Persuasive Copywriting 2023 Become a Copywriting Master

Your Complete Guide To High-Level Copywriting: Learn Copywriting From A Fortune 100 Copywriter With A Kellogg MBA
Persuasive Copywriting 2023 Become a Copywriting Master
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Dekker Fraser, MBA


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Persuasive Copywriting 2023 Become a Copywriting Master

What you’ll learn

Acquire One Of The World’s Most Lucrative Skills: Copywriting (Selling With Words)
Learn High Level Copywriting & Content Marketing
Build A Content Marketing Strategy From Scratch (Go From 0 Leads To Paying Customers)
Apply Proven Psychological Principles That Work To Effortlessly Get People To Buy Your Products & Services
Write Killer Copy For Your Ads, Emails, Landing Pages & More
Avoid Common Copywriting & Content Marketing Mistakes
How To Write Powerful Headlines
Model Proven/Successful Ads For Maximum Results

Persuasive Copywriting 2023 Become a Copywriting Master


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If you want to sell anything online successfully, you’ve got to learn copywriting…WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE COURSE ON COPYWRITING & CONTENT MARKETING!This course was designed with the goal of helping you write truly great copy that produces excellent results. You’ll discover my copywriting framework and carefully study tons of case studies, proven ads that did extremely well & numerous examples of great copywriting in-action.Taking this course will allow you to learn top copywriting techniques & become a master copywriter who is able to use the written word to sell (more of) your products & services with ease. You’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to write killer copy for your ads, emails, landing pages, YouTube titles and more!By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…Develop a full-funnel content marketing & copywriting planWrite copy that changes people’s minds and gets them to buy your product/serviceNurture leads so they actually become paying customersWrite proven and effective ads for LinkedIn (and other advertising channels)Write persuasive headlines that induce people to do what you wantAvoid common content marketing & copywriting mistakesMimic proven/successful ads& so much more!New! Write high-CTR YouTube titlesWrite compelling body copyUse 35 formulas for writing sales-growing headlinesI will reveal…My SPF framework for high-level copywritingHow to apply persuasive marketing psychology principlesHow to map copy to stages of awareness and funnel progression35 proven headline writing formulas10 ways to write your first copywriting paragraph (after the headlines)Research-backed approaches to copywriting for long-term growth (and short-term sales!)Key sections:B2B copywriting (for businesses)B2C copywriting (for consumers)Case study copywritingEmail copywritingWebsite copywritingNurturing & funnel copywritingContent copywritingDirect-response copywritingCopywriting for short-term sales Copywriting for long-term growth (brand copywriting)Headline copywritingBody copy copywritingThis course is for consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) copywriting contractors, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, freelance copywriters, content writers, content marketing managers, and anyone else responsible for marketing content. This copywriting course applies to companies of all sizes, including startups and the Fortune 500 in both B2C & B2B. I’ll show you examples of…Lead generation adsLead nurturing adsCopywriting case studiesEmail copywritingCopywriting to generate meetings for the sales team…etc.Let’s get copywriting!


Section 1: Persuasive Copywriting

Lecture 1 Introduction to Copywriting Course

Lecture 2 2 Types of Copywriting

Lecture 3 Case Study on the 2 Types of Copywriting

Lecture 4 Headlines copywriting advice from David Ogilvy

Lecture 5 Writing body copy

Lecture 6 Tactical Copywriting Frameworks

Lecture 7 Easy Ad Formula

Lecture 8 Deliverability Checklist

Lecture 9 35 proven headline formulas

Lecture 10 Headline Examples from Apple

Lecture 11 Headline Copywriting

Lecture 12 14 Tips for Writing YouTube Titles

Lecture 13 Writing Case Studies Copy

Lecture 14 Copywriting for long-term growth part 3

Lecture 15 10 Ways to Write Your First Paragraph

Lecture 16 8 Copywriting Tricks Used by Apple

Lecture 17 Aids to headline copywriting

Lecture 18 7 steps to successful ads & 5 principles of copywriting

Lecture 19 2 Types of B2C Copywriting

Lecture 20 Copywriting for long-term growth part 1

Lecture 21 Copywriting for long-term growth part 2

Lecture 22 ADPLAN framework to evaluate copywriting

Section 2: My Framework For High-Level Copywriting

Lecture 23 Introduction & Stages

Lecture 24 Psychology 1 – Reactance Copywriting

Lecture 25 Copywriting Funnel 1

Lecture 26 Copywriting Funnel 2

Lecture 27 OPTIONAL: Building a Funnel Campaign in LinkedIn

Lecture 28 Chatbot Example (Continued)

