Painting Birds in Watercolour

Let me show you how to paint EIGHT realistic North American Birds in Watercolour!
Painting Birds in Watercolour
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Painting Birds in Watercolour

What you’ll learn

• the whole process of painting birds using fine detailed watercolour techniques using step-by-step instructions
• how to paint realistic looking feathers, detailed eyes and branches
• the basics of colour mixing on the palette and on paper
• negative painting techniques in watercolour to create contrast and vibrancy
• how to create shape using layered watercolour washes and detail, plus much more!

Painting Birds in Watercolour


This course was created for the beginner or intermediate watercolour painter who wishes to learn more techniques in painting.


Let me guide you through the entire process from start to finish on how to paint these amazing EIGHT North American birds: Blue Jay, Cardinals, Chickadee, Hummingbird, Swan, Loons, Baltimore Oriole, Eagle! We will go through various techniques such as wet in wet, layering, fine brush, lifting off, adding wood texture, and working everything up to a realistic bird with a soft background using negative painting! I always enjoy sharing many tips and tricks as we work together through the whole tutorial. Many times, we can enjoy happy accidents which gives each of our paintings an unique outcome. We may begin with the same reference but each of our paintings will have their own life. Bird references provided are for only instructional use, and students are encouraged to take liberties to change either the sketch or colours used. The final individual painting size for each bird will be approximately 11 inch by 7 inch and can then be finished with a mat 16 inch to 12 inch. As a bonus, students will be provided a smaller version of the transfers to create a greeting card!Students will be given, the reference photo and the outline transfer drawing to help along the way. Bird references provided are for only instructional use, but take liberties to change either the sketch or colours used. When I was deciding what colours to use, I tried to keep my palette limited amount of pigments to paint all these birds.  Work at entirely your own pace!  Learn to paint birds in this approximate 7 hour course, all from the comforts of your own home! Tutorials available to watch anytime 24/7, so you can choose and paint at your own pace!Go on, give it a go, these colourful striking birds, how can you resist putting brush to paper?


Section 1: Introduction, Supply List, How to Transfer, Masking

Lecture 1 Introduction and Beginning Steps for all Bird Watercolour Paintings


Lecture 3 TRANSFER


Section 2: Painting a BlueJay

Lecture 5 BACKGROUND (Blue Jay)

Lecture 6 BRANCHES (Blue Jay)

Lecture 7 BLUE JAY (Blue Jay)

Lecture 8 SHADOWS (Blue Jay)

Lecture 9 ADDING THE DARKS (Blue Jay)

Lecture 10 SUMMARY

Section 3: Painting a Chickadee

Lecture 11 BACKGROUND (Chickadee)

Lecture 12 HAND (Chickadee)

Lecture 13 SHADOWS (Chickadee)

Lecture 14 CORN AND SEEDS (Chickadee)

Lecture 15 ADDING THE DARKS (Chickadee)

Lecture 16 SUMMARY (Chickadee)

Section 4: Painting a Hummingbird

Lecture 17 BACKGROUND (Hummingbird)

Lecture 18 FLOWER (Hummingbird)

Lecture 19 HUMMINGBIRD (Hummingbird)

Lecture 20 ADDING THE DARKS (Hummingbird)

Lecture 21 SUMMARY (Hummingbird)

Section 5: Painting Loons

Lecture 22 BACKGROUND (Loons)

Lecture 23 CHICK (Loons)

Lecture 24 LOONS (Loons)

Lecture 25 SHADOWS (Loons)

Lecture 26 RIPPLES (Loons)

Lecture 27 ADDING THE DARKS (Loons)

Lecture 28 SUMMARY (Loons)

Section 6: Painting Cardinals

Lecture 29 BACKGROUND (Cardinals)

Lecture 30 BRANCH (Cardinals)

Lecture 31 MALE CARDINAL (Cardinals)

Lecture 32 FEMALE CARDINAL (Cardinals)

Lecture 33 BEAKS (Cardinals)

Lecture 34 SHADOWS (Cardinals)

Lecture 35 ADDING THE DARKS (Cardinals)

Lecture 36 SUMMARY (Cardinals)

Section 7: Painting a Baltimore Oriole

Lecture 37 BACKGROUND (Baltimore Oriole)

Lecture 38 BRANCH (Baltimore Oriole)

Lecture 39 BALTIMORE ORIOLE (Baltimore Oriole)

Lecture 40 SHADOWS (Baltimore Oriole)

Lecture 41 ADDING THE DARKS (Baltimore Oriole)

Lecture 42 SUMMARY (Baltimore Oriole)

Section 8: Painting an Eagle

Lecture 43 Background (Eagle)

Lecture 44 Shadows (Eagle)

Lecture 45 Beak and Eye (Eagle)

Lecture 46 Adding the Darks (Eagle)

Lecture 47 Summary (Eagle)

Section 9: Painting a Swan

Lecture 48 Background (Swan)

Lecture 49 Shadows (Swan)

Lecture 50 Beak (Swan)

Lecture 51 Adding The Darks (Swan)

Lecture 52 Summary (Swan)

• Good quality watercolour items such as paints, paper, brushes and misc. items such as masking fluid, waterpots, paper towels and pencil.

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Udemy | English | 6h 58m | 8.72 GB
Created by: Bev Morgan

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