Overview of Informatica Data Director IDD

Informatica Data Direction Application configuration & usage , Integration with Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)
Overview of Informatica Data Director IDD
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Overview of Informatica Data Director IDD

What you’ll learn

IDD Subject Area Basics
Detailed view of IDD Configuration Manager
Create Subject Area, Subject Area Child and Grand Child
Detailed view of IDD Application
Configure Internationalization
Understanding Properties files

Overview of Informatica Data Director IDD


Basic understanding of MDM Hub
Understanding of Data Modeling concepts
Installation of Chrome or IE and SQL developer
Installation of Informatica MDM hub
Optional – Core Java knowledge


The overview of the Informatica Master Data Director course is for beginners who would like to start their career as MDM Developer or IDD Developer. The course focuses on various features of Informatica Data Director and how to configure it in simple steps.At the end of this course, you should be able to -Access Data Director Configuration Manager, IDD ApplicationUnderstand IDD Concepts – Subject Areas and Subject Area GroupsPerform ORS BindingConfigure Subject Areas and Subject GroupsConfigure children and Grand ChildrenConfigure Cleansing and ValidationsSearch records using IDD ApplicationCreate basic and advanced searchesCreate and Update EntitiesExport and Import IDD ApplicationUnderstand configuration files


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview of an Informatica Data Director

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Section 2: IDD Basic Concepts

Lecture 3 IDD Configuration Manager and IDD Application

Lecture 4 Subject Areas and Subject Area Groups

Lecture 5 IDD and MDM Hub

Section 3: IDD Configuration

Lecture 6 Understanding IDD Confugration Manager

Lecture 7 Create and Bind an IDD Application

Lecture 8 Configure Subject Area Group

Lecture 9 Configure Subject Area

Lecture 10 Subject Area Child Relationships

Lecture 11 Configure Subject Area Children

Lecture 12 Subject Area Grandchild Relationships

Lecture 13 Configure Subject Area Grand Children

Section 4: IDD Deployment

Lecture 14 Save and Validate Application

Lecture 15 Deployment States of an IDD Application

Lecture 16 IDD Configuration Files

Section 5: Overview of an IDD Application

Lecture 17 Launching the IDD Application

Lecture 18 Configure Basic Search

Lecture 19 Configure Case Insensitive Search

Lecture 20 Import and Export Queries

Lecture 21 Export and Import IDD Configuration

Section 6: Configuration of Features of an IDD Application

Lecture 22 Configure Cleanse

Lecture 23 Match and Duplicate Searches

Section 7: IDD Application Overview

Lecture 24 Search records

Lecture 25 Add new record using IDD Application

Lecture 26 Update existing record using IDD Application

Lecture 27 Explore XREF, History and Match section

Lecture 28 Merge Records

Lecture 29 Unmerge

Section 8: IDD Customization

Lecture 30 Validation

Lecture 31 Email and Web link configuration

Lecture 32 Lookup Configuration

Lecture 33 Data Masking

Section 9: Manual IDD Configuration

Lecture 34 Change Label Name

Lecture 35 Checkbox configuration

Lecture 36 Date Format Configuration

Lecture 37 External Link configuration

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 38 Thank you!

Anyone who would like to learn MDM applications and pursue career as MDM Developer

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Udemy | English | 3h 20m | 1.05 GB
Created by: Sandip M

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