Oracle Unified Directory OUD Administration

Install, Configure, Manage & Integrate
Oracle Unified Directory OUD Administration
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Oracle Unified Directory OUD Administration

What you’ll learn

After completing this course you will be able to do configure OUD instances as directory servers, proxy, replication servers and replication gateways. you will be able to Managing Users & Groups in OUD like ldif, makeldif, bulkload. Manage the OUD Schema Object Class & Attributes. Password Policies and Backup & Recovery

Oracle Unified Directory OUD Administration


Knowledge of basic LDAP concepts, Knowledge of WebLogic Server concepts, Knowledge of basic user level Unix commands, Basic knowledge of AD and OID


Today applications, whether on Internet or Intranet, on the cloud or in premises must be able to authenticate and authorize users access along with high level of security and virtualisation.As per current market scenario, there are lots of vendors available who are providing fragmented tools and components to achieve tasks such as storing objects, accessing, synchronizing, virtualizing but not as one unified solution.OUD is preferred over OID or ODSEE and integrated with almost every Oracle product like Oracle EBS (R12) Financial, Database for EUS, Fusion Middleware like SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter or Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (MS-AD).Today there are lots of IAM Jobs but not good enough good resources who understand Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2 as this is one of the most important Oracle Fusion Middleware Application


Section 1: Architecture and File System

Lecture 1 OUD Concept Course

Lecture 2 IDAM Overview

Lecture 3 ODS OUD Overview

Lecture 4 LDAP Overview

Lecture 5 OUD Components

Lecture 6 OUD Replication Proxy

Lecture 7 OUD Integration Use Case

Section 2: Install & Configure

Lecture 8 OUD/ODSM Install & Configure Overview

Lecture 9 Install/Configure OUD in Detail

Lecture 10 Hands-On OUD Install/Configure on Server

Lecture 11 Install ODSM, WLS, ADR

Lecture 12 Hands-On ODSM Install/Configure on Server

Section 3: Directory Structure

Lecture 13 OUD & ODSM File System & Homes

Lecture 14 OUD Instance: Log, Config & JDB

Lecture 15 ODSM Domain: Log & Config

Section 4: Start/Stop OUD/ODSM

Lecture 16 Start/Stop OUD

Lecture 17 Start/Stop ODSM

Section 5: Consoles in OUD : ODSM, WLS, EM

Lecture 18 ODSM Console

Lecture 19 WebLogic & EM Console

Section 6: Managing Users & Groups

Lecture 20 Users in OUD : Root (Administrative) User & dsconfig

Lecture 21 Normal Users in OUD: ldif, makeldif, bulkload

Lecture 22 Manage Account/Users: Enable/Disable

Lecture 23 Password Change & LDAP Commands

Lecture 24 Groups in OUD: Static, Dynamic, Virtual, Nested

Section 7: OUD Schema: Object Class & Attributes

Lecture 25 Machine Rules

Lecture 26 Attribute Syntaxes

Lecture 27 Attribute Types

Lecture 28 Object Classes

Section 8: Managing Password Policies

Lecture 29 Password Policy Overview

Lecture 30 Password Policy Validators

Lecture 31 Password Policy Generators & Manage Policy

Lecture 32 Password Policy Subentry

Section 9: Backup & Recovery

Lecture 33 Backup & Recovery Overview

Lecture 34 Backend Store & Config : Tools

Lecture 35 Cold Backup/Recovery & Wrap Up

If you are a Support Engineer, Technical Administrator, Security Administrators or Web Administrator then you should take this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 49m | 5.00 GB
Created by: Atul Kumar

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