Paint like Bob Ross digitally

Learn to paint like Bob Ross on your tablet or PC
Paint like Bob Ross digitally
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Paint like Bob Ross digitally

What you’ll learn

How to paint like Bob Ross but digitally

Paint like Bob Ross digitally


Paintstorm $20
A drawing tablet


Hi, welcome to Paint Like Bob Ross Digitally, where you will learn how to paint full landscape paintings that look and feel like a Bob Ross painting. I’m Neil Fontaine, a professional painter both digitally and traditionally with over 60,000 happy students.I will teach you the basics of Paint Storm and my free Bob Ross Brushes, plus all the techniques, which feel very much like traditional techniques. That is the goal for this course, to get you to not only paint like Bob Ross, but to feel like you are painting.By the end of this course, you will be painting your own landscape paintings that you will be proud of, but most importantly, that you will have fun painting.In this course, we will learn the techniques that feel good, are fun, and are easy. We will learn how to paint happy clouds, trees for the squirrels to play in, almighty mountains, water for the ducks, and so much more.I also help you along the way by answering your questions and giving feedback on your paintings.This course is for the beginning to the advanced painter that wishes to have fun painting like Bob Ross digitally. Feel free to look through the course. I will see you inside.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you need to take this course

Lecture 3 Getting to know Paintstorm

Section 2: Getting to know my Bob Ross brushes

Lecture 4 Setting up our canvas and an overview of the water brushes

Lecture 5 Overview of my Bob Ross sky and cloud brushes

Lecture 6 Overview of the mountain brushes and knife

Lecture 7 Overview of Tree Brushes

Lecture 8 B4 Overview Bush Brushes

Lecture 9 Assorted Brushes Overview

Lecture 10 Play around with the brushes

Section 3: Let’s Start Painting Like Bob Ross

Lecture 11 Painting skies like Bob Ross

Lecture 12 Painting Clouds like Bob Ross

Lecture 13 Paint some skies

Lecture 14 Painting Mountains like Bob Ross

Lecture 15 Practice painting mountains

Lecture 16 Painting Dirt and Sand, deserts like Bob Ross

Lecture 17 Painting Grass like Bob Ross

Lecture 18 Painting Snow like Bob Ross

Lecture 19 Practice Painting ground

Lecture 20 Painting different kinds of trees like Bob Ross

Lecture 21 Painting Willow Trees

Lecture 22 Practice Trees

Lecture 23 Painting still water like Bob Ross

Lecture 24 Painting waterfalls like Bob Ross

Lecture 25 Painting Water Streams like Bob Ross

Lecture 26 Practice Water

Lecture 27 Painting Cabins and Barns Bob Ross style

Lecture 28 Practice cabins and barns

Section 4: Let’s Paint a Full Painting

Lecture 29 Let’s paint the sky first

Lecture 30 Let’s paint the tree line and bushes

Lecture 31 Let’s paint the barn

Lecture 32 Let’s paint river runs through it

Lecture 33 Let’s paint the finishing touches and call this done

Lecture 34 You finished

Anyone that wishes to feel the joy of painting like Bob Ross but they want to paint digitally

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 4.03 GB
Created by: Neil Fontaine

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