Painting Made Simple for Beginners

Beginners Paint, Sketch, Mix Colors Easier & Faster, Oil painting or Acrylic painting
Painting Made Simple for Beginners
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Painting Made Simple for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Painting is simplified for complete beginners to learn more easily
You will learn to paint any subject matter with oils or acrylics with confidence
You will learn how to overcome common painting mistakes, that most beginners make
How to create realistic paintings
Learn the painting fundamental brush techniques
This course contains all of the necessary beginner basics for painting
This course is here to help you, by making complex techniques simple, in easy to follow steps
Color Mixing basics, Designing and Sketching with paint, lights and shadows and much more
Even complete beginners will easily learn to paint
Friendly Atmosphere, helps you to relax and learn

Painting Made Simple for Beginners


No previous painting or drawing experience needed, beginner friendly
All you need is the desire to learn and master painting spectacular oil or acrylic paintings easily
Acrylics, gouache, tempera or oils, you can learn to paint with this course, even though it’s demonstrated in oils
Demonstrated with oil paints, but you can use acrylics if you prefer that


I designed this course to help complete beginners who’d like to learn to paint a simple, easy to understand and straightforward way. Everything is distilled down to the most essential elements of painting for a faster and easier learning experience. I strongly believe that no talent is necessary to paint beautiful paintings. Painting is a skill that can be learned if you have the right tools, the right teacher and you are willing to put in practice what you learn. I’ve taught countless online and in-person courses over a decade, and this experience helped me to understand what guidance beginner painting students need to achieve success in painting. This simple beginners painting course contains all of the core elements, from color mixing, design, sketching, value shades and specific steps of painting from start to finish.The class is divided into larger main units for each of the core painting material, and than further divided into smaller painting segments that will help you to schedule your learning and the time that you would like to dedicate to practice each element of beginner painting.There are also practice suggestions, which is an essential part of learning to paint. The more time you can dedicate to practice what you learn the better you will get at painting. Doesn’t matter what medium you will choose, whether acrylics painting, oil painting, or tempera is your favorite, this beginner course will give you all the foundations you need to start painting in a realistic way. The course is demonstrated with oil paints.


Section 1: Introduction


Lecture 2 More about the Beginners Painting Course


Lecture 3 Surface, Palette and Brushes

Lecture 4 Paints

Lecture 5 How and Why to Tone a Canvas

Lecture 6 Brush Stroke Types

Lecture 7 Painting Styles


Lecture 8 Drawing & Sketching Supplies

Lecture 9 Foreword to drawing methods for beginners

Lecture 10 First approach to pre-sketching an image using a computer

Lecture 11 Second method using a grid

Lecture 12 Second approach using charcoal

Lecture 13 Third approach to drawing / sketching – freehanding & viewfinder explained

Lecture 14 Third approach to drawing demo

Lecture 15 Intro to Composition – Designing Your Painting

Lecture 16 Composition Types

Lecture 17 Deconstructing paintings to reveal the composition

Section 4: 2. SHADOW & LIGHT – VALUES

Lecture 18 Introduction to Values

Lecture 19 Creating a Value Scale / Value Checker

Lecture 20 3D form with value sphere I.

Lecture 21 3D form with values sphere II.

Lecture 22 3D form with values spere III.

Lecture 23 Value string in color

Lecture 24 How to create space and atmosphere in painting

Lecture 25 Sphere & Cube 1. exercise

Lecture 26 Sphere & Cube 2.

Section 5: 3. COLOR

Lecture 27 Introduction to Color

Lecture 28 Color Basics

Lecture 29 Balanced Color Wheel – Part 1

Lecture 30 Balanced Color Wheel – Part 2

Lecture 31 Color Essentials – Hue

Lecture 32 Color Essentials – Value

Lecture 33 Color Essentials- saturation

Lecture 34 Color Essentials – temperature

Lecture 35 Mixing Examples of Color Qualities or Essentials

Lecture 36 How to Mix & Match Any Color 1

Lecture 37 How to Mix & Match Any Color 2

Lecture 38 Black, White & Chromatic Grays

Lecture 39 Transparent & Opaque Colors

Lecture 40 Muted & Chromatic Grays

Lecture 41 Mixing Earth Colors – ochre, sienna & Payne’s Grey

Lecture 42 General Mixing Tips

Lecture 43 The illusion of Color Transparency

Section 6: 4. EDGES

Lecture 44 Edge Types

Lecture 45 Painting Demonstration of Edges Part 1.

Lecture 46 Edges Demo Part 2.

Lecture 47 Edges Demo Part 3.

Lecture 48 Edges painting demo Part 4.


Lecture 49 Two examples for how to start a painting

Lecture 50 Preparation – Two common ways to start a painting

Lecture 51 Method 1. / wipe off technique Wet toning – most suitable for oil paints Part 1.

Lecture 52 Method 1. / wipe off technique – Part 2

Lecture 53 Method 1. / Completing the painting – Part 3

Lecture 54 Method 2. Start by toning the canvas and letting it dry

Lecture 55 Method 2. / Underpainting


Lecture 56 Painting a chicken – step 1 – sketching

Lecture 57 The shadow

Lecture 58 Sunlit Ground

Lecture 59 Sunlit Whites

Lecture 60 Half tones

Lecture 61 Edges & Detail

Lecture 62 Finishing Thoughts & Touches

A beginner, who is lacking confidence or have no talent for painting,Designed for those who’d like to learn painting from one easy and simple beginner course,Unable to paint what you would like to in oil, tempera or acrylics,Those who are not happy with their paintings but don’t know how to improve them,Would like to paint stunning pictures with confidence and advance skills,Beginners and intermediate students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 27m | 14.32 GB
Created by: Viktoria Majestic

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