PCB101 PCB Design Manufacturing

PCB101- Circuit Board, PCB designer soft skills development with PCB manufacturing understanding
PCB101 PCB Design Manufacturing
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PCB101 PCB Design Manufacturing

What you’ll learn

How to quickly become a good PCB layout designer
How does PCB design and PCB manufacturing affects each other
Soft skills for PCB layout design
PCB materials and stack-up
Different types of PCBs
Learn about different PCB FINISH
Learn about different PCB colors
How to choose the best PCB supplier
Careers in PCB industry
Quality in PCB field

PCB101 PCB Design Manufacturing


This is the basic (core) course in the series.
This course is designed for new graduates in Electrical and Electronics field and junior engineers
Anyone who is interested in learning more about PCB


Develop your PCB design skills with a deep understanding of the PCB manufacturing industryWith my 20+ years of PCB manufacturing experience, I will teach you things that would have taken you years to learn at your job.This course is designed for new graduates and new engineers so the topics are explained in a simple manner to the audience. The course covers lots of information and topics which would help you become a good PCB “LAYOUT” designer. These skills go beyond your software skills and abilities.What You Will Learn:Different types of PCBsFile formats used in PCB industryPCB materials and stack-upsDesign Rule ChecksDesign for ManufacturingPCB FINISHSoldermask and SilkscreenArray and PanelizationHow to reduce the cost of your PCBUnderstanding PCB Supplier capabilitiesHow to find a good PCB supplierQuality in PCB Careers in PCB industry (PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly)What to expect after finishing this course:You will have a better understanding of how PCB design and PCB manufacturing related to each other and how they affect each other.You will learn how to improve your design to lower the cost of your PCBYou will have a better understanding of career opportunities in different PCB fields.Somewhat understanding of how to read material data sheetsElektroLynx websiteElektroLynx is my hobby website, not a company. On the website, you will find many articles related to the PCB industry. I will upload articles on regular basis. The website is fairly new therefore you may not see many articles right away. The site also has a blog section as well Forums. In the forums section, please feel free to ask and discuss any topic related to PCB.History:26-Jan-2021 – Course released30-Jan-2021 – English captions added16-Mar-2021- Signal Integrity 17-Mar-2021 – Free Software reference for “Saturn Tool Kit”22-Mar-2021 – PCB Design section created


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Personal Intro

Lecture 2 Course Intro

Lecture 3 PCB Technology

Section 2: Understanding PCB

Lecture 4 Breadboard vs PCB

Lecture 5 Types of PCBs

Lecture 6 PCB Softwares

Section 3: Main Course

Lecture 7 Documentation

Lecture 8 Documentaion 2

Lecture 9 PCB Specifications

Lecture 10 PCB Drawing & Specifications

Lecture 11 How to import/export PCB files

Lecture 12 PCB Materials and Stack-up

Lecture 13 DRC (Design Rule Checks) / DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

Lecture 14 Manufacturing Process

Lecture 15 PCB FINISH

Lecture 16 Soldermask & Silkscreen

Lecture 17 Array/Panel/Pallete

Section 4: PCB Manufacturing – Rigid PCB

Lecture 18 PCB Manufacturing – Rigid PCB Introduction

Lecture 19 1 Layer PCB (Single sided)

Lecture 20 Steps involved in manufacturing 2 layer and multilayer PCBs

Lecture 21 Gold Fingers

Lecture 22 HDI Technology

Lecture 23 Castellated Vias

Lecture 24 Back Drill

Lecture 25 Copper Coin

Lecture 26 Aluminum PCB

Lecture 27 Edge Plating

Section 5: PCB Manufacturing – Flex PCB

Lecture 28 PCB Manufacturing – Flex PCB Introduction

Section 6: PCB Assembly

Lecture 29 PCBA Introduction

Lecture 30 Assembly – SMT Technology

Lecture 31 Assembly – Thru Hole Technology

Lecture 32 Hand Soldering vs SMT Machines

Section 7: PCB Designing – DRC-DFM (Design Rule Checks – Design for Manufacturing)

Lecture 33 PCB Design section introduction

Lecture 34 IPC Organization

Lecture 35 DRC-DFM Intro

Lecture 36 Spacing on Copper Layers

Lecture 37 IPC Specifications

Lecture 38 Drill Holes Issues 1

Lecture 39 Acid Traps

Lecture 40 Thermal Pads on Plane Layers

Lecture 41 Copper Slivers

Lecture 42 Annular Ring

Lecture 43 Soldermask Checks

Lecture 44 Silkscreen Checks

Lecture 45 Outline and Dimensions

Lecture 46 Array , Tabs, V-Score

Section 8: Additional Info

Lecture 47 Choosing PCB Supplier

Lecture 48 Quality

Lecture 49 Career Advice

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 50 Summary and Conclusion

Section 10: Bonus Section

Lecture 51 Signal Integrity

Lecture 52 Saturn Tool Kit – Free software for quick various calculations related to PCB

Section 11: Question & Answers

Lecture 53 How to use Via

Lecture 54 How to determine the via size

Lecture 55 How to set Teardrops

Section 12: Bonus Videos

Lecture 56 How to design Flex Circuits

Electrical and Electronics students,New engineering graduates,Electronics hobbiyist,Fellow geeks

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Udemy | English | 14h 37m | 24.68 GB
Created by: Ata Syed

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