Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing and Distant Healing
Pendulum Healing
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Toni Puhle


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Pendulum Healing

What you’ll learn

Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing


Pendulum Dowsing from Scratch (Basics, level 1)


Learn all you need to know to start the healing process, both in person and distant. Vibrational healing with the pendulum can help you with anything from exhaustion to depression – just be open to the many uses. On this course we use the basics of Radiesthesia that you have learned in Pendulum Dowsing from Scratch, and we begin applying those technique on the human system. Course includes, vibrational diagnosis, healing with frequencies, programming you pendulum for a specific health problem, distant healing and more!


Section 1: Introduction to Pendulum Healing and The Card Geek, Toni Puhle

Lecture 1 Introduction to Pendulum Healing and The Card Geek, Toni Puhle

Section 2: Lesson 1 Pendulum Healing Basics

Lecture 2 Pendulum healing basics

Section 3: Lesson 2 Pendulum Commands

Lecture 3 Pendulum Commands

Section 4: Testing Healing

Lecture 4 Lesson 3 Testing Healing

Section 5: Lesson 4 Distance Healing

Lecture 5 Distance Healing

Section 6: Lesson 5 Program Your Pendulum

Lecture 6 Program Your Pendulum

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Created by: Toni Puhle

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