Pega CSSA Course

PEGA Certified Senior System Architect(CSSA)
Pega CSSA Course
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Pega CSSA Course

What you’ll learn

PEGA Certified Senior System Architect
Pega for Beginners
Pegasystems is the main supplier of business process administration (BPM) frameworks and client relationship management solutions provider.
Become a Certified Pega Senior System Architect is for Certified Pega System Architects who wish to increase their Pega skills

Pega CSSA Course


Basic Fundamentals of BPM and knowledge of CSA
All that is needed is configuration and working understanding of BPM; no code is needed.
The Senior System Architect is responsible for creating and building components of applications and giving consultative guidance on all project assignments. Sometimes you will be asked to lead features of design, development, and mentoring of resources.


CSSA, or Certified Senior System Architect, is a common abbreviation. For developers who have already earned their CSA Certification, this is the PEGA Certification. The leading vendor of client relationship management (CRM) and business process administration (BPM) frameworks is Pegasystems.PEGA is an application development tool used in BPM and CRM systems, and it was developed by Pega Systems Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This software is unique in that it creates web and enterprise apps without the requirement of programming or coding by leveraging a Java backend engine. Pega’s drag-and-drop user interface and straightforward configuration choices make it possible to create applications more rapidly and with higher quality than Java. By streamlining, automating, and documenting business processes, this platform makes it simple to combine multi-stream processing into a single system.Candidates who enrol in this course will learn Pega from a team of knowledgeable professionals. The main goal of the course structure is to teach architects and developers about the pega platform. You will also learn Pega’s foundational concepts, such as data modelling, business process management (BPM), customer-oriented architecture, and the core concepts required for developing and building Pega applications. To get experience in the real world, we are required to work on actual project execution during the course.This course provides the best Pega training and is accessible everywhere. The BPM market has long been driven by Pega, a distinctive piece of software with a no-code/low-code architecture. There is currently a significant market demand for it as a result.Every topic, from the basics to the most difficult, will be covered in the course.


Section 1: Pega CSSA Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Create Application

Lecture 3 Adding Case type and Stage

Lecture 4 Duplicate Cases

Lecture 5 Temporary Cases

Lecture 6 Approvals

Lecture 7 Customization of User Portal

Lecture 8 Identifying User role and portal type and about harness

Lecture 9 Organizing Layout of portal and Changing Branding of Portal

Lecture 10 Customizing content and tools for Users

Lecture 11 Configuring an access group to refer the portal

Lecture 12 Application Versioning

Lecture 13 Lock and Roll

Lecture 14 Skimming

Lecture 15 Production RuleSets, RuleSet Validation Mode, Application Validation M

Lecture 16 Mixing Application RuleSet Validation Modes, Check Out a Rule

Lecture 17 Introduction To Configuring Application Rulesets

Lecture 18 Rule Resolution

Lecture 19 Field Values-1

Lecture 20 Field Value-2

Lecture 21 ClipBoard Tracer

Lecture 22 Application Security,Authentication and Authorisation

Lecture 23 Privileges Rule

Lecture 24 Access Groups-Application,Access Roles,Access Deny

Lecture 25 Migrating an Application and Product Rule

Lecture 26 Application Distribution

Lecture 27 Product Rule HRS

Lecture 28 Export and Migrate

Lecture 29 Parallel Development

Lecture 30 Localization An Application,Translation Import And Export

Lecture 31 Data Page definition

Lecture 32 Data source

Lecture 33 Student Data

Lecture 34 Situational Processing

Lecture 35 Recruitment

Lecture 36 Parallel Processing

Lecture 37 Properties and Circumstancing

Lecture 38 Business Logic

Lecture 39 My Activity and Background Processing

Lecture 40 Job Scheduler

Lecture 41 Job Scheduler-2

Lecture 42 Integration and Services.

Lecture 43 New Rest Integration

Lecture 44 Customer identifier, Get Customer, Connect REST and Simulation Activity

Lecture 45 OBJ-Activity Methods

Lecture 46 OBJ Method activity

Lecture 47 Data Transform – Copy

Lecture 48 Reports – Copy

Lecture 49 Report Definition

Lecture 50 Pega Mashup

Lecture 51 Mobile Application

Developers constructing the alternative technologies,Pega Newbie who wants to comprehend Pega and carry out crucial Configurations,The business architects and developers at Pega

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