Personal Finance Financial Security Thinking Principles

How to secure your financial future the fun & easy way! Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking & Principles
Personal Finance Financial Security Thinking Principles
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Personal Finance Financial Security Thinking Principles

What you’ll learn

How your mind keeps you from having better control over your finances
The time-tested wealth principles that the financially successful use
How to reduce spending without reducing fun
How to increase your value and increase your income
Action plan to change your financial life for good!

Personal Finance Financial Security Thinking Principles


An open mind and enthusiasm for improving your financial circumstances
An eagerness to manage your money more effectively
A desire to take control of your finances


Welcome to our Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking and Principles!
Managing your finances is one of the most important things you can do in your life. It is the difference between living a life your handed or living the life you choose!
In this course you will learn how to control your money, rather than letting it control you!
You Will Learn:
Why we have a problem with our perspective on money and how you can change itHow to maximize your time so that your money is working for youThe 10 money paradigms; which one you are and which one you wantThe 7 principles of financial security and how to apply them to your lifeHow to find additional revenue streamsHow to read a financial statementAn effective action plan & more!
Your instructor for this course is Alex Kouramanis, a full time Real Estate Investor who graduated with distinction in the honours double major Cognitive Science and Philosophy program. When Alex was in University, he managed to come out of his degree with over $20,000 in savings, while his peers were in over $30,000 of student debt. He did this by learning how our mind engages with the world and learning what the financially successful do differently. Through applying his knowledge of cognition and analytical philosophy, Alex has learned the financial tools and strategies to apply to his spending and saving behaviour. Now as an accomplished full time Real Estate Investor and Online Educator, Alex has prepared this in-depth course to pass on his experience to you.Enrol today to learn how to take control of your financial future!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 It’s Not an Income Problem, it’s a Thinking Problem

Lecture 3 How Do You See Money?

Lecture 4 Replacing the Old with the New

Lecture 5 How to Turn Autocorrect Off in Your Mind

Lecture 6 Our Thinking Leads to our Financial Results

Lecture 7 The 5 Most Popular Harmful Beliefs about Money

Lecture 8 We Spend Time not Money

Lecture 9 The 10 Common Money Paradigms

Lecture 10 Identifying Your Money Paradigm

Lecture 11 Principles for Financial Security

Lecture 12 How to Read a Balance Statement

Lecture 13 Reduce Your Expenses without Reducing Your Fun!

Lecture 14 How to be Aware of Additional Income Opportunities

Lecture 15 Action Plan

Lecture 16 How Do You Get in Control of Your Finances?

Lecture 17 Final Thoughts

Section 2: Bonus

Lecture 18 Bonus: Financial Fitness Pack

Anyone looking to improve their financial situation

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Created by: Life Progression Project

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