Passing The Nursing Competency Test In Uk

A complete course for abroad nurses looking to relocate in UK
Passing The Nursing Competency Test In Uk
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Passing The Nursing Competency Test In Uk

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Nursing in the UK
English Language Proficiency
Nursing Knowledge & Skills Assessment
Navigating The UK Healthcare System
Professional Development In UK

Passing The Nursing Competency Test In Uk


Current or future Nursing Qualification
Can speak basic English


This course is designed for nurses who are interested in working in the UK healthcare system. The course is divided into five modules which cover a range of topics related to nursing in the UK. Module 1 provides an overview of the UK healthcare system and the role of nurses, as well as an introduction to the NMC registration process and English language proficiency requirements.In Module 2, students will focus on improving their English language proficiency through vocabulary building, grammar, and pronunciation practice, in preparation for the IELTS or OET English language proficiency test.Module 3 focuses on nursing knowledge and skills assessment, including understanding the NMC Competency Framework and preparing for the NMC Test of Competence – Part 1: Computer Based Test (CBT) and Part 2: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). In Module 4, students will learn how to navigate the UK healthcare system, including adapting to cultural differences and expectations of nursing in the UK, as well as learning the documentation and reporting requirements.Finally, in Module 5, students will explore opportunities for professional development and career advancement in the UK, best practices for continuing education and lifelong learning, as well as resources for ongoing support and professional networking. By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of nursing in the UK and will be well-prepared to pursue a career in the UK healthcare system.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course overview

Section 2: Module One – Introduction To Nursing In the UK

Lecture 3 Module One Lecture

Section 3: Module Two – English Language Proficiency

Lecture 4 Module Two Lecture

Section 4: Module Three – Nursing Knowledge & Skills Assessment

Lecture 5 Module Three Lecture

Section 5: Module Four: Navigating the UK Healthcare System for Kenyan Nurses Introduction

Lecture 6 Module Four Lecture

Section 6: Module 5: Professional development for Kenyan nurses

Lecture 7 Module Five Lecture

Abroad Nurses

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