Lecture 29 Psychology 2 – Endowment Copywriting

Lecture 30 Task: Endowment Copywriting

Lecture 31 Psychology 3 – Distance Copywriting

Lecture 32 Psychology 4 – Uncertainty Copywriting

Lecture 33 Psychology 5 – Corroborating Evidence Copywriting

Lecture 34 SPF Copywriting Framework Workbook

Section 3: B2B Copywriting Mistakes

Lecture 35 Copywriting Mistakes 1

Lecture 36 Copywriting Mistakes 2

Section 4: Copywriting Case Studies

Lecture 37 Case Studies 1

Lecture 38 Maximizing Video Views

Lecture 39 PAS Copywriting

Lecture 40 Case Studies 2

Section 5: Killer Copywriting Tips & Tricks

Lecture 41 Killer Copywriting Tips

Lecture 42 Copywriting Persuasion

Lecture 43 Applied Persuasion

Lecture 44 Copywriting Presentation Slides

Section 6: Email Copywriting

Lecture 45 Email Copywriting Tip #1

Lecture 46 Email Copywriting Tip #2

Lecture 47 Email Copywriting Tip #3

Lecture 48 Email Copywriting Tip #4

Lecture 49 Email Copywriting Tip #5

Lecture 50 Email Copywriting Tip #6

Lecture 51 Email Copywriting Tip #6 Explained

Lecture 52 Email Copywriting (Case Study)

Lecture 53 Measuring Success – Email Copywriting

Lecture 54 Cold Email Slides

Lecture 55 Your List A

Lecture 56 Your List B

Lecture 57 Your List C

Lecture 58 Your List D

Lecture 59 Your List E

Lecture 60 Your List F

Lecture 61 Getting Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Lecture 62 New Email + Warming It Up

Lecture 63 Promote Your Offer, Not Your Product

Lecture 64 Hard Offer 1

Lecture 65 Hard Offer 2

Lecture 66 Ecommerce Email Marketing

Section 7: Website Content Writing – Shopify Plus Case

Lecture 67 Shopify 1

Lecture 68 Shopify 2

Lecture 69 Shopify & McKinsey Framework

Lecture 70 Shopify & Brand Language

Lecture 71 Content Analysis

Lecture 72 Psychology & Industries

Lecture 73 Soft Content

Lecture 74 Blog & More

Lecture 75 Stages of Awareness

Lecture 76 PAS Formula

Lecture 77 Slides

Section 8: B2B Funnel Content Examples

Lecture 78 Funnel Content Intro

Lecture 79 Assignment

Lecture 80 Buyers Guide

Lecture 81 Survey Reports

Lecture 82 Webinars

Lecture 83 Case Studies

Lecture 84 Case Study 2

Section 9: Other B2B Content Creation

Lecture 85 Direct Mail

Lecture 86 Direct Mail – Classic

Lecture 87 Industrial Advertisement

Lecture 88 My #1 Piece of Advice for PR & Event Content

Lecture 89 Assignment

Lecture 90 Article

Lecture 91 Interactive Content [Optional]

Lecture 92 Article Focused on Problems

Lecture 93 Salesy BOFU Content

Lecture 94 Default Positioning

Lecture 95 Appendix: writing copy with artificial intelligence!

Section 10: Lead Nurturing Copywriting

Lecture 96 Copy Salesforce 3-2-1 strategy A

Lecture 97 Copy Salesforce 3-2-1 strategy B

Lecture 98 Copy Salesforce 3-2-1 strategy C

Lecture 99 When To Send Leads To Sales

Lecture 100 When To Send Leads To Sales B

Lecture 101 When To Send Leads To Sales C

Lecture 102 Hard offer

Lecture 103 White Paper Nurturing 1

Lecture 104 White Paper Nurturing 2

Lecture 105 White Paper Nurturing 3

Lecture 106 White Paper Nurturing 4

Lecture 107 White Paper Nurturing 5

Lecture 108 White Paper Nurturing 6

Lecture 109 White Paper Nurturing 7

Lecture 110 White Paper Nurturing 8

Lecture 111 White Paper Nurturing 9

Lecture 112 Nurturing People After They Sign Up For A Free Trial A

Lecture 113 Nurturing People After They Sign Up For A Free Trial B

Section 11: Direct-Response Copywriting

Lecture 114 Demand Generation Content And Journey Mapping

Lecture 115 Email 1

Lecture 116 Email 2

Lecture 117 3 Things Worth Testing With Direct-Response Copywriting

Lecture 118 Content Marketing & Copywriting Mistakes For Demand Generation

Lecture 119 Don’t Require A Work Email

Section 12: Appendix

Lecture 120 Appendix

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Udemy | English | 12h 51m | 5.16 GB
Created by: Dekker Fraser, MBA

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