Penetration Testing for the eJPT Certification

eJPT Certification Exam Coaching
Penetration Testing for the eJPT Certification
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Penetration Testing for the eJPT Certification

What you’ll learn

Self-study preparation for the eJPT certification (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester)
An Exam Strategy that can help improve your odds of success on eJPT exam day
Coverage of the techniques and tools needed for executing a basic penetration test
Complete penetration testing methodology

Penetration Testing for the eJPT Certification


Basic IT skills and a desire to learn Penetration Testing skills to assist with passing the eJPT certification exam.


The eJPT is a 100% hands-on certification for penetration testing and essential information security skills.By passing the exam, a cyber security professional proves they have the core skills needed for penetration testing.  Earning this certification is a great way to separate your resume from others or show that you’re ready for a rewarding new career.If you want to set yourself apart from traditional certifications, but aren’t ready for the OSCP or CEH Practical, then the eJPT hands-on certification might be what you’re looking for.  Throughout this course, we’ll be covering topics to help you self-study as you prepare for the exam. By earning the eJPT certification, your skills in the following areas will be assessed:Critical penetration testing processes and methodologiesInformation gathering and reconnaissanceBasic vulnerability assessment of networks and web applicationsExploitation with Metasploit and MeterpreterManual exploitation of web applicationsScanning and profiling target systems and networksNetcat for bind and reverse shellsNmap for system fingerprinting and scanningSQLmap for automating SQL Injection attacksBurp Suite for web attacksHydra for attacking authenticationJohn The Ripper for password crackingDirBuster for forced web browsingTCP/IP protocol and routing Local Area Network (LAN) protocols and devices HTTP and web technologiesBy analyzing the exam outline and data published to the public, we’ll anticipate the types of skills you’ll need to improve your test performance.  The course covers eJPT and eJPT v2 content and also provides a section dealing with skills and tools that should not be overlooked during your exam prep.  Several cheat sheet type pages are also provided as a reference for key penetration testing tools and scripting languages.  And as a conclusion to the course, a comprehensive exam strategy is outlined!Just Updated with a Additional Content section Get additional lessons and LIVE demonstrations of ethical hacking tools and techniques to assist you with earning the eJPT certification!Note:  This is unofficial training / editorial commentary on the certification, products, and skills.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The eJPT Certification

Lecture 2 How Does this Help My Career?

Lecture 3 Pack Of Coders

Section 2: Exam Structure

Lecture 4 Certification Process

Lecture 5 Performance Based Exam

Section 3: Penetration Testing Approach

Lecture 6 Methodology and Testing Approach

Section 4: Information Gathering

Lecture 7 Overview

Lecture 8 Whois

Lecture 9 Site Browsing

Lecture 10 Web Crawling

Lecture 11 Network Packet Capture

Lecture 12 Summary

Section 5: Footprinting and Scanning

Lecture 13 Overview

Lecture 14 Ping Sweep

Lecture 15 Fping

Lecture 16 Nmap – Host Scanning and OS Fingerprinting

Lecture 17 Netcat – Web Server Fingerprinting

Lecture 18 OpenSSL – HTTPS Web Server Fingerprinting

Lecture 19 Summary

Section 6: Vulnerability Assessment

Lecture 20 Overview

Lecture 21 Common Vulnerability Enumeration

Lecture 22 Nessus

Lecture 23 Detecting Vulnerabilities with Nmap

Lecture 24 Summary

Section 7: Web Attacks

Lecture 25 Overview

Lecture 26 Forced Browsing

Lecture 27 Abusing Cookies

Lecture 28 Session Vulnerabilities

Lecture 29 XSS Attacks

Lecture 30 Web Site Defacement

Lecture 31 SQL Injection

Lecture 32 Command Injection

Lecture 33 Web Shells

Lecture 34 Summary

Section 8: Password and Authentication Attacks

Lecture 35 Overview

Lecture 36 John The Ripper

Lecture 37 Hydra

Lecture 38 Summary

Section 9: System and Network Attacks

Lecture 39 Overview

Lecture 40 NetBIOS

Lecture 41 Null Sessions

Lecture 42 Bind and Reverse Shells

Lecture 43 Sockets and Shells with Netcat

Lecture 44 Metasploit Framework

Lecture 45 Meterpreter Shell

Section 10: Skills and Tools Not to be Overlooked

Lecture 46 Build Your Own Lab

Lecture 47 Network and System Skills

Lecture 48 Scripting Skills

Section 11: Exam Strategy

Lecture 49 Follow the Process

Lecture 50 Inventory Everything

Lecture 51 Use All Resources

Section 12: Additional Content

Lecture 52 Introduction to the Additional Content Section

Lecture 53 Scripting a Ping Sweep with PowerShell

Lecture 54 What If…You Could Only Use 5 Tools

Lecture 55 Live Demo: Command Injection

Lecture 56 Live Demo: Cookie Tampering

Lecture 57 Live Demo: Reflective XSS

Lecture 58 Live Demo: Shells with Netcat

Lecture 59 Live Demo: Stealing Cookies

Lecture 60 Web Recon with PowerShell

Lecture 61 Visualizing the Attack Surface

Lecture 62 TCP SYN Scanning with MSF

Lecture 63 Discovering Web Files with MSF

Lecture 64 IANA Port Assignments

Lecture 65 System Level Persistence

Lecture 66 Tunnels and Pivoting with Socat

Lecture 67 Windows Registry for User Level Persistence

Lecture 68 File and Content Discovery

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 69 Thank You

This course is designed to act as a source of self-study material for those wanting to earn the eJPT certification. This course will provide an overview of tools, techniques, and strategies relevant to the eJPT exam. It can also act as an introduction to those wishing to learn more about penetration testing and develop their careers in that direction.

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Created by: Pack Of Coders – POC

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