Pega CSA Course

Pega Tutorial for Beginners
Pega CSA Course
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Pega CSA Course

What you’ll learn

Pega Fundamentals
Basics of Pega
Pega for Beginners
Pega – A Low Code BPM Platform
Complete implementation/practical understanding of all Pega fundamentals

Pega CSA Course


To enrol in this course, there are no requirements. There is no coding required; all that is required is configuration and a working knowledge of BPM.


Your knowledge and abilities on the PEGA platform for developing applications are expanded through the PEGA Course course. The PEGA course is organised and covered topics for the PEGA certification by skilled IT professionals. You can get comprehensive competence in the key fundamentals of advanced PEGA issues at the highest level with the help of our comprehensive PEGA training from knowledgeable industry professionals. In addition to providing excellent BPM knowledge delivery, our knowledgeable trainers will also offer improved support to learn PEGA in order to pass the PEGA CSA certification. When you study for the PEGA Course online, you will work with a variety of tools and ongoing projects. Additionally, you will get current working knowledge and comprehend nearly everything. This is the best PEGA online training that can help you learn everything. At the conclusion of this PEGA training course, you will have mastered PEGA software. You will then be able to independently design applications with excellent scalability.This course is entirely applied. After completing this course, anyone should be able to start working on any Pega Development project because the goal of this course is to teach all necessary practical expertise.The course material was developed using CSA topics.PEGA technology is mostly used to cut costs and advance business objectives.Compared to Java-based applications, Pega enables businesses to release updates eight times more quickly.Describe Pega.A tool for business process management is Pega. It uses OOP and Java ideas and is built on the Java platform. Without any coding knowledge, PEGA assists in automatically creating an application. With Pega, we don’t have to start from zero like with traditional programming; instead, we can automate tasks and write programme code.Pega’s comprehensive offering is a market leader in CRM, BPM, case management, and business rules, according to industry analysts. We create the business process flow using Pega and choose the capabilities that the flow requires.Describe Pega PRPC.A piece of software called PRPC (PegaRULES Process Commander) was developed, licenced, and promoted by Pegasystems Inc. (PEGA). The PRPC is the central element of the “SmartBPM” suite of BPM (Business Process Management) solutions from Pegasystems.What purpose does Pega serve?PEGA focuses mostly on programme code and work automation. Pega can provide quick responsiveness to change while dramatically reducing installation time, costs, and hazards. Even the industry’s top software configuration management system is integrated into Pega. It has been demonstrated that developing an application in Pega requires only one-third as much work as developing one in Java.Career Potential at PegaPega is currently leading the IT sector, and there are numerous employment openings for qualified candidates. The Pega sector is in in demand, but there are not enough professionals available. As a result, Pega employees receive some of the highest salaries available.


Section 1: Pega Course

Lecture 1 About clipboard

Lecture 2 Property and its modes

Lecture 3 Data Manipulation

Lecture 4 Ruleset

Lecture 5 Data transform

Lecture 6 Actions

Lecture 7 Employee data

Lecture 8 OBJ Methods,Method Parameters,OBJ Classes

Lecture 9 Properties Call Method And Activity Method

Lecture 10 (OBJ

Lecture 11 Report Studio

Lecture 12 Section

Lecture 13 Data capture

Lecture 14 Data page

Lecture 15 Data Source

Lecture 16 Load management

Lecture 17 Flows

Lecture 18 Flow Action, Selection Configuration, Pre-Processing,Validation Criteria

Lecture 19 Creating Application

Lecture 20 Life Cycle

Lecture 21 Lifecycle-2

Lecture 22 Process flow

Lecture 23 Creating Application

Lecture 24 Cell Properties,Property Record Configuration

Lecture 25 Flow Collect Information

Lecture 26 Single page property and data transform

Lecture 27 Portal lunch

Lecture 0 Edit Data transform

Lecture 0 Tracer

Lecture 0 Layer visibility

Lecture 0 New application

Lecture 0 Creating Activity,Flows,Sections and Data Transforms

Lecture 0 Creating Dropdown values

Lecture 0 Data Type, Data Model, Address, Look Up ,Delegate Class

Lecture 0 Product Record Configuration,Product Preview

Lecture 0 Agents and Types of Agents

Lecture 0 Differences between Standard and Advanced agent

Lecture 0 SLA

Lecture 0 Work groups and Work Queues

Junior Business Architects and Pega Developers,Pega Beginner who want to comprehend Pega and carry out fundamental Configurations,Freshers,Developers constructing the alternative technologies

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Udemy | English | 17h 34m | 9.42 GB
Created by: BPM Buddy

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