Performance Management Objective setting for NEW MANAGERS

Learn how to quickly create focus and clarity for your team. Boost team performance with quality performance objectives.
Performance Management Objective setting for NEW MANAGERS
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Richard Lock


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Performance Management Objective setting for NEW MANAGERS

What you’ll learn

ensure your teams are crystal clear on the results expected of them.
how to use S.M.A.R.T. objectives for maximum performance management benefit
how to avoid the standards trap
How to create a simple 1 page plan to give focus and clarity to a team

Performance Management Objective setting for NEW MANAGERS


Be a new manager, or someone aspiring to become a manager.


If you want to get the best out of your team – working with high quality performance objectives is key.
The ability to use performance objectives to provide focus and clarity for your team is one of the foundations of effective management.
This short course will step new (and experienced) managers through the objective setting process.
It will highlight the common traps that even more experienced managers fall into and help you avoid them.
It will enable new managers to hit the objectives deck running.
Applying powerful performance objectives and skills dramatically increase the probability you will:
manage a best performing teammanage a team that know what is expected of themmanage a team that delivers on its objectives and gets results.
The principles are important, but the execution critical.
The course is short and focused so you can refresh your thinking whenever you find yourself agreeing new objectives with team members.
Think of it  as a pocket coach. Something you can access quickly and easily whenever you need to.


Section 1: Let’s get straight into it.

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Are objectives really that important?

Lecture 3 We all need performance standards, but ……..

Lecture 4 The value of SMART

Lecture 5 Activity: Could these be SMARTer?

Lecture 6 Activity: How did you do?

Lecture 7 Here’s a SMART method

Lecture 8 The only 4 objectives you need

Lecture 9 A simple tip for a common challenge

Lecture 10 Activity: Practical Application

Lecture 11 The one page plan

Lecture 12 The one page plan – an example

Lecture 13 Activity: The hardest nut to crack?

Lecture 14 Establish priorities

Lecture 15 In Summary

Lecture 16 What about my certificate?

Lecture 17 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who is new to management,Existing managers who wish to refresh and quality check their objective setting skills,People who aspire to become a manager

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Created by: Richard Lock

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