Order to Cash O2C Receivables DSO guide Expert

O2C end to end Overview for every business finance team (All Levels). Practice Test – 68 Q&A to Test your knowledge.
Order to Cash O2C Receivables DSO guide Expert
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Order to Cash O2C Receivables DSO guide Expert

What you’ll learn

Good overview of the Order to Cash End to end process
Understand all the key concepts of O2C, Accounts Receivables and the impact it has on operations
Master the factors which impact Accounts Receivables, DSO and steps to improve the DSO and gain expertise in collections and working capital management.
Awareness of the lesser known components which can swing the DSO.
Acquire a fair idea of the roles and responsibilities in each of the teams.
Become proficient in accounting journal entries
Learn the importance of Credit risk assessment, Factoring and Escheatment process.
You will be considered as a subject matter expert and become a valuable resource in Order to Cash team for any organization
BONUS – A downloadable PDF comprising of Accounting Journal Entries – A simple compilation

Order to Cash O2C Receivables DSO guide Expert


This course is designed in a simple layman language and anyone who doesn’t have prior knowledge also can understand the basic concepts


Be an expert in O2C. Updated in Feb 2023.New Section 11 added to test your knowledge – 68 questions added as part of O2C practice test. Welcome to the world of Order to Cash. We will make an honest effort to cover all relevant topics in the Order to Cash cycle.DSO made simpler for you: Factors impacting DSO, Why DSO swings and How you can make a difference in the overall working capital management.” The best course to understand the dynamics of AR and DSO””Process -> Levers -> Collections ->Working Capital -> DSO ” This course will be covered at multiple levels :High level O2C Process with 6 major groups3 subgroups explained under each of the groups andDeep dive into each of the subgroups and activities (with few practical examples and explanations)This course will provide an overview of the following conceptsOrder Management – Prospect becoming a Customer,Order fulfillment – Delivery of goods or services and post fulfilment,Invoicing, Invoice generation and Invoice circulation,Revenue including Deferred Revenue and Unbilled Revenue,Discounts and types of discountsAccounts receivables – Collection follow up strategy, Dunning process,  Payment accounting, Cash application, Credit handling, BRS, Factors impacting DSO, Allowance for doubtful debts etc.Reporting of Revenue and Receivables – Analysis and Business insights , Visual dashboards Special topics like Customer, Credit rating, DSO Swings , Escheatment process, Factoring, etc.Few Interview Questions specific to Order to Cash Accounting Journal entries pertaining to end to end process useful for aspiring SAP professionals.You can take up this course to understand some of the concepts and controls in O2C more specifically Accounts receivables and DSO, to perform better in your current role.This course is relevant for all stages of your career – beginner, mid-level or senior levels.This course is designed in a simple layman language and anyone who doesn’t have prior knowledge also can understand the basic conceptsThis course can also be used for induction training for any levels


Section 1: Order to Cash

Lecture 1 Order to Cash – Process Overview

Section 2: Order to cash – Order Management

Lecture 2 Order Management – Introduction

Lecture 3 Order Management – Opportunity

Lecture 4 Order Management – Credit rating

Lecture 5 Order Management – Contracts

Lecture 6 Order Management – A day in order management team

Section 3: Order to Cash – Order Fulfilment

Lecture 7 Order Fulfilment – Introduction

Lecture 8 Order Fulfilment – Goods

Lecture 9 Order Fulfilment – Services

Lecture 10 Order Fulfilment – Post Fulfilment

Lecture 11 Order Fulfilment – A day in Order Fulfilment team

Section 4: Order to Cash – Invoicing

Lecture 12 Invoicing – Introduction

Lecture 13 Invoicing – Master set-up

Lecture 14 Invoicing – Illustration on Revenue

Lecture 15 Invoicing – Illustration on Discounts

Lecture 16 Invoicing – Invoice Generation and Submissions

Lecture 17 Invoicing – A day in Invoicing team

Section 5: Order to Cash – Collection Follow-up

Lecture 18 Collection Follow-up – Introduction

Lecture 19 Collection Follow-up – Accounts Receivables

Lecture 20 Collection Follow-up – Illustration on Accounts Receivables

Lecture 21 Collection Follow-up – Follow-up Strategy

Lecture 22 Collection Follow-up – Illustration on Dunning letters

Lecture 23 Collection Follow-up – Collection Forecasting

Lecture 24 Collection Follow-up – A day in Collection Follow-up team

Section 6: Order to Cash – Payment Accounting

Lecture 25 Payment Accounting – Introduction

Lecture 26 Payment Accounting – Cash Application

Lecture 27 Payment Accounting – Credits

Lecture 28 Payment Accounting – Illustration on Credits

Lecture 29 Payment Accounting – BRS Open items

Lecture 30 Payment Accounting – A day in Payment Accounting team

Section 7: Order to Cash – Reporting

Lecture 31 Reporting – Introduction

Lecture 32 Reporting – Revenue & Receivables

Lecture 33 Reporting – Provision for Doubtful Debts with Illustration

Lecture 34 Reporting – DSO with Illustration

Lecture 35 Reporting – Visual Dashboards

Lecture 36 Reporting – A day in Reporting team

Section 8: Order to Cash – Accounting Journal Entries

Lecture 37 Order to Cash – Accounting Journal Entries

Section 9: Order to Cash – Factors impacting DSO

Lecture 38 DSO Impact – Contractual Documentation

Lecture 39 DSO Impact – Payment Terms

Lecture 40 DSO Impact – Invoice generation frequency

Lecture 41 DSO Impact – Invoice Submissions

Lecture 42 DSO Impact – Payment Mode

Section 10: Order to Cash – DSO Swing – Illustrations

Lecture 43 DSO Swing – Introduction

Lecture 44 DSO Swing – Revenue skewed in a month – Illustration

Lecture 45 DSO Swing – Quarter end Acquisitions – Illustration

Lecture 46 DSO Swing – Revenue growth in High Pay terms – Illustration

Lecture 47 DSO Swing – Aged AR collection & PDD – Illustration

Lecture 48 DSO Swing – Unmapped Credits & PDD – Illustration

Section 11: Test your knowledge – Practice Section

Section 12: Bonus – Interview Questions (IQ)

Lecture 49 IQ – Explain end to end process of O2C

Lecture 50 IQ – How would you improve collections ?

Lecture 51 IQ – Early collection alternatives or options?

Lecture 52 IQ – Internal Controls

Section 13: Accounting Journal Entries – A simple compilation

Lecture 53 Accounting Journal Entries

All Finance professionals who want to make a career in Order to Cash (O2C) Process,All Finance professionals who want to effectively manage Accounts receivables, Collections, DSO etc,All Finance professionals who want to learn the tricks of improving collections and reducing DSO,This course is relevant for all stages of your career – beginner, mid-level or senior levels.

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Udemy | English | 1h 57m | 318.30 MB
Created by: Sonu Thomas

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