PCB design with Altium Designer

First we will design Simple MCU based PCB like arduino with Cortex MCU next we design 3 complex and practical PCB
PCB design with Altium Designer
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8h 11m



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PCB design with Altium Designer

What you’ll learn

Basic tool’s of Altium Designer
Design professional PCB’s
Design schematic like a pro
power supply
multi-sheet design
Placement and alignment
a lot more

PCB design with Altium Designer




Greetings to all dear students . You can go from beginner to advanced by watching this class and earn money this way . So join us and become a professional . Thank you for your support . Based on the courses I have taken and about 12 years of experience in this field , I decided to share this information with you .4 board design from scratchschematic designPCB designpower supply distributiondatasheet reading togetheresp8266 schematic designmicrocontroller designmanufacturing stepbest way of routingbest way to place componentsfrom zero to manufacture10 hour bonuses contenttwo version of this course is available in this courseslow and uncut version of courseedited versionAND A LOT MOREmy 12 years experience is here for you , if you have any question a lone the way please don’t hesitate to aski will answer all question in no time , it will be my honor to serve you in your projectif you liked this course i will create another course for how to program itthere will be free update to this course in time so please make sure you check this course some timesall the files will be on one of the lectures like library and project filesbut if you could not find it please tell me so i will send it to your email in no time


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 install the software

Section 2: Schematic Design Part01

Lecture 3 01.create project

Lecture 4 02.schematic propereties

Lecture 5 little talk

Lecture 6 03.components

Lecture 7 04.selection

Lecture 8 05.filters

Lecture 9 06.design schematic like pro

Lecture 10 07.new way of doing documenting your schematic

Lecture 11 08.Component properties

Lecture 12 09.Read document of a component

Section 3: Custom schematic component library

Lecture 13 10.create component libriry

Lecture 14 11.create schematic component

Lecture 15 This section library

Section 4: Schematic Design part02

Lecture 16 12.design power supply with our part

Section 5: Custom PCB component library (footprint)

Lecture 17 13.create pcb footprint part one top overlay

Lecture 18 14.create pads and placing them

Lecture 19 15.connect footprint of the component with schematic component

Section 6: Anottation

Lecture 20 16.annotating designators

Section 7: PCB Design part01

Lecture 21 17.create pcb board and change its size

Lecture 22 18.add schematic component to our pcb project

Lecture 23 19.some tricks of placing component on pcb

Lecture 24 20. component alignment

Lecture 25 21.pads alignment

Lecture 26 22.routing and routing rules

Section 8: Components on internet

Lecture 27 23.find component librarys in internet

Section 9: Schematic Design part03

Lecture 28 24.design multi sheet and lets add a mcu

Lecture 29 25.MCU power supply section

Lecture 30 26.find 8MHz crystal for our mcu

Lecture 31 27.use net labels

Lecture 32 28.circuit of crystals and its capacitors

Lecture 33 29.reset pin of mcu

Lecture 34 30.boot options

Lecture 35 31.debug section of mcu

Section 10: PCB Design Part02

Lecture 36 32.update pcb with our mcu

Lecture 37 33.most important design rules

Lecture 38 34.bypass cap placement

Lecture 39 35.advance rules

Lecture 40 36.place reset cap and reset tac switch

Lecture 41 37.routing crystals

Lecture 42 38.vias and vias rules

Lecture 43 39.multilayer design

Lecture 44 40.Rooms

Lecture 45 41.measurment and dimensions

Section 11: 3D body

Lecture 46 42.add simple 3d body and pro 3d body

Lecture 47 43.3d body for mcu

Lecture 48 44.3d body better way

Lecture 49 Library for all component that we used in this course

Section 12: PCB Design part03

Lecture 50 45.align all top and bottom overlays

Lecture 51 46.add led indiation

Lecture 52 My tested library

Lecture 53 47.add pin headers for all the gpio

Lecture 54 48.place all pull up and pull downs

Lecture 55 49.connect gpio by pcb

Lecture 56 50.best way to connect gpio

Lecture 57 51.pushing routes

Lecture 58 52.use copy paste better

Lecture 59 53.guidance for our pcb

Lecture 60 54.use solid mode for better selecting

Lecture 61 55.bill of material

Lecture 62 56.polygons

Section 13: Manufacturing

Lecture 63 57.gerber files for manufacturer

Lecture 64 58.Tips and tricks part 01

Lecture 65 59.design rule check

Section 14: All the library

Lecture 66 all the library that i used in this lecture


Lecture 67 let’s do real world project together with detail explanations

Section 16: Your Projcts – Bonus Section

Lecture 68 Bonus – fire system schematic review from Xusniyor Tuxtamuratov

Lecture 69 Bonus – Fire system PCB review from Xusniyor Tuxtamuratov

Lecture 70 Your project #1

exlectrical engineer,whoever want to learn pcb design

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 11m | 7.40 GB
Created by: Unreal magic

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