Oracle Solaris 11 Administration and Sun Cluster Practical

Learning Oracle Cloud Operating System Solaris 11.4 And Setup LAB for Oracle SUN CLUSTER 4.4 on Oracle Virtual Box
Oracle Solaris 11 Administration and Sun Cluster Practical
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Oracle Solaris 11 Administration and Sun Cluster Practical

What you’ll learn

After taking course students are able to do basic to advance administration like setup locally SUN CLUSTER environment and much more

Oracle Solaris 11 Administration and Sun Cluster Practical


Who knows little about Oracle Solaris operating system and knows about Oracle virtual Box


Oracle Solaris is the trusted business platform that you depend on. Oracle Solaris 11 gives you consistent compatibility, is simple to use, and is designed to always be secure.Oracle Solaris is engineered for cloud security at every level. Anti malware protection extends from hypervisor to application. You can lock down systems and virtual machines, while Silicon Secured Memory seamlessly prevents common security attacks such as buffer over-reads and overwrites. This course divided into two parts.Part -1 Basic Solaris administrations Including installing Solaris 11, the Image Packaging System, administering Oracle Solaris Zones, the ZFS file system, networking, controlling access to systems and files, and managing users and resource management and finally demo on ZFS storage appliance.IntroductionBasic Solaris AdministrationSetup IPS and boot environmentsOverview of IPMP(IP Multi-Pathing) Hands-onConfiguring a Link based IPMP on Solaris 11(ACTIVE-ACTIVE)Configuring a Link based IPMP on Solaris 11(Active/Passive)Configuring a Probe based IPMP on Solaris 11(A-A)Configuring a Probe based IPMP on Solaris 11Soalris ZFS File SystemResource Management in Solaris 11Solaris ZoningPart-2  Oracle Sun Cluster LAB SETUP on Oracle virtual BoxIn this part of course we are going to covering Sun cluster setup on virtual box step by step including/ –       How to setup virtual box for sun cluster environment –       How to install solaris 11.4 –       How to download IPS and install –       How to download SUN CLUSTER IPS and configure on Solaris-       How to clone Virtual machine.-       How to setup network configuration for cluster –      How to install cluster on both nodes-       How to use SCINSTALL-       How to add shared disks to VMs-       How to add quoram to both nodes-       Verification to add HA storage resource


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Basic Solaris Administration

Lecture 2 How to download Virtual box and Solaris 11

Lecture 3 How to setup virtual box with Solaris 11

Lecture 4 How to install Solaris 11

Lecture 5 How to configure an IP address in Solaris 11

Lecture 6 How to change HostName in Solaris 11

Lecture 7 How to enable ssh login for root user after a fresh install

Lecture 8 How to setup session idle timeout for ssh

Lecture 9 How to boot from DVD to single user mode

Lecture 10 How to identify the HBA cards/ports and WWN in Solaris

Lecture 11 How to include date and timestamp in bash shell command history

Lecture 12 Understanding the sysconfig utility in Solaris 11

Lecture 13 Oracle Solaris 11 Cheat Sheet General Administration from Oracle

Section 3: Setup IPS and boot environments

Lecture 14 Creating IPS repository

Lecture 15 Managing software Packages

Lecture 16 IPS Boot Environments in Solaris 11

Section 4: SOLARIS: IPMP basics/configuring an IPMP group on Solaris 11

Lecture 17 Overview IPMP?

Lecture 18 Configuring a Link based IPMP on Solaris 11(ACTIVE-ACTIVE)

Lecture 19 Configuring a Link based IPMP on Solaris 11(Active/Passive)

Lecture 20 Configuring a Probe based IPMP on Solaris 11(A-A)

Lecture 21 Configuring a Probe based IPMP on Solaris 11(A-P)

Section 5: Soalris ZFS File System

Lecture 22 Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS File System

Lecture 23 How to install a Virtual ZFS appliance

Section 6: Resource Management in Solaris 11

Lecture 24 Dynamic Resource pools

Lecture 25 Capped CPU

Lecture 26 CPU shares using FSS

Lecture 27 Dedicated CPU

Lecture 28 Testing the CPU resource Allocation

Lecture 29 How to Configure IPMP – Probe-Based

Section 7: Solaris Zoning

Lecture 30 How to create Zone in Solaris 11

Lecture 31 How to install Zone

Lecture 32 Booting Solaris Zone

Section 8: Prepare Sun cluster environment

Lecture 33 Download Sun cluster software and install Solaris 11.4

Lecture 34 How to download IPS and install

Section 9: Basic Cluster Configuration requirements and cloning second NODE

Lecture 35 How to set network config and install cluster software and clone second node

Section 10: Cluster install and Configuration

Lecture 36 Network interfaces configuration for both Nodes

Lecture 37 Create and Configure two nodes cluster SCINSTALL

Lecture 38 How to add shared disks add Quoram to VMs

Section 11: Cluster verification

Lecture 39 Verification to add HA storage resource

Section 12: Solaris 11 Operations Guide on sparc

Lecture 40 Installing Oracle Solaris 11 step by step

Lecture 41 Changing the Root Pool Configuration

Lecture 42 Configuring the Network

Lecture 43 Creating and Registering a Local Repository

Lecture 44 Operating and Utilizing a Boot Environment

Solaris System Administration,Database Administrator

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