Pen to Profit Write Publish Market Your First Book

Unlock Your Writing Potential and Turn Your Dreams into a Published Reality
Pen to Profit Write Publish Market Your First Book
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Pen to Profit Write Publish Market Your First Book

What you’ll learn

Understand the key elements of book planning and organization
Develop efficient writing habits and techniques
Develop your characters, plot, setting and overall story
Understand the book publishing process
Market and promote your book

Pen to Profit Write Publish Market Your First Book


No prerequisites needed, you will learn everything you need to know!


This course is designed to cater to the needs of aspiring authors who want to bring their ideas to life through the written word. Whether you’re struggling to get started with your book, facing writer’s block, or simply looking for a structured and supportive approach to writing and publishing, this course is perfect for you.Starting with a strong foundation, you’ll learn about the key elements of book planning and organization, including target audience identification, book structure, and outlining. You’ll discover techniques and habits to help you write more efficiently and effectively, reducing the time and effort it takes to complete your book.The publishing process can be overwhelming and confusing, but this course will guide you through the various options available and help you choose the best approach for your book. You’ll learn about traditional, self, and hybrid publishing, and the steps involved in each process, so you can make an informed decision and bring your book to market with confidence.To help you reach a wider audience, this course will also teach you how to build an author platform, reach out to potential reviewers and bookstores, and leverage social media to connect with readers. With the right tools and support, you’ll be able to share your story with the world and achieve the success you deserve.So, if you’re ready to take your writing and publishing journey to the next level, this 90-day course is the perfect starting point. Join me and let’s turn your dreams into reality!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Hello and Welcome!

Section 2: Understanding the Book Writing Process

Lecture 2 Module 1 Overview

Lecture 3 Understanding the structure of a book

Lecture 4 Defining the Purpose of Your Book

Lecture 5 Identifying Your Target Audience

Lecture 6 Setting Achievable Goals for Your Book

Lecture 7 More practical exercises

Lecture 8 Additional tips to help you set achievable writing goals

Section 3: Research and Planning

Lecture 9 Module 2 Overview

Lecture 10 Conducting Research For Your Book

Lecture 11 Unique tips on how to research and plan your book + Book ideas!

Lecture 12 Writing about yourself and your life

Lecture 13 Developing An Outline

Lecture 14 Setting Up a Writing Schedule

Lecture 15 Creating a Writing Environment

Lecture 16 Additional exercices

Section 4: Module 3: Crafting Your First Draft

Lecture 17 Module 3 Overview

Lecture 18 Building A Writing Routine

Lecture 19 Overcoming Writer’s Block

Lecture 20 Maintaining Motivation in Writing

Lecture 21 Additional tips and Meditation to Unlock the Power of Your Imagination

Lecture 22 Revising and Editing As You Go

Section 5: Module 4: Revising and Polishing Your Book

Lecture 23 Module 4 Overview

Lecture 24 Understanding the Difference between Revising and Editing

Lecture 25 Tips for Improving the Flow and Pacing of Your Book

Lecture 26 Strategies for Strengthening Your Book’s Characters, Plot, and Setting

Lecture 27 Practical Exercises for Improving Flow and Pacing

Lecture 28 Ways to Make Your Book Stand Out from Others in Your Genre

Lecture 29 The Ultimate Self-editing checklist

Section 6: Module 5: Publishing And Marketing Your Book

Lecture 30 Module 5 Overview

Lecture 31 Establishing yourself as an author + ISBNs and tax information

Lecture 32 Understanding the Different Publishing Options

Lecture 33 Getting Paid: Understanding How Royalties Work

Lecture 34 Formatting Your Book for Publishing

Lecture 35 Creating a Compelling Book Cover and Blurb using a professional or Canva

Lecture 36 Marketing and Promotion Strategies for Your Book

Lecture 37 Becoming a best-seller – essential guide

Lecture 38 Step-by-step process on how to self-publish your book on Amazon using KDP

Section 7: Module 6: Maintaining Writing Momentum

Lecture 39 Module 6 Overview

Lecture 40 Keeping Your Motivation and Focus After Book Publication

Lecture 41 Handling Negative Reviews and Feedback

Lecture 42 Maintaining Writing Momentum and Developing Your Writing Skills

Lecture 43 Conclusion

Lecture 44 Tips to help you improve your writing skills

Section 8: Additional tips and checklists to help you achieve your goals!

Lecture 45 The ultimate Bestseller checklist

Lecture 46 Best free software options for writers

Lecture 47 The aspiring writers’ ultimate checklist

Lecture 48 Overall Tips for Writing and Publishing a Book in 90 days

This course is for aspiring authors who want to learn how to write, self-publish, and market their books. Whether you’re a beginner or have some writing experience, this course will provide you with step-by-step guidance to help you turn your ideas into a published book and reach a wider audience.

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Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 810.07 MB
Created by: Mahina Perrot

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