Pendulum Chakra reading practitioner

Learn how to do chakra readings for yourself and others
Pendulum Chakra reading practitioner
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Lorea Moreno


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Pendulum Chakra reading practitioner

What you’ll learn

Program your yes and no answers
Experience the first pendulum movements
Connect to your pendulum
Understand and trust on the pendulum as a tool to improve trust and intuition
Observe your mind and improve your meditative state
Learn about the Chakras and the first steps to do a Chakra reading
You will learn different techniques and ways to ask the pendulum in order to read the energy of the chakras
You will learn to use chakra charts

Pendulum Chakra reading practitioner


No previous experience is need


This is a step by step course where you will learn how to program your pendulum and practice effective chakra readings, for yourself and others.You will experience how the pendulum moves to read energies through drawings, commands and questions.This class will help you to open up your intuition and connection to the Divine, as the pendulum is a tool that doesn’t work on its own, it works through you.This is a basic and mandatory class for all students who would like to get further training with the pendulum like energy cleanse and advanced quantum healing.I have divided the course in small and easy to understand sections to guide you, specially if this is your very first time using a pendulum.You will find a guided meditation, an ATUNMENT ritual and the step by step process to program your pendulum according to your energy.You will also learn how to asking questions in different ways and trust more your own intuition.I have editted the original program and added a last video where I share about my personal experience using the pendulum and more personalized guidance to support you.After program your pendulum, you will step into the juicy part of the training: The chakra reading !I guide you through different techniques so you can practice and choose the one that feels more comfortable for you.You will learn how to ask about the chakras, which ones are imbalanced and which ones need major healing/care.I hope you enjoy it and I ill be looking forward to hearing from your feedback.Namaste, Lorea.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About the Pendulum

Lecture 3 The Egyptian Pendulum (types)

Section 2: Preparation

Lecture 4 Prepare the space

Lecture 5 How to hold the Pendulum

Section 3: Atunment

Lecture 6 Meditation intro

Lecture 7 Meditation audio

Lecture 8 Ritual

Section 4: Programing

Lecture 9 Pendulum movements

Lecture 10 Programing your YES

Lecture 11 Program your NO

Section 5: Practice

Lecture 12 Testing questions

Section 6: Closing Masterclass and advice

Lecture 13 Closing video part |

Lecture 14 Closing video part II

Section 7: Chakra Readings (part I)

Lecture 15 What are the Chakras?

Lecture 16 How to do (self) chakra readings with a body printout and with chakra stones

Lecture 17 How to do (self) chakra readings with body print out and chakra stones

Section 8: Chakra reading part II

Lecture 18 How to read the energetic states of the chakras.

Section 9: Chakra readings part III

Lecture 19 First chart

Lecture 20 Second chart

Lecture 21 Third chart

Section 10: Closing Chakra readings

Lecture 22 Closing

In this course you will understand and connect to your pendulum in order to experience how energy can give you acquarate information through your body and the pendul,Once your pendulum is programmed, you wi learn how to read the energy of the chakras for yourself and others

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Udemy | English | 1h 4m | 1.31 GB
Created by: Lorea Moreno

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