Pass MB210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales On Your First Try

Learn and Master Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App And Pass The MB-210 Exam On Your First Try.
Pass MB210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales On Your First Try
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Pass MB210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales On Your First Try

What you’ll learn

All MB-210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Exam Related Topics (as per Curriculum by Microsoft)
Prepare for MB-210 Exam with Practical Tutorials & Exam Preparation Notes
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App Configuration
Work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Application & Configure it for Clients.

Pass MB210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales On Your First Try


Basic Computer Operating Knowledge & Internet Access


**The ONLY in-depth, practical course that prepares you 100% for MB-210 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales exam**##########################WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT THE COURSE:John M says “I quickly jumped in when I saw this course from Abhay Sharma. I’m enjoying the course. Loved how the important terminologies are covered so it’s becoming easy to follow the rest of the videos.”Adarsh says “I have seen other courses on Udemy but all of them just provide practice tests and don’t teach anything about the application. This is different and the perfect match. Thanks, Udemy for bringing this here.”Jaez Ong says”It’s great so far. Covering all the topics of the MB-210 exam. –edited– It’s a sold course. After watching a few more videos I can see it’s the best course available and practical.”########################## Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app and configure it for your clients like a Champ? And also want to prepare for the MB-210 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales exam? If yes, then this course is for you.This course is based on the MB-210 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales topics outline provided by Microsoft and covers 100% of the MB-210 exam curriculum.With more than 9 hours of practical training videos, you will not only learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales but will also be fully prepared for the MB-210 exam.Also, you will get MB-210 Exam Preparation Book (more than 280 pages)!##########################HERE’S WHAT YOU ARE GETTING TODAY!9+ hours of practical video content on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.The course covers 100% of the MB-210 exam curriculum provided by Microsoft.Learn from practical tutorials and demo on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.280+ pages book of MB-210 exam preparation.##########################HERE’S WHAT INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE!You will learn these topics in detail and prepare for MB-210 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales certification!IntroductionWelcome And Course OverviewHow to Prepare For ExamMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Sales BasicsLearn About Microsoft Dynamics 365 SalesRegister for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SalesDynamics 365 Sales Important TermsConfigure Sales SettingsConfigure Sales TerritoriesConfigure Default Revenue TypeConfigure Auto-Number SettingsConfigure Business ClosuresConfigure Fiscal YearConfigure CurrenciesConfigure Sales TeamsConfigure Sales Security RolesConfigure Goal Management ComponentsCreate and Manage Sales CollateralConfigure Relationship Cards (Sales Insights Cards)Configure Softphone DialerConfigure Playbook ManagementConfigure Sales ProcessesConfigure Record Creation RulesConfigure Out of the Box Sales Business Process FlowsCreate and Configure Sales VisualizationsSales Content Pack for Power BIConfigure Sales DashboardsDesign and Create Sales ChartsExecute and Analyse Sales ReportsConfigure Integration With External Sales ApplicationsConfigure Embedded IntelligenceDynamics 365 AI for SalesImplement Social Sell AssistantImplement LinkedIn Sales NavigatorCreate and Manage LeadsUnderstand Standard Sales ProcessCreate and Search For LeadsPerform Lead QualificationConfigure Lead Status ReasonsCreate and Manage OpportunitiesDynamics 365 Sales OpportunitiesTrack Stakeholders and Sales TeamCreate and Manage CompetitorsAdd Product Line Items to OpportunityClose Opportunity as Won or LostCustomize the Opportunity Close FormConfigure Status ReasonsCreate and Manage Product and Product CatalogProduct Catalog OverviewConfigure Unit GroupsConfigure ProductsConfigure Price ListsUnderstand Pricing MethodsConfigure Discount ListsConfigure FamiliesCreate and Manage QuotesDynamics 365 QuotesActivate Quote and Send to CustomerRevise and Close a QuoteConvert Quotes to OrdersConfigure Quotes Status ReasonsCreate a Template from a QuoteCreate and Manage Sales Order ProcessingDynamics 365 OrdersDynamics 365 InvoicesCourse Review & Exam Preparation BookQuick ReviewDownload MB-210 Exam Preparation Book (280+ Pages)Feel free to watch preview videos and enroll in this course today to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and prepare fully for the MB-210 exam.Have you got any questions? Message me on Udemy.I wish you all the best.To Your Success,Abhay SharmaFounder – Online CRM Training & Learn MS DynamicsPS: This is neither an official Microsoft course nor endorsed by Microsoft.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 How to Prepare For The MB-210 Exam

Section 2: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Basics

Lecture 3 Learn About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Lecture 4 Dynamics 365 Trial New Sign Up Process

Lecture 5 Dynamics 365 Sales Important Terms

Section 3: Configure Sales Settings

Lecture 6 Configure Sales Territories

Lecture 7 Configure Default Revenue Type

Lecture 8 Configure Auto-Number Settings

Lecture 9 Configure Business Closures

Lecture 10 Configure Fiscal Year

Lecture 11 Configure Currencies

Lecture 12 Configure Sales Teams

Lecture 13 Configure Sales Security Roles

Lecture 14 Configure Goal Management Components

Lecture 15 Create and Manage Sales Collateral

Lecture 16 Configure Relationship Cards (Insight Cards)

Lecture 17 Configure Softphone Dialer

Lecture 18 Configure Playbook Management

Section 4: Configure Sales Processes

Lecture 19 Configure Record Creation Rules

Lecture 20 Configure Out of the Box Sales Business Process Flows

Section 5: Create and Configure Sales Visualizations

Lecture 21 Configure Sales Content Pack for Power BI

Lecture 22 Configure Sales Dashboards

Lecture 23 Design and Create Sales Charts

Lecture 24 Execute and Analyse Sales Reports

Section 6: Configure Integration With External Sales Applications

Lecture 25 Configure and Enable Embedded Intelligence

Lecture 26 Implement Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

Lecture 27 Implement Social Selling Assistant

Lecture 28 Implement LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Section 7: Create and Manage Leads

Lecture 29 Understand Standard Sales Process

Lecture 30 Create and Search For Leads

Lecture 31 Perform Lead Qualification

Lecture 32 Configure Lead Status Reasons

Section 8: Create and Manage Opportunities

Lecture 33 Dynamics 365 Sales Opportunities

Lecture 34 Track Stakeholders and Sales Team

Lecture 35 Create and Manage Competitors

Lecture 36 Add Product Line Items to Opportunity

Lecture 37 Close Opportunity as Won or Lost

Lecture 38 Customize the Opportunity Close Form

Lecture 39 Configure Status Reasons

Section 9: Create and Manage Product and Product Catalog

Lecture 40 Product Catalog Overview

Lecture 41 Product Catalog – Configure Unit Groups

Lecture 42 Configure Products

Lecture 43 Configure Price Lists

Lecture 44 Understand Pricing Methods

Lecture 45 Configure Discount Lists

Lecture 46 Configure Families and Bundles

Section 10: Create and Manage Quotes

Lecture 47 Dynamics 365 Quotes

Lecture 48 Activate Quote and Send to Customer

Lecture 49 Revise and Close a Quote

Lecture 50 Convert Quotes to Orders

Lecture 51 Configure Quotes Status Reasons

Lecture 52 Create a Template from a Quote

Section 11: Create and Manage Sales Order Processing

Lecture 53 Dynamics 365 Orders

Lecture 54 Dynamics 365 Invoices

Section 12: Course Review

Lecture 55 Course Review

Lecture 56 Download MB-210 Exam Preparation Book

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