms

Lecture 12 Applying different events and create validations on Webform component

Section 4: Working with Human Task and configure various properties of it

Lecture 13 Enabling notifications and reminders in Human Task

Lecture 14 Set due date, priority, escalations and expiration in Human Task

Lecture 15 Configure various email options and customize email template

Lecture 16 Understanding and implementing approval hierarchy in Human Task

Lecture 17 Extract webform data and populate the email with data

Lecture 18 Assign tasks dynamically to users

Section 5: Integrating third party APIs , Integrations and implementing Decision Models

Lecture 19 Understanding the different types of Integration connectors

Lecture 20 Creating and calling REST connectors in Process Cloud

Lecture 21 Creating and calling SOAP connectors in Process Cloud

Lecture 22 Creating and calling Integration connectors in Process Cloud

Lecture 23 Populating Select List and Radio buttion using external APIs

Lecture 24 Understanding Decision Model and workflow to create DM

Lecture 25 Creating Decision Model and call it in Process

Lecture 26 Populate table component using external API

Lecture 27 Process REST APIs

Section 6: Understanding Business Objects and various Gateways in Process Cloud

Lecture 28 Understanding of the Business Objects in Process Cloud

Lecture 29 Creating Business Object and use them to create Webform

Lecture 30 Understanding of Gateways in Process Cloud

Lecture 31 Demonstration on Exclusive and Inclusive Gateways

Lecture 32 Demonstration on Parallel Gateway

Section 7: Integrating Oracle Content Management with Oracle Process Cloud

Lecture 33 Understanding the Integration between OCM and Process

Lecture 34 Configuring setting in Oracle Content and Oracle Process Cloud

Lecture 35 Managing documents using OCM of all the Process instances

Section 8: Adminstration tasks and activating your application on runtime engine

Lecture 36 Understanding of Snapshots and import/export applications

Lecture 37 Understanding of Desing time administration tasks

Lecture 38 Understanding of Runtme administration tasks

Lecture 39 Activate process application and assign users/groups to application roles

Lecture 40 Monitoring and Tracking Process instances

Workflow developers,Anyone who would like to work with Process Cloud

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 58m | 2.55 GB
Created by: Ankur Jain

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