Perforce Helix Core A Full Step By Step Guide Hands On

The ultimate Perforce guide! We’ll quickly & thoroughly cover everything you need to know with hands on demonstrations!
Perforce Helix Core A Full Step By Step Guide Hands On
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Perforce Helix Core A Full Step By Step Guide Hands On

What you’ll learn

How to setup a free Perforce server on any OS
Connecting to an existing server
Add, check out, delete, rename, and obliterate files
Manage changelists, and merge conflicts
Branching, rollbacks, and general SCM organization
Conveniently diff any files across any versions

Perforce Helix Core A Full Step By Step Guide Hands On


Any computer (Win, Mac, Linux)
Ability to download & install software
Basic networking familiarity (IP Address & Port) helps but not mandatory


Perforce has been my favorite versioning & source control management tool for 10+ years. I’ve used SVN, CVS, TFS, Git, and others but Perforce has always been my go-to. In my 15 years of working as a professional graphics/engine programmer I have used Perforce at game studios, Lockheed Martin, Full Sail University, Disney, and even at home with my hobby projects.This course will guide you through the important differences of Perforce compared to other tools, get you up and running with your own server (optional), and quickly get you using the visual client (P4V) like a pro! We’ll cover common operations such as check-out, check-in, merging, labeling, and branching. You’ll get hands on demonstrations for everything and we’ll even cover the admin and command line tools in case you want to set up and use your own server for the free small-team license that Perforce offers.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is SCM/Versioning

Lecture 2 Why Perforce’s Helix Core?

Lecture 3 Downloads

Section 2: Server Install

Lecture 4 Server Install Overview

Lecture 5 Windows Setup

Lecture 6 OSX Setup

Lecture 7 Linux Setup

Lecture 8 Networking Options

Section 3: Client Install

Lecture 9 Client Install Overview

Lecture 10 Windows Setup

Lecture 11 OSX Setup

Lecture 12 Linux Setup

Lecture 13 User Setup And Workspaces

Lecture 14 Finalize Setup

Section 4: Using The Visual Client

Lecture 15 Menu Overview

Lecture 16 Add, Check Out, Edit, Delete, & Rename

Lecture 17 Get Latest

Lecture 18 File Diffs

Lecture 19 Changelist Details

Lecture 20 Under The Hood

Section 5: The What Ifs

Lecture 21 Accidental Edit

Lecture 22 Accidental Delete

Lecture 23 Offline Work

Lecture 24 Merging

Lecture 25 Version Rollback

Lecture 26 Command Line Curiosities

Section 6: Organization

Lecture 27 Changing Tools

Lecture 28 Branching

Lecture 29 Obliterating

Lecture 30 Admin Overview

Section 7: Graduation

Lecture 31 Congrats!

Any developer, programmer, artist, or designer interested in great source control,IT Pros or Network Admins looking for a powerful versioning/backup solution,Freelance developers looking for a free, easy, and private means of setting up source control

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 28m | 1.58 GB
Created by: Jared Gaul

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