Order Flow Trading Time And Sales Tape Reading

Learn To Trade The Tape
Order Flow Trading Time And Sales Tape Reading
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Order Flow Trading Time And Sales Tape Reading

What you’ll learn

How To Set Up Your Time And Sales
Learn How To Interpret The Time And Sales
Understand All Concepts Surrounding The Time And Sales
Identify Order Types

Order Flow Trading Time And Sales Tape Reading


A Passion For Trading


As a trader I have had an amazing journey and learned many things, some of them life changing. I can safely say one of the most impacting things I learned that made me a better trader was order flow, specifically learning to read the tape or time and sales. In this course, I will teach you how to read the tape/time and sales. I will bring my more than 15 years of trading experience to the table to give you a very in depth look into the tools, knowledge and nuisances to reading the time and sales. It will be the best decision you ever made in your trading career. I like to think trading isn’t difficult. It is largely a battle with ourselves. The fight with your own reptilian brain. It is because of this I have created all the courses on Udemy to help you defeat yourself with the most accurate knowledge possible. It’s the best I can do. In this course you will learnHow to read a time and salesIdentifying order types on the tape and their impactDevelop trading techniques based on your tape reading knowledgeHow to identify support and resistance on the TapeAnd much more….Please don’t forget to join the Discord Q and A in the resource section of the Introduction module. Enjoy!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Main Course

Lecture 2 Lecture 1

Lecture 3 Lecture 2

Lecture 4 Lecture 3

Lecture 5 Lecture 4

Lecture 6 Bonus Lecture

Beginners and Intermediate traders

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