Personality development for beginners

How to take your mindset to the next level! The complete coaching
Personality development for beginners
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Personality development for beginners

What you’ll learn

The basics of personality development
Take responsibility for a happy and self-determined life
Build a positive mindset
It’s easy to acquire good habits
Become successful in life and business
The basics of meditation
Successfully achieve your goals

Personality development for beginners


No previous knowledge necessary


Nr. 1 COACHING ABOUT PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -What is this course about?In this course we will show you how to take your personality to the next level. Based on 21 lessons, we will bring you both theory and practice and strengthen your mindset.You will learn what the basics of personal development are, what three building blocks success is made of and how to take responsibility for a happy and self-determined life. We also provide you with many powerful techniques that you can use to develop further lesson by lesson.Among other things, we will show you how you will never let yourself be influenced by negative energies again, how you can focus on the positive or which specific steps you have to take in order to achieve the goals you have set.Would you like to further develop your personality? You just want MORE from life? Or do you just enjoy learning new things? Then this course is just right for YOU!In short: This course gives you everything you need to be successful!As Walt Disney said, “To get started, you need to stop talking and start.”So: Get started now and take the first step towards your success!


Section 1: Intro

Lecture 1 Intro

Section 2: Phase 1

Lecture 2 Your current state

Lecture 3 Define your goals

Lecture 4 Self-Reflection

Lecture 5 Motivation

Lecture 6 Focus

Lecture 7 Discipline

Lecture 8 Summary phase 1

Section 3: Phase 2

Lecture 9 Time Management

Lecture 10 Learning New Habits

Lecture 11 Happy relationships and the right environment

Lecture 12 Energy

Lecture 13 The power of the subconscious

Lecture 14 Living in the present

Lecture 15 The cycle of your thoughts

Lecture 16 Summary phase 2

Section 4: Phase 3

Lecture 17 Gratitude / Success Journal

Lecture 18 The optimal morning routine

Lecture 19 Meditation

Lecture 20 10 happiness exercises for YOU

Lecture 21 Affirmations

Lecture 22 Consumption & how it blocks us

Lecture 23 Invest in YOU

Lecture 24 Summary Phase 3 & final video

Anyone who wants to develop their personality,Anyone who wants to get MORE out of life,Anyone who enjoys learning new things,Anyone who wants to change something about their current situation

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Udemy | English | 2h 33m | 1.16 GB
Created by: Das Dozenten-Duo

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