OSINT OpenSource Intelligence Level 2

For hackers, investigators, and everyone else
OSINT OpenSource Intelligence Level 2
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OSINT OpenSource Intelligence Level 2

What you’ll learn

In this course students will learn more advance OSINT techniques, learn about social engineering to aid in OSINT investigations and more

OSINT OpenSource Intelligence Level 2


A basic understanding of OSINT and techniques or students from my previous OSINT course.


In this course we will be continuing our learning and understanding of OSINT. If you took my previous course ( OSINT: Open-Source Intelligence For hackers, investigators, and everyone else) then this will be a continuation from that. In this course we continue learning about additional tools along with the how and why. We create burner accounts for OSINT, criminal background checks, vehicle lookups, using Linux for OSINT, and much more. There is a growing need for OSINT skills as there is a increase in cyber crime, fraud, misinformation, disinformation campaigns, etc. This course is ideal for hackers, pentesters, investigators, HR, and everyone else. I appreciate that you are taking a look and hopefully joining this course. I work hard to provide great content and support. Feel free to check out my original OSINT course if you haven’t already and preview the videos and read the reviews. This course is built and expands your knowledge from the previous OSINT 1 course as we dive deeper into the amazing world of OSINT (Open source intelligence) as we continue our journey.before, during and even after you take the course I will do my best to help you out with any questions that you have.Happy hunting!FYI, a reminder: I not anyone that is a part of DGS has any affiliation with any of the vendors, software manufactures, or programmers in this course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Disclaimer

Lecture 3 About me

Section 2: Setting up our virtual machine with Virtualbox

Lecture 4 TraceLabs Linux

Lecture 5 TraceLabs Linux tour

Section 3: Checklist

Lecture 6 Fast checklist

Lecture 7 OSINT cycle

Section 4: Website crawling tools

Lecture 8 Dmitry

Lecture 9 Dig (Domain Information Groper)

Lecture 10 The Harvester

Lecture 11 wget

Lecture 12 BONUS: Dnslytics.com

Lecture 13 URL Scan IO

Lecture 14 Domain Codex and Securitytrails

Section 5: Social engineering

Lecture 15 About social engineering and OSINT

Lecture 16 Grabify

Lecture 17 Tracking using a Visa gift card

Lecture 18 Email spoofing

Section 6: Home ownership

Lecture 19 Finding who owns a home

Lecture 20 Redfin and Zillow

Section 7: Encryption

Lecture 21 Sharedrop file transfer

Lecture 22 Veracrypt

Lecture 23 Hashed passwords

Lecture 24 Keyloggers & Keepass

Section 8: Canary tokens

Lecture 25 Canary tokens

Lecture 26 Canary token embedded

Section 9: Nmap/Zenmap

Lecture 27 Nmap & Zenmap

Section 10: Checking usernames

Lecture 28 https://knowem.com

Lecture 29 Pipl pro

Section 11: Search code

Lecture 30 Code searching

Lecture 31 https://manalyzer.org/

Section 12: VPN

Lecture 32 VPN and DNSLEAKTEST

Lecture 33 Exonera Tor

Section 13: Criminal checks

Lecture 34 Criminal background checks

Lecture 35 Sex offender check

Lecture 36 https://www.crimereports.com/

Lecture 37 https://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/

Lecture 38 Hotgunz

Section 14: Additional Twitter tools

Lecture 39 botcheck.me

Lecture 40 Botometer

Lecture 41 Twayback

Lecture 42 Twint

Lecture 43 Spoonbill

Section 15: Additional Facebook tools

Lecture 44 Stalkface

Lecture 45 Who posted what?

Section 16: Reddit

Lecture 46 Un delete Reddit comments

Section 17: Instagram

Lecture 47 Instagram User search

Lecture 48 Instaloader

Lecture 49 Download Instagram videos

Section 18: Plagiarism check

Lecture 50 Plagiarism checker

Section 19: Sock puppets

Lecture 51 Sock puppets revisited

Lecture 52 This person does not exist

Lecture 53 Data fake generator

Section 20: Dating

Lecture 54 https://ashley.cynic.al/

Lecture 55 Tinder

Lecture 56 Pimeyes

Lecture 57 Scamdigger

Lecture 58 Bonus: Dating OSINT Tips

Section 21: Other people search

Lecture 59 https://xlek.com/

Lecture 60 https://www.findagrave.com/

Lecture 61 Ancestery grave search

Lecture 62 IntelligenceX

Lecture 63 Holehe

Lecture 64 FamilyTree Now

Lecture 65 Vemo-OSINT

Lecture 66 State Farm

Section 22: Politics

Lecture 67 https://voterrecords.com/

Lecture 68 Political donations

Lecture 69 Bonus: OpenSecrets

Lecture 70 politwoops.eu/countries

Section 23: Business

Lecture 71 Better Business Bureau

Lecture 72 BBB scam tracker

Lecture 73 Business lookup

Lecture 74 Glassdoor

Lecture 75 Bonus: OpenCorporates

Lecture 76 Bonus: Security and Exchange Commision

Lecture 77 Clustrmaps

Section 24: Bitcoin

Lecture 78 Bitcoin Whos Who

Lecture 79 Bitref

Section 25: Vehicle

Lecture 80 Infotracer

Lecture 81 Carfax

Lecture 82 Auto Lookup

Lecture 83 Find by plate

Lecture 84 carnet.ai

Lecture 85 Car sticker OSINT

Section 26: Darkweb

Lecture 86 Darkdump

Lecture 87 https://onionlandsearchengine.com/

Lecture 88 http://hiddenwikitor.com/

Lecture 89 Distributed denial of secrets

Lecture 90 Hunchley

Lecture 91 8 Chan (now 8kun)

Section 27: Images

Lecture 92 Social Catfish Reverse Image

Lecture 93 Remove Background

Lecture 94 Image enhancement

Lecture 95 Same person?

Section 28: Investigation

Lecture 96 Email OSINT

Lecture 97 Name OSINT

Lecture 98 Business

Section 29: Identifying and dealing with misinformation

Lecture 99 Misinformation introduction

Lecture 100 Bonus: Using social media to track the Capitol riots

Section 30: In closing and bonuses

Lecture 101 In closing

Lecture 102 Links

Lecture 103 OSINT and AI

Lecture 104 Bonus: OBS for recording your investigations

Anyone that wishes to continue learning OSINT, investigators, network security professionals, or OSINT investigators that wish to build off of their basic/novice skillset.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 58m | 3.93 GB
Created by: Jeff M

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